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NFL Draft Prep – Mariota vs. Winston

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NFL Draft Prep – Mariota vs. Winston
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Leading up to the NFL Draft many teams will continue their evaluation process on prospects while altering their draft boards in preparation for Draft day. Couch Potato GM will provide you a breakdown of two prospects matched against each other with similar draft projections to get you prepped for the 2015 draft. Voting option below for your input on who you think the better prospect is.

The Similarities: The similarities between the top two QBs in this year’s draft is few and far between. Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota achieved similar levels of success in their college career by leading their respective teams to a National Championship appearance and winning a Heisman trophy. Both guys are great leaders who teammates love to play with, which in turn raises the level of performance from their team. And this is where the similarities end as Winston and Mariota are the complete opposites on the field.

The Differences: I will start with the biggest difference and what separates the two QBs, Winston ran a pro style offense in college as opposed to the zone read college system Mariona played in. Winston is pro ready and will come in day one able to read an NFL defense pre-snap, work through his reads, have the proper footwork within the pocket, and make throws into small windows. Arm strength and the ability to make any throw on the field are also strengths of Winston. Mariota on the other hand is more of an athletic QB who can avoid the pass rush and make throws outside of the pocket. Mariota uses his quicker throwing motion to get the ball out of his hands faster than Winston. He will be better suited for a west coast offense at the next level.

NFL Comparison: Marcus Mariota – Colin Kaepernick; Jameis Winston – Ben Roethlisberger

The Verdict: Front Office likes Jameis Winston



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