2020 Topp 10 Dynasty Rankings

2020 Top 10 Dynasty Rankings (Startups)

There’s no offseason for Dynasty Owners thus Couch Potato General Manager is getting an (relatively) early jump on our 2020 Dynasty Rankings. Experienced Dynasty Owners are focused on the College All-Star/Showcase games and looking forward to the NFL Scouting Combine. Meanwhile, those planning on taking the leap to the Dyansty format are likely scouring the dark web trying to determine what their startup draft strategy will be. The old adage is that you cannot win your Dynasty (Fantasy Football) Leagues in the 1st round but you certainly can lose it in the 1st round. Hence, CPGM Headley and my own 2020 Top 10 Dynasty Rankings for startup leagues designed to provide a baseline for you to develop your personal rankings.


#10 Ezekiel Elliott/Nick Chubb – Headley opted for the “HIGH” floor that Ezekiel Elliott represents to anchor his Top 10. It’s that same “HIGH” floor and the investment the Dallas Cowobys have made in both he and the offensive line that resulted in me ranking Elliott a bit higher. Still, Headley and I both share the same concern that Elliott simply doesn’t make defenders at the 2nd and 3rd levels of the defense miss frequently enough. As a result, I imagine we both have Elliott ranked slightly below where most industry hardliners have him ranked. I on the other hand opted for Nick Chubb who sits just outside of my counterpart’s Top 10. Chubb is an incredibly efficient and talented ball-carrier. Posting a 298/1494/8 line despite playing behind the league’s 27th ranked run blocking unit (PFF). Cleveland’s offense is at its most effecitve when featuring Nick Chubb. A slight uptick in passing game usage will vault Chubb into the Top 5.

#9 Lamar Jackson/Davante Adams – Lamar Jackson as well as Nick Chubb represent the only differences (in terms of players) among our 2020 Top 10 Dynasty Rankings. While unorthodox, I respect Headley’s ranking of Jackson in his Top 10. That isn’t to say that he would select Jackson in the first round (non 2QB leagues) but he believes among QBs it’s Lamar Jackson and then everyone else. He discusses this further in the video below. Davante Adams checks in at #9 for me. I may be lower on Adams than most but my ranking of him is not an indictment of Davante Adams’ ability but rather that he is no longer the first option when Green Bay enters the redzone. Under head coach Matt LaFleur it’s Aaron Jones’ time.

#8 Tyreek Hill/Ezekiel Elliott – Injuries notwithstanding Headley feels like he may have rated Hill too high. Again, this isn’t a question about ability or even health, but rather how defenses are approaching defending the Chiefs’ explosive offense. In an effort to curtail the big play, quick strike offense Hill is seeing frequent double teams and press coverage with safety help over the top on virtually every snap. He still has a huge impact on the game but his counting stats have taken a hit as Travis Kelce has become the main beneficiary of the opposition’s efforts to slow the “Cheetah” down. As I mentioned before Elliott’s substantial floor and what continues to be a very good if not elite offensive line in terms of run blocking (ranked 6th by PFF in 2019) is why I have Elliott ranked 8th in my 2020 Top 10 Dynasty Rankings. A new coaching staff in Dallas that has historically skewed towards the pass doesn’t concern me as of yet.

#7 Alvin Kamara/Tyreek Hill – Headley and I both expect Kamara to bounce back with positive TD regression, after battling injury and reaching pay dirt only 6 times in 2019 (avg. 15.5 TDs a season from 2017-2018). Entering the final year of his rookie contract in 2020 Kamara will be on a mission to garner a huge payday. Quiet as it’s kept, Tyreek Hill was Top 10 among wide receivers in fantasy points per game (1/2 & PPR leagues) in what was a “down” year. I’m chalking up his “struggles” to a tumultuous offseason and injuires to both he and Mahomes.

#6 Dalvin Cook/Alvin Kamara – Both Headley and I have always been bullish on Dalvin Cook. It was just a matter of time that he stayed relatively healthy and showed the world what he is capable of (I’m looking at you SparQy). Gary Kubiak and Rick Dennison bringing their expertise to Minnesota certainly didn’t hurt either. The reason why Headley and I differ on Cook’s entry value within our respective 2020 Top 10 Dynasty Rankings is because Headley values a couple receivers slightly more than Cook and his injury risk. Word is Alvin Kamara is not happy that his former running mate, Mark Ingram, is no longer in town. As I previously alluded to, Kamara will be highly motivated in 2020 and put pressure on New Orleans in a contract year. A healthy Kamara is a Top 5 back despite hovering around a paltry 60% snap rate. He’s that good.

#5 Davante Adams/DeAndre Hopkins – Suffice it to say Headley does not share my skepticism regarding Davante Adams as one of the league’s premiere redzone threats. What happend to the back shoulder fade stop for 6? I’ll tell you what happened… It’s not in Matt LaFleur’s playbook. Hopkins is the best “reality” receiver in the game for my money and he’s one hell of a fantasy wide receiver as well. Over the last three years Hopkins has an annual average rank of WR3 (PPR). Adams, may have been the WR1 in 2018 but that was in an offense that relied solely on he and Aaron Rodgers and during that same span Adams has an annual average rank of WR13 (PPR).

#4 DeAndre Hopkins/Dalvin Cook – I may have made it sound like Headley was “down” on Hopkins but he’s no fool. While little separates Davante Adams and DeAndre Hopkins in his numeric rankings, Headley acknowledges that Hopkins is in a different tier. Furthermore, he plays with a young stud QB that has yet to enter his prime. Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers remains one of the best 5 or so QBs in the league but his statistical output (Adams’ corresponding statistical output) is tempered as the Packers have become a more balanced offense with a competent defense. I believe another offseason bolstering the offensive line in Minnesota and fine-tuning Gary Kubiak’s outside zone scheme results in Cook smashing his (2019) career high totals of 250 carries, 1135 rushing yards, 13 rushing TDs.

#3 Michael Thomas – This is where our 2020 Top 10 Dynasty Rankings synchronize. Michael Thomas, the “Usurper of Targets”, first of his name; climbs to third in our 2020 Dyansty Rankings because of the overwhelming volume of targets his receives, his equally absurd catch rate and most importantly how Sean Payton moves him around the formation making it incredibly difficult for the opposition to game plan for and bracket Thomas cements the league’s most physical receiver as the Top WR in all fantasy football formats.

#2 Saquon Barkley – Truly a rare talent, who will be entering just his third professional season. I more so than Headley really contemplated ranking Saquon #1 given his immense ability, the success he’s had despsite a poor supporting cast, and what I expect to be a truly special 2020 season (just a hunch). An injury derailed a solid albeit underwhelming sophomore campaign due to everyone’s lofty expectations. It remains to be seen how the rest of the New York Giants team develops under a new head coach, but I am encouraged by what I saw from rookie QB Daniel Jones. His ability to extend plays in turn extending drives figures to provide Barkley with more opportunities to rack up fantasy points.

#1 Christian McCaffrey – Despite my internal conflict in choosing who would rank #1 in my 2020 Top 10 Dynasty Rankings, Saquon Barkley or Christian McCaffrey it could be non-other than #22 of the Carolina Panthers. McCaffey has improved every season he’s been in the NFL and he’ll be the ripe “old” age of 24 when the 2020 season begins. Having set and broken the reception record for running backs in back-to-back seasons, McCaffrey has been equally as effective as a traditional ball carrier. To put things in perspective, Christian McCaffrey would have been RB13 in PPR leagues thru 17 weeks if he didn’t catch a single pass in 2019. Furthermore, he would have been WR12 if he didn’t have a single carry this past regular season. Wow!

For in depth discussion regarding our 2020 Top 10 Dyansty Rankings as well as Dynasty Trade scenarios ‘click’ on the video below.