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NFL Draft Top Quarterback Prospects – 2017

Nathan Peterman
NFL Draft Top Quarterback Prospects – 2017
CPGM Headley

You may or may not have seen my list of Top Quarterback prospects… at least thru the second iteration of CPGM’s Top 5 Prospect by Position breakdown (FYI 3.0 will be coming out soon). But I wanted to offer just a little more context to my rankings as the 2017 NFL Draft draws near.

  1. DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame
  2. Deshaun Watson, Clemson
  3. Mitch Trubisky, North Carolina
  4. Brad Kaaya, Miami
  5. Nate Peterman, Pittsburgh

Synopsis – My top quarterback DeShone Kizer remains unchanged even with the poor combine effort where he displayed inaccuracy to his targets with no defensive lineman bearing down on him in shorts and a T-Shirt. The tape is still the tape though as he has the most tools to work with out of all the quarterbacks in the class. The ball comes of his hands with a sharp velocity and he consistently makes throws from within the pocket. There are question marks regarding him losing his technique in big moments of the football game and also if he has the temperament to be a good NFL QB? My answer is that no quarterback in this class is a finished product and if I am grading them on projecting to the next level, Kizer is my guy. Next up I am going with the championship quarterback who plays the best in the biggest games, Deshaun Watson. He might not be the most NFL ready coming from Clemson’s system, but he stands tall in the pocket and makes NFL type throws. Decision-making is the biggest issue I have with Watson. If he is more careful with the football and hits the film room to improve his pre-snap recognition then he can have a Marcus Mariota type effect on the football game with a higher upside. Rounding out my Top 5 are three quarterbacks that play with a very conservative approach. Mitchell Trubisky who some including my colleague CPGM Drew believes is the number 1 guy in the class, played in a super friendly passing system where he had clean first read looks in the offense early and often. Brad Kaaya from Miami is a player that seemingly plateaued after showing promise as a freshman. Kaaya and the number 5 guy on my list Nate Peterman have a huge advantage over the other QB prospects due to their time under center in a pro-style system at the collegiate level. CPGM loves pro style quarterbacks due to them being ahead of the curve entering the NFL. Why no Mahomes? Let’s discuss on Twitter or by joining our Facebook group.







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