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2017 NFL Free Agency Reaction 2.0

Things have slowed down in NFL Free Agency but the reactions keep coming. Time for CPGM Juice to jump back into the fray; and don’t forget to keep my Manifesto in mind.


Strong signing. Jefferson reportedly took about $10 million less than the Jets and Browns were offering to play with the Ravens. The deal is worth up to $37 million over four years with $19 million in guarantees. I actually thought the 25-year-old would land a deal that would pay $10 million annually but I can’t knock the decision to play for a more stable organization. Jefferson was the Cardinals’ most effective defensive back in 2016 outside of Patrick Peterson. There are no glaring weaknesses in his game and alongside Eric Weddle they will form a versatile last line of defense in Baltimore.

The Woodhead deal; 3-years for just under $9 million; just over $3 million in guarantees is a good one in theory. He figures to get a large share of the passing down work and offers a dimension in the offense that even Kenneth Dixon doesn’t bring to the table. That being said he’s 32-years-old and coming off an ACL injury last season so we’ll see if he possess the pre-injury quickness his game depends on. Speaking of Dixon, he is facing a 4-game suspension for PED use.

As far as Mallet is concerned you could do worse than an unaccomplished, poor man’s Joe Flacco… Or can you?


The Bucs were in desperate need of speed and additional offensive weapons and they got one of the most noteworthy deep threats in the NFL. I have long considered Jackson a one trick pony but as my esteemed colleague CPGM Headley once quipped, “It’s one hell of a trick.” Jackson’s career profile lacks the consistent substance his game changing speed might suggest with career averages of 55/980/5 per year but he averages nearly 18 yards per catch and will make things easier on Jameis Winston, Mike Evans and the Buccaneers’ running game. The biggest question mark regarding Jackson is whether or not he’ll manage to dress for all 16 games.





See, this is what I’m talking about!! You lose two starters on the offensive line to free agency… no problem. Bring in two starters that are upgrades to the previous duo. Notice how the Lions are building their team from the inside out whether it be in the draft or via free agency? They will be better for it in the long run. Trust me. These are the types of moves that should get a fan base excited. Seriously, read the manifesto.


Packers’ fans are not happy with General Manager Ted Thompson for a myriad of reasons. I’ve had time to digest the Nick Perry deal and here are the facts: he didn’t become a full-time starter until his 5th season (contract year) in part due to injuries; never had more than 4.0 sacks in any of his first four seasons; he was the Packers’ best pass rusher in 2016 leading Green Bay in sacks (11.0); a team that had Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers; he’s a good run defender and he is 26-years-old. Considering the lack of pass rushing talent available in free agency and Perry having virtually one season of note the franchise tag was a logical option. You couldn’t let him get out of Green Bay but it may have been prudent to hedge your bet on a one-year deal. However, the structure of the long-term deal he received is front loaded and team friendly giving Green Bay substantial flexibility this offseason and in the coming years.


 A lot of people are freaking out about Green Bay letting Jared Cook’s 30/377/1 last season walk. I mentioned before that the Cheese Head faithful isn’t pleased with their GM. I certainly won’t tell them how to feel about the job Thompson has done overall this offseason (and in years past) but spare me the heartache regarding the “loss” of Jared Cook. Insert Martellus Bennett (3-years $21 million) and Lance Kendricks (2-years $4 million). Neither Kendricks nor Marty B. offer Cook’s ability to stretch the field vertically but they are more complete tight ends that can function inline, bolster the running game and move the chains. It would appear the Packers organization plans to make some philosophical changes offensively. An inside-out approach perhaps.


Best move in free agency. Not sure anything tops this one for me. Whitworth is as good as they come at left tackle, particularly in pass protection. I don’t give a damn that he is a 35-year-old and he stands to make $12 million a year (3-year $36 million deal). Huge get for the L.A. Rams as Jared Goff’s blindside is now secure. Jared Goff not only got trampled by opposing pass rushers last season but he continues to get eviscerated by the talking heads in social media. Was he bad? Yes. Was it hard to watch at times? Yes. But to suggest that his circumstances, supporting cast, coaching (lack thereof) and front office had nothing to do with not only Goff’s struggles but Todd Gurley’s as well is asinine. They talk as if Goff was the offensive coordinator and played all 11 positions on offense. Carson Wentz’s situation was far and away more conducive to immediate success and he got exposed as well, so spare me this rhetoric that Goff is a bust after seven starts.


Not a big fan of Reiff but he offers an upgrade at tackle considering the revolving door (Kalil, Clemmings, Long, Smith, etc.) of options the Vikings fielded last season. There may not have been anywhere but “up” to go at tackle for Minnesota but this is a decent effort towards rebuilding the offensive line. Perhaps what is most important is that Reiff has only missed three games in five seasons suggesting he’s durable; unlike the majority of the Vikings’ offensive linemen over the past couple of seasons.


This move figures to be an upgrade over Victor Cruz and comes at an affordable rate ($5.5 million per year). However, I struggle to get excited about this signing considering the Giants have done virtually nothing to improve a terrible offensive line. No, I do not consider adding D.J. Fluker an improvement.


Hightower didn’t cash in quite like how he expected but he didn’t do bad for himself at all. The fact that New England simply didn’t move on from Hightower (like everyone else) speaks to the value he brings to the Pats’ defense and locker room.




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