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2017 NFL Free Agency Reactions 1.0

Brandon Williams
2017 NFL Free Agency Reactions 1.0
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The 2017 NFL League Year is officially underway. Deals are being struck. Notable players are changing addresses many teams are still making an effort to retain their own talent; it’s also apparent that some teams have a plan (see my Manifesto) and others are throwing whatever they can against the wall and hoping something sticks. Time will tell if any of the decisions being made now will ultimately pan out but during the interim we can’t help but react to the litany of transactions that have taken place thru the legal tampering period and Day 1 of NFL Free Agency in 2017.


Alshon Jeffery apparently has a man crush on QB Carson Wentz. This move makes a lot of sense for Philadelphia. They need to give their young quarterback weapons and Jeffery has WR1 type ability. The one-year deal worth $14 million puts him in line with the top wideouts in the league in terms of yearly salary but considering Jeffery’s injury history and last year’s suspension it is a calculated, low-risk move.


I was a bit surprised when I saw this one and my first thought was, “But Bortles is still the quarterback…” That being said Campbell is well respected around the NFL and would make any team better. The likes of Bruce Irvin, Shane Ray, Aqib Talib, and Chris Harris were all recruiting him but it was the Jacksonville Jaguars who continue to invest heavily on the defensive side of the ball that got Campbell to put pen to paper. Calais is still playing at a high level and brings leadership to an already talented defensive core, something this young Jaguars team has been missing.


Big guys gotta EAT! Space eaters like Williams and “Snacks” Harrison deserve the coin.


Based on 2016 Hopkins’ bravado isn’t misplaced. I like the signing quite a bit (5 years/$67.5 million), really thought the Eagles or Titans were going to backup the Brinks truck but they missed out. I would still draft Lattimore of Ohio State if the Jags don’t decide to trade down. Ramsey, Bouye, and Lattimore is a scary proposition.


Gilmore’s 2016 was a struggle. He hasn’t looked like the promising young corner that many think he is since he began playing under Rex Ryan but there’s youth, talent, and size and I don’t question Bill Belichick when it comes to evaluating talent that has NFL Film to reference.


 I like where your head is at Cleveland!


Amidst all the “turmoil” in Washington’s front office I must say this is a quality signing all things considered. Not sure why the Browns decided to give Kenny Britt a long term deal rather than Pryor. Just when I thought the Browns were on to something…smh.


Nice! I think they’ll end up cutting Osweiler and absorbing the guaranteed money hit. No biggie, the Browns have plenty of cap space.


Alright Cleveland, we’re cool again. The Osweiler deal is genius! You kicked the tires on RGIII and those tires have no tread on them; he’s lost his mind. I think Cody Kessler is the Browns Week 1 starter. It could be substantially worse.



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