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Madden 18 Sim Franchise by CPGM ***Update*** 2/20/2018

Madden 18 Sim Franchise by CPGM ***Update*** 2/20/2018
CPGM Front Office


2/21/2018 the leagues is full.

There is ONE spot still open so if you’re interested in participating please follow the instructions HERE in order to sign up for the league.

Below you will find the tentative participants. Those that have detailed their name, PS4 username, and team of choice have secured a position and shall receive an invite Wednesday, February 21st, 2018. You will also receive a corresponding email including the private league name and corresponding password.

*We ask that you do not share those details with others BUT if you do know of someone who is interested please direct them HERE to join the league.

**For those who have not selected a team please email us via our Facebook Page or email us at cpgeneralmanager@gmail.com and let us know which of the remaining teams below you would like as soon as possible otherwise you team will be selected for you.

# Name PS4 Handle Team of Choice
1 CPGM Drew srbennet Buccaneers
2 CPGM Headley Youngheadley1985 Falcons
3 CPGM Juice AnabolicHGH123 Dolphins
4 Dave Campbell Vikingdavid Vikings
5 Top2Sports HenryTheNavigator5 Giants
6 Buck Archer BuckArcher  
7 Timmy King Tpizzle70 Redskins
8 Jeromy Giroir jgrrr Saints
9 Mac Beyer beyermac Packers
10 Eric Mendoza dozasmash_ssk Titans
11 Johnny Myers eaglesinchrist Eagles
12 Rick Garcia RICALOUS Cowboys
13 Tony Culler tculler 49ers
14 John Wallace edwal70 Browns
15 Donnell Hunt pearlking757 Jaguars
16 Bill Goldy Beaturass247  Lions
17 Mike McCollum Spencer31 Ravens
18 Michael DeGooijer DeGooijerDutch Steelers
19 Keilan littlemankcd Raiders
20 Edwin Williams Dirty68
21 Zach Hathaway CreamPieBuffet Panthers
22 Michael Montano Good-_-Try Texans
23 Marc Wilson live4themoment Bengals
24 Adam Yusuf Gohan_SuperS2 Broncos
25 Patrick Farrell itiswhatitis7585 Rams
26 Brad Bradley MRPLAY2WINDAGAME Patriots
27 Rocky Holtzclaw Rocky_Talkie Chargers
28 Jason OBryant coachobryant03 Seahawks
29 Rafi Blount TopppMe
30 Justin Gonzalez TEXAS_HAMMER_210 Cardinals
31 Tadeus8423 psn Tadeus8423 Chiefs

League is FULL


Remaining Teams Available:

  • Bears
  • Bills
  • Colts



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