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2018 CPGM Interactive Mock Draft – List of GMs

2018 CPGM Interactive Mock Draft – List of GMs
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2018 CPGM Interactive Mock Draft

The time has finally arrived for the 2018 CPGM Interactive Mock Draft. Here at Couch Potato GM we wanted to bring you the best in our inaugural 3-round interactive mock draft. The four of us at CPGM are proud to be joined by 28 of the best and brightest minds in NFL Draft and Fantasy Football coverage as well as number rabid NFL/NCAAF with copious amounts of football knowledge about the game we all love.

Our 1st annual Interactive Mock Draft will begin Thursday 3/22/18 at 9am with the Browns on the clock. This draft is sure to be packed with tons of trades & excitement. GMs are allowed to trade picks, as well as players currently under contract (as long as both teams can handle salary cap implications). All trades are subject to approval by at least 2 of the 4 CPGM members (if we deny a trade we will give both sides the opportunity to state their case).  At the conclusion of the 3 rounds all four of us at CPGM (Juice, Drew, Headley, and Phil) will individually rank our Top 10 GMs from the remaining 28 teams. Based on these rankings we will announce our composite Top 5 Draft Classes. Once the Top 5 Draft Classes/GMs are selected their picks and trades will be posted and put to fan vote. Voting will take place via Twitter and Facebook; from the time the top 5 are selected until April 25th. The CPGM GM of the Year will be announced April 26th prior to the start of the NFL Draft.

2018 CPGM Interactive Mock Draft GM Roster

Name Team Twitter
Phil Cleveland Browns @SacksonvilSycho
Headley Indianapolis Colts @CPGMHeadley
Juice Buffalo Bills @CPGM_juice
Drew Houston Texans @s1rdr3w
Anthony Cervino New York Jets @therealnflguru
Courtney Ruffin Jacksonville Jaguars @countryboyruff
Justin Scott Oakland Raiders @nursetuggy
Dan Siegal New York Giants @DanSiegalUnCut
Eric Larson San Francisco 49ers @Ericejag
Brian Serrano Carolina Panthers @Ano_611
Kasey Gregory Baltimore Ravens @KaseyAGregory
Ryan Gilbert Seattle Seahawks @rza9111
Rob Schwarz Chicago Bears @ChiRuxinDFS
Jorge Edwards Washington Redskins @JorgeBEdwards
Brandon DePouw Green Bay Packers @bdepouw09
Aaron Schillinger Tampa Bay Buccaneers @FFD260
Grayson Nykaza New England Patriots @graysonnykaza
Front Row Football Denver Broncos @FrontRowNFL
David Heilman Miami Dolphins @DynastyDorks
Neal Newmark Pittsburgh Steelers @nealnewmark
Dean Williams/Matt Duckworth Tennessee Titans @badappleFFB
@iDuck14 @iDuck14 @iDuck14
jake schyvinck L.A. Chargers @JSchyvinck13
Carlton Cook Arizona Cardinals @BigHeroC
Jason Muhle Atlanta Falcons @kleptos18
Evan Heilman Philadelphia Eagles @evdog92
joey Glover L.A. Rams @jagsontherise
Matt Hicks Detroit Lions @Top2Matt
Ryan Cearfoss Dallas Cowboys @fntsyfbconnect
Keilan Dyer Cincinnati Bengals @littlemankcd57
Harold Strudwick New Orleans Saints @StrudwickHarold
Shawn Speigner Kansas City Chiefs @MyShawnj14
Jake Anderson Minnesota Vikings @NFLDraftTalker


Come join our Facebook Group to watch as all the picks and trades happen live. Comment below if you are interested in being part of this process next year; the response to this year’s Interactive Mock Draft has been great and we are considering holding multiple mock drafts that you can participate in next year. Moving forward we plan to have prizes for our Top GMs.  However, this year’s winners do receive entries into our first ever CPGM Draft Giveaway details coming soon. The Prizes  depends on the growth of our YouTube Channel. Our goal is to hit 1,800 subscribers (adding 1,500) by the 2018 NFL draft. If we reach our goal, 5 winners will receive an NFL hat of their choice. Along with those 5 winners we will have a grand prize winner who receives an NFL jersey of their choice (valued at $100). We are already counting subscriptions towards our target of 1,800, so check us out on YouTube and make sure you click subscribe. Stay tuned to CPGM for more details and how to enter the drawing, as well as other interactive events we have coming in the future.  And as bonus we are giving all who read this an early entry, simply tweet us @Couch_Potato_GM using both hashtags (#CPGMMock #DraftGiveaway).

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