Dynasty Rankings 2020

2020 Dynasty Rankings – Top 20 Overall (Aggregate)

Recently I wrote detailing, analyzing CPGM Headley’s Top 10 Overall Rankings for Dynasty (Startups) as well as my own. If interested in reading that post click HERE. Subsequently we decided to expand our respective 2020 Dynasty Rankings to a Top 20 and aggregate rankings from a handful of our colleagues in the fantasy football industry.

Below is the resulting data (admittedly a small sample size) reflecting how different our peers’ and potentially your league mates’ valuation of players can be. Some placing an emphasis on proven commodities. Others favoring youth, upside. And some names you may have expected being omitted entirely; perhaps even succumbing to the Fantasy vs. Reality dichotomy. NOTE: Had some fun with this one… If you want actual analysis I recommend watching the video below.

Adjusted Rankings

NOTE: Adjusted Rankings reflect Average Rankings + “1” (each time the player was omitted from the Top 20)

Observations & Anecdotes

  • Quarterbacks typically get too much credit; except for in Fantasy Football.
  • Despite Drew Brees’ advanced (football) age, Michael Thomas’ usage in the New Orleans Saints offense is pushing Christian McCaffrey for the top spot in Dynasty Rankings 2020.
  • “No Country for Old Men.” Average age for running backs in Top 20 is slightly greater than 24-years-old.
  • Hell, it’s a young man’s sport. Average age of Adjusted Top 20 not quite 25-years-old.
  • Welcome to the party Aaron Jones!!
  • Even though you’re (were) a rookie, you get to cut the line Josh Jacobs.
  • Todd Gurley’s knee is a JERK.
  • It would appear that the Miles Sanders hype hasn’t reached its crescendo yet.
  • Despite the injury risk, Dalvin Cook and his tantalizing upside edges out Ezekiel Elliott’s nice and comfortable floor. TAKE THAT SPARQY!
  • In reality Leonard Fournette had his best professional season by far! In fantasy no one seems to care… Buy Low.
  • Reality (Aaron Jones/Matt Lafleur) has come for Davante Adams’ Fantasy value.
  • “Can’t Gaurd Mike…” EVANS! 75/1200/8 year after year should be enough for consensus Top 20… No?
  • We all LIKE Chris Godwin, but some of us LOVE Chris Godwin.
  • Juju-Smith Schuster WAS Chris Godwin.
  • Who is the NEXT Chris Godwin?
    • You’d probably say D.J. Moore;
    • I’d say Michael Gallup.
  • It was FUN while it lasted Odell…
  • Hmmm… the battery of A.J. Brown and D.K. Metcalf received a total of one nomination (yes, yes, small sample size).
  • Amari Cooper is ONLY 25!?!
  • George Kittle IS TE1 in Dynasty Leagues and reality. (Kelce remains TE1 in Redraft Leagues)

Individual (8) Top 20 Overall Dynasty Rankings

It’s Awards Season!!

  • The “Zero RB” Award goes to… Geoff Lambert!
  • The “Zero WR” Award goes to… @101chalk!
  • The ‘TE Premium” Award goes to… Jeff DiMatteo!
  • The “I LOVE CHRIS GODWIN” Award goes to… Jeff DiMatteo!
  • The “I LOVE CHRIS GODWIN more” Award goes to… Geoff Lambert!
  • The “I play Super-Flex and 6 points per TD pass” Award goes too… CPGM Headley!

For much more insightful analysis check out our video.



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