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NFL Draft 2018 – Prospect of the Week – Michael Gallup

Michael Gallup
NFL Draft 2018 – Prospect of the Week – Michael Gallup

NFL Draft 2018 – Prospect of the Week

The CPGM Front Office back at it with the Prospects of the Week and I am wondering why is it Michael Gallup isn’t getting the love that he deserves? Is it because he played in the Mountain West Conference for Colorado State University. No worries, for those that have no idea who he is or are not sure about him or even for those that have Calvin Ridley, James Washington, or even Courtland Sutton ranked ahead ( I once did ) of a prospect with the skill-set of Gallup’s; I’m here to enlighten you as to what separates him from the pack.

Michael Gallup

Position – Wide Receiver
School – Colorado State University
Height – 6’1”
Weight – 200

• 5th in FBS in receiving yards (1413)
• 2017 Consensus All-American
• 2017 Biletnikoff Award finalist

NFL Draft

Photo by Alex Gallardo/Associated Press

Everyone has a methodology when evaluating a particular position. Hell that’s what makes draft season so fun, the  cornucopia of beliefs and ideas brought to the table or should I say social media platforms (Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter) is stimulating and informative. When talking about the wide receiver position for me there is one skill-set that I covet overall and that is route-running. You can be the fastest, strongest, biggest, quickest, and/or “whatever -est” but that doesn’t guarantee consistent productivity at the NFL level. Let us not forget Jerry Rice, the G.O.A.T, he wasn’t any of the “-est” but he knew how to get open via impeccable route-running!!! Right now someone is reading this and thinking nah dude look at Julio Jones, how bout DeAndre “Nuk” Hopkins. Both have size and do it in their own way, Julio with power and speed, “Nuk” with his body control and hands. How bout Antonio Brown? Some would say he does it with his quickness and suddenness. But the reality is they all excel at route-running creating separation in and out of their breaks. Enter… Michael Gallup. The Biletnikoff Finalist dominates at the top of his routes by using his quickness, body control, strength, and feet to at times create separation so big it’s laughable. But even more impressive he is always open by NFL standards. Nothing is better for a quarterback then a guy who has reliable hands and can consistently get open! Reggie Wayne anyone?! Gallup has a similar build to Pierre Garcon and possesses the ability to run after the catch much like a young Dez Bryant with physicality. He can play any receiver position and can and will block like in the running game with the best of them. I believe Michael Gallup will show out at the NFL Combine and folks will start climbing onto the bandwagon. But for now I’ve given you my take and YES he is my #1 wide receiver!!!



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