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CPGM Podcast – 2018 NFL Draft Class – Safety Preview – Ep. 82

CPGM Podcast – 2018 NFL Draft Class – Safety Preview – Ep. 82
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In Episode 82 of the CPGM Podcast, the Front Office moves right along in their position-by-position analysis of the 2018 NFL Draft Class. Previously we discussed cornerbacks; this week we stay in the secondary and breakdown the last line of defense, the safety position. No surprises among the Top 2 prospects at the position in Minkah Fitzpatrick and Derwin James but you may be surprised to hear who CPGM Headley and CPGM Drew have #1 overall.

Tune in for Headley’s “Phrase of the Day” in which we takes shots at those that place more emphasis on the Scouting Combine than game film. Also, Drew’s Top 5 which encompasses a very busy week in terms of NFL News as we approach the beginning of the New League Year and NFL Free Agency including: who was franchise tagged, the dismantling of the Legion of Boom, and the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles keeping their foot on the gas by aggressively acquiring players and draft picks via trades.

As we’ve done in our previous 2018 NFL Draft position previews we will discuss: methodology in evaluating safeties, Drew and Headley’s Top 5 at the position (respectively), identify who is the most overrated/under-rated safeties in the class, and share some thoughts on guys outside of the Top 5 at the position. We also have some bonus content where we discuss the waning emphasis placed on the safety position from a salary cap perspective.

So as you can see, Episode 82 is yet another entertaining and enlightening installment of the CPGM Podcast. Tune in and enjoy and let us know what you think by leaving a review on iTunes.



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