2020 nfl mock drafts

2020 NFL Draft 1st Round Pick Reactions & Categorization

My thoughts on each pick. Did your team reach? Was a guy too good to be true and not suppose to be there? Did need meet the board? Or was it just the best player available?

1. Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow  – CHALK

Not sure why it took the Bengals so long to make the damn pick but we all knew he was  going to Cincy months ago. Joe Burrow is leaving one stacked offensive juggernaut for another. Accuracy, mind-set, decision-making, toughness and a guy who no matter the situation or the circumstance rises to the occasion and surpasses it.  

2. Washington Redskins – Chase Young – CHALK

Washington Redskins moving on from a 3-4 to a 4-3 with new Head Coach Ron Rivera and rightfully so. Adding Young to this already stacked front line is going to be a problem for those in the NFC East. I ask who do you double? Where do you slide protection? Young not only can rush the passer in a variety of ways but can defend the run just as well. Potential rookie of the year candidate.

3. Detroit Lions – Jeff Okudah – CHALK

Trade Slay and replace him with Okudah. The man is so damn smooth and seamless it’s incredible to the point that I thought he was bored in man coverage. Worst pass defense in the league last year, Okudah should aid in the resurgence of this Matt Patraicia defense that relies on a man-to-man corner who can take away the #1 wide receiver of the opposing offense. 

4. New York Giants – Andrew Thomas – CHALK

It was either offensive tackle or Isaiah Simmons and they chose to protect the quarterback Daniel Jones. They also chose the best tackle in the draft in Andrew Thomas according to Couch Potato General Manager. Plug and play guy who will open holes for Saquon Barkley. The way he plays the game isn’t sexy or excitable but nothing is more demoralizing than a drive ending because the quarterback was rushed into an incompletion or sacked. 

5. Miami Dolphins – Tua Tagovailoa – CHALK

No surprise here right? It was either Herbert or Tua. Perfect setup here as Ryan Fitzpatrick can be the bridge to Tua and the Dolphins do not have to rush him onto the field. I’d imagine at some point Fitzpatrick will do what he normally does and miss a few games whether that be due to injury or poor play, insert Tua and off the Dolphins go. 

6. Los Angeles Chargers –  Justin Herbert – CHALK

You replace Philip Rivers with the same type of arm talent in Herbert who can get the ball down the field to big time receivers. But the one thing that Rivers lacked is some ability to move within the pocket or escape the pocket. Herbert gives you that and you are surrounding him with a solid offense that will be more explosive this year with some youth infused at the quarterback position.  

7. Carolina Panthers – Derrick Brown – CHALK

With all the talent the Panthers had last year along the defensive line not one of them are in the same class as Derek Brown. Brown is a guy who will improve everyone around him due to his ability to push the pocket and change the line of scrimmage at the snap. Matt Rhule said the focus was going to be defense and he held true to that. 

8. Arizona Cardinals – Isaiah Simmons – BPA

As early as last week we started to hear that Isaiah Simmons may fall and that Arizona may be the team that will take him if he is there, especially if Derrick Brown is off the board. It makes too much sense and this move will allow the Cardinals to put the best 11 on the field as we know he is the most versatile player in this year’s draft. His usage should be that of a Derwin James which bared fruit early and often for the Los Angeles Chargers.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars – CJ Henderson – CHALK

I don’t know that anyone was surprised here. It was a huge need and this is where player, position and board matchup.  Maybe the cornerback with the best physical traits. Smooth and seamless and when the ball is in the air his looks like he is the receiver playing catch in the backyard, no panic or pressure. The Jaylen Ramsey replacement. 

10. Cleveland Browns – Jedrick Wills Jr. – CHALK

It doesn’t matter how many weapons you have if you can’t protect and Browns brass understood this. First by adding Jack Conklin on the right side via free agency and drafting Jedrick Wills Jr. to man the left side. Wills gave up one sack in 900 + snaps and a guy who is looking to embarrass folks run or pass. The Browns offense has no excuses this year.  

11. New York Jets – Mekhi Becton – CHALK

Another team that must protect the franchise and they got a man who will not only protect Sam Darnold but will put defenders in the stands. Some believe offensive line tape isn’t sexy or fun but Mekhi Becton makes that statement false.  

12. Las Vegas Raiders – Henry Ruggs III – CHALK

I tried to tell my counterparts here at couchpotatogm.com Henry Ruggs III would be the 1st wide receiver to be drafted as he was my top ranked WR heading in. I never doubted that if he made it to Las Vegas’ pick 12th overall that he would be suiting up for the Raiders. This is an organization that just can’t escape the, “we love speed receivers” montra which was instilled all those years ago by the late great Al Davis. Inserting Ruggs into this offense will allow Jon Gruden to open up the entire playbook and scheme open the likes of Darren Waller and Hunter Renfrow.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via trade w/49ers) – Tristan Wirfs – CHALK

As many have said the Bucs are all in this year so why not sure up the one glaring weakness in the right tackle position. Wirfs slides right in and offers power and consistency in the pass game, giving Tom Brady time to find the open guy in a new offense that I caution may not fire on all cylinders right away. In the run game, Wirfs does just enough  to help spring Ronald Jones and the like. 

14. San Francisco 49ers  (via trade w/Bucs) – Javon Kinlaw – VALUE

DeForest Buckner out, Javon Kinlaw in. The Niners had an entire starting line of 1st rounders on the defensive side of the ball and that will continue to be the case with the addition of Kinlaw who  brings a set of heavy/quick hands and unmatched burst and quickness that shouldn’t be with a man his size.   

15. Denver Broncos – Jerry Jeudy – CHALK

I’d have gone Lamb here but nothing to lose sleep over as Jeudy will be an immediate impact player. With the emergence of Drew Lock and how well he played last year down the stretch it only makes sense to get him weapons so he can continue to improve. With the “BIG” offensive tackles off the board no need to reach here… Grab your next best need that matches the board. Jeudy should help to make things a lot easier for Lock and crew as he is an artist at getting open and creating separation. 

16. Atlanta Falcons – A.J. Terrell – CHALK

I love the pick!!! He fits the scheme they will play from a style and physical traits standpoint, but also offers some man-to-man ability. Let me ask those out there a question if he balls against LSU’s Ja’Marr Chase in that championship game is this a reach? It was one bad game and he is being crucified for it. Also if this year doesn’t work out for Quinn and crew the next braintrust has a guy in a cornerstone position that is scheme versatile. 

17. Dallas Cowboys – CeeDee Lamb – BPA/VALUE

Not sure Jerry Jones makes it through the night if he doesn’t make this pick as Lamb fell right into the Cowboys’ lap. Pairing him with the likes of Michael Gallup and Amari Cooper should allow the Cowboys to force teams to play them straight up and not double any one person leaving these talented route runners to do what they do best, get open. Lamb brings an extra element of yards after the catch that will serve as the cherry on top for Dak Prescott and crew. 

18. Miami Dolphins – Austin Jackson – REACH

Obviously this is a move to protect the franchise in Tua Tagovailoa but the reason I call this a reach at this point in the draft is I’m not sure what I am getting in Austin Jackson as he has substantially more developing to do from a technical standpoint. I believe he is a high ceiling guy and that gives me comfort. Last summer he gave his bone marrow to his sister and that is not something that you just come back from right away, let alone play football. All things considered I definitely believe his best ball is ahead of him. 

19. Las Vegas Raiders – Damon Arnette  – REACH

I understand that Mike Mayock likes blue chip guys that have won but I just feel there were better cornerbacks on the board that I would’ve gone with. Jeff Galdney or Jaylon Johnson to name a few. The issue here for me is that Arnette at times seems to be a step or two behind in making the play that one or two steps turns into three or four in the league. 

20. Jacksonville Jaguars – K’Lavon Chaisson – CHALK

A raw but explosive athlete who can play in space and allows the coaching staff to be multiple in its approach defensively. This screams, as if we all didn’t already know, Yannick Ngakoue’s replacement. I believe Chaisson has more to offer when it’s all said and done but he may not be successful as early and often as Jaguar fans would like immediately. 

21. Philadelphia Eagles – Jalen Reagor  – CHALK

Too good to be true for Eagle fan and assuming everyone is healthy you have a versatile set of tools in the receiver room that can take on any job needed when it comes down to it. I believe Jalen Reagor can play anywhere within the offense and will eat given the shceme as well as his ability to win outright. Potential offensive rookie of the year candidate.

22. Minnesota Vikings – Justin Jefferson – CHALK

Fell right into their lap and couldn’t have had a better draft to be honest. Stefon Diggs out, Justin Jefferson in. The one thing that I think that Jefferson brings that Diggs did not necessarily display, is a level of toughness and aggression within his game. Jefferson too is an Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate.

23. Los Angeles Chargers (via trade w/Patriots) – Kenneth Murray – CHALK

I initially thought this was a reach but when I looked at what they gave up I was able to talk myself off the ledge and understand that one of the biggest flaws in the Chargers defense was the run defense specifically up the middle. Murray should alleviate some of that although he may make it worse at times (shooting the wrong gap). But in the scheme that is played in Los Angeles he should succeed more often than not and by season’s end we may be looking at Defensive Rookie of the Year!

24. New Orleans Saints –  Cesar Ruiz – CHALK

Only issue I have here is why they didn’t trade back a few spots and picked up the versatile, hard nose, no nonsense Cesar Ruiz. Saints are the most complete team in the league and any pick here is chalk. Why not trade back and get an extra pick or two, never know who that guy could be. Sean Payton builds the offensive line inside out and what better way than to take the best interior offensive linemen to do it. 

25. San Francisco 49ers (via trade w/Vikings) – Brandon Aiyuk – CHALK

At this point in the draft I have only two receivers over Brandon Aiyuk… Tyler Johnson and K.J. Hamler. I understand the pick, the upside and potential within Shanahan’s offense. I think all those that weren’t high on Aiyuk are going to regret it here. Aiyuk’s biggest issue isn’t anything he could control from quarterback play and the number of targets he received. This should be reversed within the Niners’ offense. 

26. Green Bay Packers (via trade w/Dolphins) – Jordan Love – REACH

Maybe just maybe the Packers front office knows something about Aaron Rodagers the rest of us don’t. Like he won’t finish his contract or better yet by the time he does Jordan Love will be ready to do what Rodgers did after sitting behind a Hall of Famer in Brett Favre. Either way, Love has the highest ceiling of all the quarterbacks in the class and the highest bust potential due in part to his decision-making. Love struggled last season a his with the majority of his weapons graduating. Welcome to Aaron Rodgers’ world rookie as the Packers seemingly refuse to outfit the future Hall of Famer with a bevy of weapons.

27. Seattle Seahawks – Jordyn Brooks – REACH

They do this every year and this should be no surprise. Not exactly sure where Jordyn Brooks will play but what I do know is he will be a helluva special team ace. Downhill thumper who played in a conference in the BIG 12 that is usually not a thing. I will say this playing in that Cover 3 Seattle scheme will allow him to just play and minimize thinking which will allow him to play at max speed. 

28. Baltimore Ravens – Patrick Queen – VALUE/NEED

My #1 linebacker still on the board and a need outside of receiver. The Ravens could not go wrong here. Denzel Mims could’ve been the pick as well but Queen’s ability to play sideline-to-sideline and come downhill to play the stack and shed game is exactly what the Ravens needed as their existing group of inside linebackers didn’t always demonstrate 3-down chops. Queen is very adept at covering backs out the backfield.

29. Tennessee Titans – Isaiah Wilson – CHALK

I understand the pick from a need, mentality and style standpoint as Isaiah Wilson is the replacement to Jack Conklin. Wilson is a raw talent but physical and monster of a man. The Titans want to beat you with an old school type downhill attack with Derrick “The King” Henry. Then take their shots in the pass game using play action to AJ Brown, Corey Davis and Adam Humphries. 

30. Miami Dolphins (via Packers)  – Noah Igbinoghene – REACH

I love Igbinoghene but I don’t quite understand this pick when what the Dolphins may have been better served with a safety or receiver. They have a stellar group at corner already in Byron Jones, Xavien Howard, Bobby McCain, and Nik Needham. With ALL the safeties on the board as well as Denzel Mims not sure this makes too much sense. Are one of those corners moving to safety?

31. Minnesota Vikings (via trade 49ers) – Jeff Gladney – BPA/NEED

Lost three cornerbacks this past off-seasn and wouldn’t you know it with this deep cornerback class the Vikings get one of my favorites in the group. Feisty, physical and has plenty of twitch, Gladney is the type of cornerback who will not give a receiver an inch to breathe and a guy who will fit right in with that Mike Zimmer defense. 

32. Kansas City Chiefs – Clyde Edwards-Helaire – BPA

A team who needs a cornerback in the worst way, Andy Reid decides he will stay put; draft the best player available and of course it’s another weapon for the high flying Super Bowl Championship Kansas City Chiefs offense. Edwards-Helaire brings a skill-set that matches exactly what the Chiefs like to do,  throw out the backfield to their running backs and let them work in space. The rich get richer!!!