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Daily Fantasy League Breakdown – Week 4

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Daily Fantasy League Breakdown – Week 4
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Daily Fantasy League Breakdown – Week 4

Daily Fantasy League advice.


  • Killa! The Bucs lost to the Panthers twice last season despite Cam Newton ($8,300/$7,000) not playing. Well, Cam is healthy this time around and the Bucs still aren’t any good.
  • Matty Ice ($8,400/$6,900) is as consistent as they come but at these prices you might as well draft Aaron Rodgers ($9,200/$7,900).
  • Andrew Luck ($9,100/$7,800) is stinking it up and his body is ailing him. He might not play this week. He plays the Jaguars twice, I will start him the NEXT time around.
  • I set aside my prejudice and started Andy Dalton ($7,600/$5,900) in a couple DFS contests last week and I was rewarded. If the Chiefs can’t get home with pressure their secondary hasn’t been able to hold up. With a healthy complement of weapons and a friendly price tag. I’m going to re-up on the “Red Rifle.”
  • Tyrod Taylor ($7,600/$5,800) has put money in many a pocket via DFS. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie’s health is a considerable factor.
  • I’m heavily invested in Derek Carr ($7,000/$5,300) this week.
  • Odd, both the Eagles and Redskins boast “offensive” minded head coaches yet I don’t trust either teams’ quarterback play. Curious…
  • Rain is in the forecast but I expect Phillip Rivers ($7,400/$6,100) to be just fine.
  • Aaron Rodgers is…… ‘enter’ superlative HERE.
  • Drew Brees ($8,400/$7,400) is a bit of an enigma. I could see him lighting it up and he’s just as likely to poop the bed. He’s been a lot like Andrew Luck this season.
  • Russell Wilson ($8,200/$7,100). See Matt Ryan

Running Backs

  • If Jonathan Stewart ($6,300/$4,700) wasn’t nicked up I would be all over this matchup. Alfred Blue went for (31/139/1). Stewart is still a solid play but there are much better options this week.
  • Can Devonta Freeman ($7,200/$5,200) do it again? Me thinks not. But his workload will be similar to that of Week 3. That’s of value in fantasy.
  • To the naked eye Alfred Blue may appear to be a bargain but I disagree. There are rumblings that Arian Foster might have a role in Week 4 ultimately cutting into Blue’s workload. And despite what the Texans’ coaching staff says they are a pass happy football team, averaging just under 49 attempts a game in Ryan Mallet’s two starts. The Bucs couldn’t sustain drives hence Blue’s expanded role in Week 3. If nothing else, the Falcons can move the football.
  • I can no longer support “Chuck Strong” as head coach if Frank Gore ($7,300/$4,700) doesn’t have 20+ carries this week, especially after New England managed 4 rushing TDs against JAX in Week 3.
  • Jamaal Charles ($8,700/$7,600) is one of the few backs that maintains his HIGH value regardless of how scant his workload might be.
  • I have a distinct feeling that Karlos Williams ($6,300/$3,400) will be in the majority of DFS lineups considering that Shady is expected to miss Week 4 and Williams’ impressive production to date. He has scored a TD in each week thus far.
  • I really like Latavius Murray’s ($7,500/$6,300) upside and I think his floor is as high as Matt Forte’s ($8,300 this week./$7,100).
  • Not sure what to make of the Eagles’ backfield so I’m avoiding it.
  • Redskins’ backfield. (See Eagles’ backfield)
  • The Chargers are down 3 starting offensive linemen, but I’m running with Melvin Gordon ($6,800/$4,900) against the Browns’ run defense anyway.
  • Carlos Hyde ($7,400/$5,100) is brimming with talent and I think he could have a big game, I just don’t think the 49ers are going to keep it close enough for him to make an impact.
  • You saw what CJ2K did to the 49ers. Eddie Lacy ($7,800/$6,900) is actually a value play at this price.
  • The Broncos have an excellent defense. But the Vikings have an Adrian Peterson ($9,000/$7,800).
  • Call Chris Johnson ($6,700/$4,500) “The Phoenix.” And of course David Johnson ($5,500/$4,200) will get all the love this week.
  • Can Joseph Randle ($7,400/$5,500) do it again? Yes, if Dallas runs the football for more than 1 half.
  • Mark Ingram ($8,100/$6,000) has been very effective in terms of total yards and the matchup looks good on paper but Sean Payton likes to play 7 running backs a game and the Saints aren’t a zone-blocking team in the “Shanahan” sense.
  • If Beast Mode ($8,600/$7,200) can’t go, Thomas Rawls ($6,000/$3,000) offers some inexpensive upside, but don’t expect a repeat performance from Week 3.

Wide Receivers

  • I’m avoiding Mike Evans ($7,500/$6,400) and his matchup with Josh Norman. His numbers will look good but too steep for “Garbage Time Love.”
  • Lower ceiling on Vincent Jackson ($6,800/$4,900) compared to Mike Evans but in terms of garbage time, much more reasonably priced.
  • BIG gamble on Ted Ginn Jr. ($5,500/$3,400) but no one in the Bucs’ awful secondary can run with him and he’s Newton’s top target among the wide receivers.
  • Unless Matt Ryan gets hurt, Julio Jones’ price tag is no longer on the menu. Yep, he’s that good and EXPENSIVE.
  • Nuk! ($7,900/$7,300)
  • Temper your expectations regarding T.Y. Hilton ($7,600/$6,700) and Donte Moncrief ($6,300/$5,00).
  • Your expectations might not be high enough for A.J. Green ($8,400/$7,600) and Marvin Jones ($5,500/$3,800).
  • Jeremy Maclin ($6,500/$4,800) may actually present more than garbage time value this week.
  • Odell Beckham Jr. ($9,100/$9,100) is virtually matchup proof that’s why he’s so expensive.
  • Encouraged by Rueben Randle’s ($5,700/$4,600) performance last Thursday but I would opt for someone like Marvin Jones in his stead.
  • Make em say uhh” oops wrong Percy. Harvin ($5,700/$4,600) and Tyrod Taylor have chemistry. Side note: Silkk the Shocker was terrible…
  • Amari Cooper ($7,200/6,300). See Derek Carr.
  • Last time I remember seeing Michael Crabtree ($5,800/$4,600), Richard Sherman was ‘punking’ him on National TV. But he has new life in the “Black Hole.”
  • Great matchup for Pierre Garcon ($6,100/$5,300) but I have absolutely no confidence in Kirk Cousins’ ability to get him the football.
  • Even better matchup for Jordan Matthews ($7,000/$6,600), not much confidence in Sam Bradford either but the scheme should get Matthews involved.
  • Keenan Allen ($7,700/$7,000) is 4th in NFL in receptions (29) and 5th in targets (39) and while I can forgive Joe Haden for getting beat by Antonio Brown, I cannot look the other way if everyone is getting the best of him, which has been the case this season.
  • You should never expect huge catch totals from Travis Benjamin ($6,000/$4,500) but he has scored a TD in every game this season.
  • It won’t be quite the same for Randall Cobb ($8,200/$7,400) and James Jones ($6,000/$5,300) as it would be if they were playing at Lambeau but who cares.
  • Interested in the Demariyus Thomas ($8,500/$8,100) and Xavier Rhodes matchup.
  • Emmanuel Sanders (7,900/$7,700) is going to eat.
  • Only one wide receiver performing than Larry Fitzgerald ($7,400/$6,500) that’s Julio Jones.
  • If Brees plays, I expect Brandin Cooks ($7,100/$6,000) to breakout. Or rather, I hope he breaks out, he’s killing me in my traditional fantasy leagues.
  • As long as Joe Lombardi is the play-caller I am steering away from Megatron ($8,100/$7,500). Allow him to be elite.

Tight Ends

  • Take that Week 1 clunker out of your mind. Greg Olsen ($6,300/$5,400) is THE guy in Gronk’s absence this week.
  • The Coby Fleener ($4,900/$3,200) play didn’t quite work out the way I had hoped. Despite the fact that Gronk and Delanie Walker are on byes there are quite a few tight ends I like more than Fleener. However, IF, Matt Hasselbeck starts the Colts will be more conservative which means increased targets for Fleener.
  • Travis Kelce ($6,400/$5,300) and Tyler Eifert ($5,700/$4,600) present good options at the tight end position, but I’m not starting either in DFS.
  • You saw what Jordan Reed did to the Giants on TNF. That’ why I like Charles Clay ($5,200/$3,300).
  • Josh McCown to Gary Barnidge torched the Raiders, as did, Dalton to Eifert, and Flacco to Gillmore. Doesn’t matter that it is Jimmy Clausen, play Marty B.
  • Kirk Cousins can and will get the ball to Jordan Reed ($5,600/$4,500). A lot! (19 receptions on 26 targets to date)
  • Jason Witten ($6,000/$4,400) isn’t as dynamic as Greg Olsen but he could be just as effective in his matchup with the Saints.
  • I expect Jimmy Graham ($6,600/$6,000) to have his BEST game as a Seahawk to date, but I still like Greg Olsen more.


  • I like the Panthers Defense ($4,800/$3,300), not love. A strong like.
  • Colts Defense ($4,400/42,800). See Panthers Defense.
  • Reports suggest that the Bills Defense ($4,800/$3,000) is going to blitz more. I think they get to Eli.
  • The Eagles Defense ($4,500/$2,700) is a good play because they excel on special teams and Kirk Cousins is turnover prone.
  • Chargers Defense ($4,400/$2,800) only because they are at home vs. Cleveland.
  • Packers Defense ($4,700/$2,700). Did you see Colin Kaepernick last week!?!
  • The Vikings are one dimensional and playing on the road gotta like the Broncos Defense ($4,700/$3,300).
  • Love the Cardinals Defense ($5,000/$3,400). The Rams are offensively challenged.
  • Seahawks Defense ($5,300/$3,700) playing a pass happy Lions offense that can’t pass protect. I’ll take that!



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