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CPGM Madden 18 Franchise Season 1 Recap

CPGM Madden 18 Franchise Season 1 Recap
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CPGM Madden 18 Franchise Season 1 Recap

It was an eventful Season 1 in the CPGM Madden 18 Franchise with a flurry of trades, upsets and an unlikely run by a Wild Card team that resulted in the Dallas Cowboys hoisting the Lombardi Trophy and a Donnell Hunt a.k.a. pearlking757 winning the 1st Place Prize including a $100 Gift Card and a Couch Potato General Manager T-shirt.

Pearlking757’s Interview


In a bit of stunner, the Cowboys defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in Season 1 of the Madden 18 Franchise led by Tadeus Muhammad a.k.a. Tadeus8423  and Russell Wilson in a 35-30 shootout. Marshawn Lynch went down to injury early in the contest but the Chiefs made a game of it coming up just short but walks away with a 2nd place haul including a $25 Gift Card and Couch Potato General Manager T-shirt.



Regular Season Standings (Year 1 – 2018)

The Philadelphia Eagles guided by eaglesinchrist were the class of the NFC throughout the regular season but unfortunately ran into a Dallas Cowboys team that would not be denied.Madden 18 Franchise







Led by Patrick Mahomes and an excellent pass rush. Texas_Hammer_210 led the Arizona Cardinals to an 11-win season and a playoff birth.

Madden 18 Franchise

Youngheadley1985’s Falcons ran away with the NFC South on the strength of a stingy defense, Aaron Rodgers (cheat code), and a potent aerial assualt. Unfortunately, the 2nd seed was a 1-and-done during the playoffs. Owner of the Mexico City Conquistadors (formerly the Carolina Panthers) decided to relocate his team and reboot the franchise.

Madden 18 Franchise








At one point it looked like vikingdavid and his Minnesota Vikings wouldn’t lose. They held the pole position in the NFC North through the duration of the regular season and advanced the Conference Championship after an epic duel between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady during the NFC Divisional Round. Madden 18 Franchise








The American Football Conference routinely beat up on one another throughout the regular season but the Chiefs explosive offense separated itself scoring 114 points in three weeks during the playoffs. The Los Angeles Chargers led by Rocky_Talkie were competitive all season long. They made some noise in the playoffs knocking off the Cleveland Browns but ran into the aforementioned K.C. buzz saw.

Madden 18 Franchise








It was a disappointing year for the traditional players in the AFC North but not for edwal70 and his “new” look Cleveland Browns who parlayed an undefeated preseason into a double-digit win regular season, division championship and playoff-berth. The Browns’ playoff run was short lived but things appear to be looking up in Cleveland for a change.

Madden 18 Franchise








It was an up and down season for all four teams in the AFC East but it was the Miami Dolphins led by AnabolichHGH123 and Jacoby Brisset who managed to separate themselves from the pack earning a home playoff game. That success was short-lived as Miami fell to the Houston Texans during the Wild Card game that the Phins dominated in all statistical categories except the all important takeaway/giveaway margin.

Madden 18 Franchise








Joedatruth’s Jaguars looked unbeatable during the first half of the regular season but the entire AFC South closed the gap as the Texans worked their way into a Wild Card spot and beat the Miami Dolphins on the road.

Madden 18 Franchise






2018 Regular Season Stats







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