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Week 2 Jets at Colts – NFL Matchup

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Week 2 Jets at Colts – NFL Matchup
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NFL Matchup

3 Things for Jets to win

1. Make the Colts one dimensional and disrupt Andrew Luck. The Bills gave you the formula to slow down the potent Colts’ offensive attack in Week 1, take notes and try to emulate that game plan. Mix up your defensive packages sending pass rushers from all over the field and confuse the subpar Colts’ offensive line. Challenge the receivers on the outside which should take Luck out of his rhythm and most importantly take away the running game which in turn will make the Colts one dimensional.

2. Chris Ivory needs to be effective. The Colts’ weakness is in the trenches so make this game a physical battle of the big men. Win the line of scrimmage battle and allow the hard charging Ivory to rack up yardage. Ivory’s efficiency within this game will go a long way in the time of possession category which will limit Luck’s opportunities and shorten the ball game. Pound that rock and you have a great chance of coming away with a huge road victory.

3. Limit the turnovers. The worst thing the Jets can do in the matchup is give Luck and the dynamic Colts offense more opportunities. So hold on to the football. I’m looking at you Ryan Fitzpatrick to not turn the ball over with careless mistakes and manage the game.

3 Things for Colts to win

1. Run the football. You brought Frank Gore in for a reason so give him carries and don’t be the finesse team you have been over the last decade. The offseason acquisition of Gore was designed to give the Colts offense balance that they have been missing during the Andrew Luck era. Luck has only played with one 100-yard back in his 55 career games, if Gore can hit the century mark it will increase your chances exponentially. Also, it will give defenses something else to think about further enhancing your pass attack. It’s a lot easier for a defense (especially a good Jets defense) to match up against you if they know you are passing on the majority of downs.

2. Get tough in the trenches. This goes for both sides of the ball. Show the league and most importantly yourself that you can win with a physical brand of football. There’s nothing worse than your team getting bullied along the offensive and defensive lines. Someone needs to make a play along the Colts defensive front and force the erratic Fitzpatrick into bad decisions. Rookie Henry Anderson was the only player who showed up last week, he needs help in getting penetration into the Jets backfield (Robert Mathis expected to play). On the other side of the ball if you get no push then Frank Gore wont be able to get that 100 and Andrew Luck will be forced to drop back more than you’d like.

3. Play inside out. The Colts have a bad habit of playing outside the hashes which makes it harder for them on offense. The really great teams control the middle of the field inside of the hashes. Utilize your talented tight ends and Frank Gore, eat up the middle of the field, then attack them outside with your speedsters. Its a simple philosophy that will make it much easier for Andrew Luck. There is absolutely too much placed on Luck’s shoulders so help him out and play inside-out.

What to watch for…

The Jets corners versus the Colts wide receivers. T.Y. Hilton is playing hurt and can possibly be a decoy for Darrelle Revis but it doesn’t matter, be physical with the Colts receivers and challenge them at the line of scrimmage. If the Jets well paid corners can handle the outside weapons for the Colts it can be another rough day for Andrew Luck.

The Front Office Says…

The Indianapolis Colts win.



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