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CPGM Podcast – 2017 NFL Scouting Combine Review

Alvin Kamara - Photo by Randy Sartin/USA TODAY Sports
CPGM Podcast – 2017 NFL Scouting Combine Review
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The “Underwear Olympics” have come to a close and the talking heads are overreacting as per usual. The 2017 NFL Scouting Combine just like every combine that preceded it and much like every combine that will follow resulted in scouts, coaches and front office personnel falling prey to the moment. The interview process and medical checks are the most important aspects of the annual event in Indianapolis. These prospects are young men that have been subjected to very different paths to the NFL. Some of them are going to become very wealthy and that investment comes with substantial risks to an organization. This is one of the handful of times a team gets to vet a player in terms of what is between their ears.

That being said, everyone tunes into the combine for the individual performances during the on-field drills and events, most notably the 40-yard dash. Problem is far too often the copious amounts of film become a secondary or even tertiary source of insight into the players’ ability on the field. This leads to the “Workout Warrior” being over-drafted and the better football player being undervalued. The CPGM Front Office watched the combine intently not to make rash, knee-jerk decisions in terms of who the best prospects are but rather to confirm what was on tape or double-check said tape to confirm what was seen.

Tune in to find out who the Front Office thinks is rising and falling not only based on subsequent film review but also based on the aforementioned “prisoner of the moment” euphoria talent evaluators seemingly always succumb to. You can download the CPGM Podcast on iTunes.




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