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CPGM Podcast – 2017 NFL Draft Class – Wide Receiver Preview

John Ross
CPGM Podcast – 2017 NFL Draft Class – Wide Receiver Preview
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The college football landscape serves as a double-edged sword when it comes to wide receivers. Screens, bubbles, and a go -route is about the extent of the route tree most collegiate pass catchers are familiar with. Frankly, the full route tree is foreign to so many of the 2017 NFL Draft prospects playing the wide receiver position. However, the spread offenses that are so en vogue at the collegiate level afford the receivers plenty of reps. This particular wide receiver group is an intriguing bunch and CPGM Drew and Headley have been breaking down their tape and have the information you need to prepare yourselves for the 2017 NFL Draft… at least with respect to the wide receivers. So tune in and listen and don’t forget that you can download the CPGM Podcast on iTunes.





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