Couch Potato GM (General Manager) is a grassroots movement enacted by several avid football fans to create an uncompromised, informative and entertaining hub of football discussion. Our main contributors include “you” the reader and “The Front Office” the authors of Couch Potato GM.The football world is saturated with round the clock coverage, instantaneous updates and analysis provided by former players, beat writers and the like. We do not have the resources to provide round the clock coverage or instantaneous updates. However, there is a silver lining. You, the reader, will not be subjected to the same “fluff piece” update on the hour every hour, simply to fill coverage time or meet a deadline.  The truth is that many of these “experts” are bound by programming directives, producers, editors and their own lack of understanding of the game they have played and/or report on. We are not subject to a network’s agenda or bias, but instead we will provide rare objectivity as well as thoughtful opinions. Since we did not play the game at its highest level we do not possess the assumed credibilty former players turned analysts are granted (not ALL former players should be analysts). Our content will reflect our sharp and insightful analysis and illuminate the parts of the game that most professionals tend to omit and through our content we will develop our credibility and earn our reader’s respect including the casual fan and the avid fanatic.




CPGM Juice: Director of Operations Finance professional with experience in Sports/Anti-trust Law. Graduate of the University of South Florida; BA in Mass Communications. Avid sports fan with a passion for football since the age of six. I believe in the mission of CPGM, to share an unbiased perspective of the game I love. When it comes to football I’m playing chess while you play checkers.




CPGM Headley: Director of Player Personnel Graduate of the University of South Florida; BA in Finance; Pro Football Focus analyst. Football is life for me, following the sport for a quarter century and I am the type of guy who can’t miss a play. I see everything and evaluate on a consistent and daily basis. I believe in the mission of CPGM, to share an unbiased perspective of the game I love. When it comes to football, this is what I do and I do it well.




CPGM Drew: Director of Pro Scouting Graduate of the University of South Florida with a BA in Economics. The older I get the more I wanna know about the world of football. I need it and crave it; enough is never enough. FOOTBALL is King!!!




CPGM Strud: Director of College Scouting I am just a good old, homegrown, smarter than your average sports guy, (and some of these so called “experts” if you ask me), football junkie. Both dedicated to my craft, and the sport of football, I’m here to give you CPGM’s unbiased, unfiltered, unfettered, perspective on the sport that we love. From the NCAA to the NFL, I’ve got the information that you want…….. I KNOW EVERYTHING!!!!!!