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Daily Fantasy League Breakdown – Week 3

Le'Veon Bell
Daily Fantasy League Breakdown – Week 3
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As I stated in the Week 2 installment of “The Film Says,” I sucked at life last week. Injuries to Drew Brees and Carlos Hyde torpedoed my lineups and I whiffed on Travis Benjamin and Larry Fitzgerald. If it weren’t for some Monday night heroics from Donte Moncrief I would have seriously taken it on the chin. But, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I am ready for Week 3. Let’s get it!

Daily Fantasy League Breakdown – Week 3

Daily Fantasy League Advice.


  • I don’t think the Falcons are going to be able to run the football against Dallas. Especially without Tevin ColemanMatty Ice ($8,300/$7,100) is going to have to throw it and he’s throwing it to Julio!
  • That Eagles secondary is awful, so don’t get cute with Brandon Weeden ($6,500/$5,200) against Atlanta. What he did in Week 2 was in relief. We all know what Weeden is as a starter.
  • Joe Flacco ($8,100/$6,200) is 13-1 in home games during the month of September. That solitary lost came against their 2015 Week 3 opponent, the Cincinnati Bengals.
  • Andy Dalton ($7,100/$5,700) is playing well and we all saw what Derek Carr did to the Ravens’ secondary last week. But I can’t bring myself to do it. I will likely stay away.
  • This is the week Andrew Luck ($9,000/$7,900) gets on track.
  • At some point Tom Brady ($8,700/$7,900) will slow down but that ain’t happening against the Jags.
  • Even without viable options at receiver Cam Newton ($7,900/$6,800) will find his way into one or two of my DFS lineups. Why you ask? Have you seen the Saints play?
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick ($6,900/$5,100) and his beard are priced at great value and have a nice matchup against Philly.
  • You can’t ignore quarterbacks playing against the Steelers’ woeful secondary. That includes Nick Foles ($6,500/$5,200).
  • Is Carson Palmer healthy ($8,100/$6,600)? Then get him in your lineup.
  • It’s Da Bears…. Start Russell Wilson ($8,400/$7,000).
  • Aaron Rodgers ($9,100/$8,000) is playing at home. Enough said.

Running Backs

  • I want to believe in Joseph Randle ($6,500/$5,100) . If only he had a bigger role in the passing game. Shame.
  • I want to believe in Devonta Freeman ($6,500/$4,600). With Coleman unlikely to play. I just might.
  • This is NOT the week Jeremy Hill ($7.600/$7,300) bounces back.
  • Frank Gore ($7,000/$4,500) comes alive. Still trying to figure out why Josh Robinson was in the game on passing downs on Monday night.
  • LeGarrette who? Dion Lewis ($6,700/$4,200) should be solid if you invest big at wideout or tight end although Blount’s role will increase as the Patriots shorten the game in the 2nd half.
  • I typically go ALL in at running back or look for the bargain plays and I would consider Jonathan Stewart ($6,500/$4,900) a bargain against the Saints.
  • Only 26/109/1 through 2 games for Latavius Murray, but 4.2 yards per carry isn’t bad and the Browns struggle against the run. Case in point, Dexter McCluster (10/98) versus Cleveland in Week 2. The Raiders have thrown on over 70% of their offensive snaps but I believe they will look for balance in this one.
  • You can start Demarco Murray ($7,800/$6,600) and his 11 rushing yards if you want to. Not me!
  • Chris Ivory is banged up and I think Bilal Powell ($5,200/$3,000) has sneaky value in Week 3.
  • He’s back!!! I like Le’Veon Bell at any price against whoever.
  • I’m excited to see Todd Gurley ($6,300/$4,700) in action. But he won’t be in my DFS lineups in Week 3.
  • AP ($8,900/$7,500). Enough said.
  • My only concern about Carlos Hyde ($7,800/$5,400) is his health.
  • David Johnson ($6,000/$4,000) is young, explosive and his role is increasing. I’m buying.
  • My Spidey senses are tingling. LeSean McCoy ($7,500/$6,100) has a good game in this one.
  • It’s a very nice matchup for the typically matchup proof Marshawn Lynch ($8,700/$7,300), but he’s going to be a game time decision and Seattle doesn’t need him to beat Chicago. Watch out for the inactive label.
  • Even if a hobbled Eddie Lacy ($7,700/$7,200) plays, James Starks ($6,500/$3,000) will be in my DFS lineups.
  • Jamaal Charles ($8,700/$7,400). Think Matt Forte vs. Green Bay in Week 1 or better.

Wide Receivers

  • Julio Jones ($9,000/$9,000) is going to eat….all season. He’s averaging 13 targets a game, hamstring injury and all.
  • I see value in Leonard Hankerson ($5,700/$3,800).
  • I feel like I talk about Steve Smith Sr. ($7,100/$6,300) every week. I don’t like the matchup but he will continue to hog targets (16 in Week 2).
  • My inability to buy-in on Andy Dalton may keep A.J. Green ($8,000/$7,200) out of my DFS lineups even after Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree torched the Ravens secondary….maybe.
  • I like Marvin Jones ($5,000/$3,600) a lot this week even though he may be touchdown dependent. A.J. Green dilemma.
  • T.Y. Hilton ($7,600/$6,700) and/or Donte Moncrief ($6,000/$4,800) are going to be on most of my DFS rosters this week. Assuming T.Y. is healthy. If not, I will gamble on Phillip Dorsett ($5,200/$3,300) in one contest. Only one.
  • There’s a chance Andre Johnson ($6,800/$5,500) gets ‘right’ too but I’m not paying for it.
  • I’ll run with Kendall Wright ($5,900/$5,000) if Vontae Davis doesn’t play.
  • Julian Edelman ($7,700/$7,000) is a MUST start until someone disrupts him at the line of scrimmage. Averaging 15.5 targets a game!
  • The Jags will be playing catch-up against New England. I like Allen Robinson ($6,600/$5,200) in garbage time.
  • I know the Browns have Joe Haden but Amari Cooper ($6,900/$6,200) is no ordinary rookie. Ask Jimmy Smith.
  • I completely missed the boat on Travis Benjamin ($5,600/$4,200) in Week 2, should have known. I’m no Manziel fan but he takes shots downfield. Josh McCown takes shots from the opponent. The Raiders secondary is a mess, missing both starting safeties. Decisions, decisions…
  • I threw dirt on B. Marsh ($7,400/$6,200) but he looks healthy and spry. He has the fortune of drawing the “greatness” that is Byron Maxwell in Week 3 too.
  • I was mistaken about Antonio Brown. He’s not just Kobe steak. He’s a full course meal. Appetizer, salad and/or soup, A5 Wagyu Filet Mignon with a vintage bottle of Henri Jayer Richebourg Grand Cru, Cote de Nuits France. No dessert, unless it’s Susan’s cheesecake.
  • Kenny Britt ($5,400/$3,800) ?!? Maybe, those Steeler DBs are pretty bad.
  • Stevie Johnson ($5,900/$4,300) is the de facto tight end with Ladarius Green and Antonio Gates out. Phillip Rivers loves Stevie Johnson.
  • “Nuk  if you Buc.” Bounce back for DeAndre Hopkins ($7,800/$7,400).
  • Larry Fitzgerald ($6,700/$5,800)? Or John Brown ($6,000/$5,100)? I don’t know… You’re on your own on that one.
  • I expect Torrey Smith ($6,400/$5,400) will get the Patrick Peterson treatment. Therefore, look elsewhere.
  • Yep. Still riding the Jarvis Landry ($7,600/$6,400) train.
  • Let’s go Sammy! Watkins ($6,800/$6,100) begins his assault on opposing defenses in Week 3.
  • Doug Baldwin ($6,000/$4,00)?? Yeah, Doug Baldwin.
  • Tyler Lockett ($5,000/$3,400) too.
  • I like Demariyus Thomas ($8,400/$8,000) and Emmanuel Sanders ($8,100/$7,600) more than Megatron ($8,200/$7,900) despite the fact that the Lions are passing on 73% of their offensive plays. Wait…what? No, no, that’s right and I do.
  • Davante Adams ($6,400/$5,000) must HATE James Jones ($5,700/$$,800).
  • Jeremy Maclin ($6,500/$6,000) is a good player, with a good matchup but his quarterback is Alex Smith. Shame.

Tight Ends

  • Never mind the injuries Jason Witten ($6,000/$4,500) hasn’t missed a practice this week.
  • Crockett Gilmore ($5,400/$3,300) can’t be ignored.
  • More Colts! I’m firing up Coby Fleener ($4,900/$3,000) in my non-Gronk contests. I know the Colts tight ends have not been a part of the offense to this point but that changes in Week 3. Not to mention Dwayne Allen is expected to miss this game.
  • Speaking of Gronk ($8,400/$7,400). King of the Hill. Propane…
  • I mean….who else is Cam going to throw it to other than Greg Olsen ($5,900/$4,800).
  • Jared Cook ($5,400/$2,800). See Kenny Britt.
  • Heath Miller ($5,800/$3,500) is the poor man’s Jason Witten.
  • Thru 2 weeks the Chargers have given up an average of 4/51/1 to opposing tight ends. That sounds like a Kyle Rudolph ($5,300/$3,300) line.
  • Grudge match game for Charles Clay ($4,900/$3,100)? Perhaps.
  • Get right game for Jimmy Graham ($6,300/$5,800). Just don’t get carried away in the following weeks.
  • Martellus Bennett ($5,600/$4,600) is the size of a bear but plays like a new born baby deer. Unsure, tentative, and easy prey despite all the tangible tools. Despite the fact that he should see a healthy number of targets with injuries to Alshon Jeffery and Eddie Royal, Kam Chancellor is back and Bennett wont fare well against that type of physicality.
  • Owen Daniels ($4,700/$2,900) becomes relevant in Week 3.
  • Eric Ebron ($5,100/$3,300) was a post hype sleeper coming into 2015 and with back-to-back games with a TD to start the season he’s a legitimate option in DFS.
  • Travis Kelce ($6,400/$5,000) for the Monday night push could swing the pendulum in your favor.


  • The Colts front seven flashed on MNF and Robert Mathis is back. If, and that’s a BIG IF, Vontae Davis goes there is sneaky value with the Colts D ($4,500/$2,800) versus the Titans.
  • The Pats D ($4,700/$3,100) is a work in progress but young quarterbacks don’t fare will against Belichick.
  • The Panthers D ($4,600/$3,100) is at home against a hapless, Luke McCown led team.
  • Sam Bradford is in for a long game against the Jets D ($4,500/$3,000).
  • Bucs D ($4,100/$2,500) should be considered  if you’re willing to gamble. Texans can’t run the football, struggling to protect the QB.
  • Jimmy Clausen or Jay Cutler it doesn’t matter. Play the Seahawks D ($5,300/$3,400).
  • I expect Von Miller and Demarcus Ware to live in the Lions’ backfield. Start the Broncos D ($4,600/$3,000).



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