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L. A. Rams Fantasy Football Warm-Up

Todd Gurley - Photo by Jeff Curry/USA TODAY Sports
L. A. Rams Fantasy Football Warm-Up

They move to L.A. They are on Hard Knocks. They play in the 90k plus seat stadium called the Colosseum. They acquired the number one pick in the 2016 draft. They have their franchise quarterback. Reports are an extension is coming for Jeff Fisher. They have a superb defense. But what they dont have is a quality offensive line and weapons to go along with their franchise quarterback. Jeff Fisher has been with the Rams since 2012 and has amassed a 27-36-1 record. Is that extension worthy..? I have my own thoughts on Jeff Fisher as a coach but let me save that for another day. Honestly there is not much to speak of offensively for the Rams from a fantasy stand point, but like I have said many times every team has some so let’s talk about them shall we.

RB Todd Gurley

This is a special player. This is a transcendent player. He is as advertised. What player you know comes back from an ACL tear misses the first 3 games of their career and run for 1,106 yards on 229 carries with 10 touchdowns on a 4.8 yard average with a suspect offensive line with virtually no quarterback. Gurley is 227 pounds and runs like the wind. You give him space or let him get to the second level its going to be entertaining to say the least. What’s amazing about him is he is really the only true weapon of consistency and concern for opposing defenses and he’s still able to produce; and not just produce because of sheer volume like other backs at his position but be very efficient with the touches he gets. Again, Gurley missed 3 games. He reminds me a lot of Barry Sanders in that given just a little space and opportunity he has a chance to go long. I’m looking for Gurley to hit the 1400 yard mark with 12 touchdowns just in the running game and that is on the low end. High end, leading rusher this season with 1600 plus. Top 3 back in fantasy without a second thought.


WR/RB Tavon Austin


Tavon Austin

Tavon is a bit of an enigma for me. When the Rams drafted him I didn’t think they knew exactly what to do with him or how to use him. First it was a wide receiver, then a running back, then a slot guy then a gimmick guy, now back to running back. There is so much potential here but what are the Rams to do? I’ll just say this, I don’t think he is a player you draft. I think he is a player you get in FA when your wide outs are on byes or you suffer injuries and you need to fill a vacant spot. This is type of player you look to pick up in the daily fantasy leagues, cheap and can blow up at any point and time just know there is a huge risk week in and out when you start Austin.  That potential I speak of is in the Percy Harvin vain. Rams fans imagine that!!!

I don’t have a 3rd option here and frankly don’t want to put something down I don’t believe myself. There are others of note though that may show up TE Tyler Higbee and WR Pharoh Cooper. The reason I don’t have a third option is because of the mediocrity and confinement that Fisher lends to the offensive side of the ball. The Rams finished last in total yards last year as well as passing yards. Fifth worst in points. But seventh in rushing. There is a certain way Fisher wants to run his team and it’s the mentality of an old school football coach. Don’t get me wrong there is some gimmicky type trickery he does on occasion. But it occurs too infrequently. Yes, I am aware he is a defensive mind but again he has a way he wants the offense to be run and it breeds no productivity or consistency in terms of fantasy value. Just ask the Bennett brothers what they think about Jeff Fisher!!!

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