Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson, Vikings re-structure deal

NFC North Update

With the off-the-field drama between both Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings in the past any remaining acrimony between the parties was purely financially driven. Now those contract concerns are no more as both sides have agreed to a re-structured deal for $44 million over three years. The 30-year-old Peterson has his entire $11 million base salary guaranteed for the 2015 season and he is slated to receive a $2 million roster bonus on July 28 according to ProFootballTalk on NBC Sports. As for the Vikings they get the services of a well-rested A.P. and reserve the right to move on from Peterson early next offseason without having to pay him anything beyond his guaranteed money in 2015 if they release him prior to a $5 million roster bonus due to Peterson in March of 2016.



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