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2018 NFL Draft Redo: Picks 25 thru 32

Hindsight is 20/20… Let’s Re-draft the 2018 NFL Draft!

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25. Baltimore Ravens – Anthony Miller

This is plain and simple, he put up 7 touchdowns on 33 receptions missing one full game and parts of others. The Bears passing offense was inconsistent and he wasn’t a primary target; often featuring someone different every other week in the offense. Coming out of Memphis I thought that Miller was a big play guy who plays with a chip on his shoulder and that hasn’t changed since entering the league. Playing in Baltimore he’d most definitely get his opportunity to contribute on a more consistent basis considering the lack of talent in that wide receiver room.

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26. Atlanta Falcons – Taven Bryan

Here’s a team who didn’t have too much of a need in any one area although I loved the pick of Ridley originally. Still, there is an old saying in football, “you can never have too many pass rushers.” So why the hell not?!? Bryan gives you a guy who can play the 3-technique and give you a truly disruptive force upfront next to a Grady Jarrett. A Jarrett/Bryan combination frees up those speedy linebackers in Atlanta not unlike what you see in a similar Cover 3 defense, via Jacksonville.

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27. Seattle Seahawks – Nick Chubb

I always wondered whether we’re getting Lambo Chubb? Or Malibu Chubb? Well… what the Browns got (or in this case the Seahawks) is the sexy, expensive sports car version of Chubb. His balance through contact is off the charts and it showed this year with his alarming yards after contact totals. No worries of giving away what you might be doing when looking at down and distance with Chubb in the game as he can do it all, a three down player.

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28. Pittsburgh Steelers – Jessie Bates

Pittsburgh was looking for a safety that can be versatile, so much so, they over-drafted Terrell Edmunds who is a guy that can play in the box and may have the athleticism to play in space but is severely lacking in awareness. Bates on the other hand can do it all. Unlike Edmunds, you can count on Bates being exactly where he’s supposed to be down after down.

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29. Jacksonville Jaguars – D.J. Moore

Crossing routes and intermediate to short passes is what comprises the Jaguars passing attack and D.J. Moore would flourish in such an offense. When he gets the ball in his hands in the open the field he rivals some of the better running backs in the game in terms of his open field prowess. Making defenders miss and breaking tackles are his calling card. I know Taven Bryan was an eye on the future pick, especially when you talk about all the money that is tied up in the defensive line in Jacksonville. But that forward vision ended up being rather short-sighted considering the bevy of talent along the defensive line in the 2019 NFL Draft Class. Moore may not be a true number one wide receiver when talking complete skill-set but his ability to create after the catch is unmatched among his peers.

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30. Minnesota Vikings –  Will Hernandez

Offensive line is the worst position group on the team and with it being the most important in football Hernandez makes a lot of sense at 30. A guy who was a four year starter in college and a guy who can make an immediate impact. With injuries up and down the Vikings oline this pass season they would be getting a mauler who doesn’t miss games, an issue the Vikings have dealt with year after year. The Vikings’ run game was non-existent at times, making play-action untenable and limiting what many anticipated being an even more explosive offense. Hernandez goes a long way in remedying the shortcomings along Minnesota’s offensive line.

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31. New England Patriots – Sony Michel

I’m not gonna change anything here. They won the Super Bowl and he was a huge part of it. Thought, there were two big issues I had with the pick originally. First, they had plenty in the backfield and secondly, Michel’s fumbling issues. I should’ve known better! New England is a run first team who uses all their backs interchangeably and puts them in the best position to succeed. The Pats fed Sony despite suffering multiple injuries and the Patriots’ offensive line responded. As for Michel losing the ball, that wasn’t an issue as he only had one lost fumble.

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32. Baltimore Ravens – Derrius Guice

I know he didn’t play this year and the Ravens have a stable of running backs. However, none of those backs are as talented as Guice, a stable of one. At this point in the draft this is steal and the Ravens offense now has some legitimate play-making ability between Ridley and Guice to complement a stout defense.

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