Draft Needs

Biggest Draft Needs for all 32 teams

2017 NFL Draft Needs


1. Cleveland Browns – QB | Edge | CB | TE

The Browns’ biggest need is a quarterback but with the QB class leaving a lot to be desired the favorite here is Myles Garrett off the edge. If they do decide to draft a quarterback I am hearing their guy will be Mitchell Trubisky. The Browns have another pick at 12 so it will be interesting to see how they maneuver through the draft.

2. San Francisco 49ers – QB | Edge | OT | CB/S

Another team with a huge quarterback need with only Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley on the roster. The 49ers have a lot of holes on defense to fill also. Do they pull the trigger and draft the first QB off the board? Or do they get the best defensive player available?

3. Chicago Bears – QB | WR | LB | CB/S | OT/G

Hey what can I say, it’s a quarterback league. The Bears added Mike Glennon this off-season for a whopping 3-year $45 million dollar deal with $16 million guaranteed in year 1. Even with Glennon on the roster the Bears still might draft a QB or follow suit and get the best defensive player on the board. QB needy teams will be looking to trade up so keep your head on a swivel.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars – RB | OT | DT/Edge | TE

Here is where the draft gets interesting. The Jaguars have done a great job re-tooling their defense in the last couple of seasons and has no glaring weakness on that side of the ball. They can continue to stack that side of the ball or get their running back or left tackle of the future.

5. Tennessee Titans – WR | CB | LB | Edge

The Titans need a playmaker on the outside offensively and defensively. They have done well building an exotic smash mouth offense that runs the ball effectively. This could be a spot for the first receiver off the board or a playmaker on defense. They also have another first round pick so take that into consideration.

6. New York Jets – CB | QB | Edge| TE | RB | OT/G

The Jets couldn’t cover anyone last season so a defensive back makes the most sense but this is a team that has drafted a quarterback in 4 straight drafts without any success. The most interesting draft development on Thursday will be where the quarterbacks get drafted.

7. Los Angeles Chargers – S | OT/G | LB| WR | QB

Protecting Phillip Rivers should be the first priority therefore an offensive lineman makes a lot of sense for the Chargers, however just like the QB position, the offensive linemen in this draft are just ok. Do they continue to build on their up and coming defense? Or get the best offensive lineman available?

8. Carolina Panthers – OT | RB | WR | Edge

After going 15-1 in the 2015 regular season, the Panthers’ weaknesses really stood out in 2016. They weren’t able to hold up in the trenches on the offensive and defensive side of the football. I’m seeing a lot of mock drafts with Leonard Fournette as the pick here but I don’t think he is a good fit, we shall see what the Panthers believe.

9. Cincinnati Bengals – Edge | OT/G | WR | LB | S

The Bengals need a receiver opposite A.J. Green and will be in prime position to get one with the 9th pick. They can also grab an offensive lineman to sure up their unit. They have many different directions they can take in the draft, don’t be surprised if they choose a running back with Jeremy Hill living in the dog house last season and Gio Bernard’s injury concerns.

10. Buffalo Bills – WR | QB | T | CB | LB | TE

Seems like the Bills have an infatuation with Mitchell Trubisky but he might not be on the board when they select at 10. Watch for a trade up to get Trubisky or they can stay at 10 and hope Deshaun Watson is still on the board. I personally believe they should select a receiver opposite injury prone Sammy Watkins.

11. New Orleans Saints – CB | Edge | LB | WR | RB

The Saints have been looking to improve their porous defense for some time now. They’ve missed thus far but I expect them to keep swinging for a game changer on defense. Look for them to select someone who can get to the passer in a hurry or someone that can cover.

12. Cleveland Browns – QB | Edge | CB | TE

This pick solely rests on what the Browns do at number 1. If the pick is Garrett, they will try and select their franchise quarterback. There will be so many moving parts at this time in the draft because their QB might not be on the board at 12. All else fails the Browns need to get the best player available in the draft; they need talent in the worst way.

13. Arizona Cardinals – CB | DE | QB | WR | LB

A franchise littered with talent just two years ago needs a shot in the arm with some young blood. Carson Palmer & Larry Fitzgerald are on their last legs while the defense has lost some of its luster recently. A corner back opposite Patrick Peterson would be nice but the offense sucked last season as David Johnson was the only player that showed up consistently.

14. Philadelphia Eagles – CB | RB | Edge | DT | WR

The wide receiver position was a big need for the Eagles coming into free agency, but the addition of Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith affords the Eagles to go elsewhere. All the Eagles fans are salivating to draft Christian McCaffrey but I believe their biggest need is corner.

15. Indianapolis Colts – LB | DT | RB | G/OT | CB | Edge

I think we need to coin the phrase “The Marshmellowy Colts” because CPGM has been beating the drum for the Colts to get tougher in the trenches for the last 3 years. They need physicality anywhere along the defensive line, offensive line or line backing corp. They also can get sexy and get either a running back or corner. The Colts have a lot of needs.

16. Baltimore Ravens – WR | OT | Edge | RB

The most obvious need for the Ravens is wide receiver. They somehow managed to have a decent season last year with old man Steve Smith Sr. anchoring that unit, Smith is now retired and working for the NFL Network. A right tackle and a pass rusher are also needs for a team that needs to get younger.

17. Washington Redskins – CB/S | DE/DT | RB

The late signing of MLB Zach Brown in free agency somewhat shored up the second level of the defense, but the Redskins still need help in the trenches and the back end. If they decide to select someone on the other side of the ball a running back or receiver could be the best option.

18. Tennessee Titans – WR | CB | LB | Edge

See above for the Titans. I honestly think the Titans should stack their defense with playmakers on both first round picks but they have been linked to a wide receiver to help Marcus Mariota and the passing game for the entire draft process.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Edge | RB | S | TE

The Tampa fans want to draft Dalvin Cook to reunite him with his college teammate Jameis Winston, however Cook’s draft stock has been in a free fall ever since the NFL Combine. A safety or pass rusher are also needs for the Bucs.

20. Denver Broncos – OT/G | LB | DE/DT | TE

If the Broncos select any other position than offensive line I will be shocked. They’ve worked out all the top tackles in the draft and I fully expect them to address that position. Defensively they’re set so improving their offense should be the focus.

21. Detroit Lions – Edge/DT | CB/S | LB | WR | RB

The Lions have the opposite situation going on from the Denver Broncos. They’ve done an extremely good job of putting together one of the best offensive line units over the last 2 seasons. This should be a defensive pick as they need help on all three levels of the defense.

22. Miami Dolphins – Edge/DT | CB | LB | G

The Dolphins are pretty set on the offensive side of the ball with guard being their only concern. They’re many solid guards they can acquire later in the draft. A playmaking linebacker, cornerback or pass rusher makes sense here.

23. New York Giants – OT/G | LB | TE | RB

The Giants added Brandon Marshall in free agency to an already strong wide receiver unit. Eli is getting old and need all the protection he can get, therefore offensive line should be the main priority. The Giants also struggled to run the football last season which further illustrates why a lineman should be the pick. Defensively the linebacker position has been a weak spot on the team for many years.

24. Oakland Raiders – DT/DE | LB | CB | OT

Former linebackers in their playing days Jack Del Rio and Ken Norton Jr. can’t be happy with the level of play from their defense last season. The Raiders need a tough physical player either at linebacker or defensive tackle. The pass defense also had their lumps so don’t count out a corner here.

25. Houston Texans – QB | LB | OT/G | CB

After failing on the Brock Osweiler experiment and missing out on the Tony Romo sweepstakes, the quarterback position is the Texans’ biggest need. At pick 25 the quarterback they covet will likely be off the board. Look for a trade up and reach at QB or for them to address the other positions of need above.

26. Seattle Seahawks – OT/G | CB | DT

Let’s see just how important the offensive line position is to Seattle. Offensive line is not just their biggest need but it’s also their second and third biggest need. If they punt on the position, look for them to address the corner position opposite Richard Sherman.

27. Kansas City Chiefs – LB | CB | RB | DT | Edge

The linebacker/edge rushing position has been a strength for the Chiefs over the last 5 years but has now gotten a little long in the tooth. The Chiefs need a young athletic player in their line backing unit. A corner or running back won’t be bad options either.

28. Dallas Cowboys – Edge/DT | CB/S | TE | LB

Defense Defense Defense! The Cowboys will no doubt at a 99% rate go defense with their first round pick. The question will be, do they address the secondary after losing 3 starters in the offseason or do they select a pass rusher to help their secondary cover.

29. Green Bay Packers – G | Edge | CB/S | RB

The Packers were scorched out of the playoffs by the explosive Atlanta Falcons offense, therefore pass rusher and corner should be a priority for them. Clay Matthews is getting older and Julius Peppers is back in Carolina. Offensively the interior offensive line needs a renovation and a back to pair with Ty Montgomery would be nice.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers – Edge | CB/S | TE | OT/G

Some might think inside linebacker is a need after losing Lawrence Timmons in free agency, however Vince Williams is a solid replacement and James Harrison can’t play forever. I expect the Steelers to get the best pass rusher available or continue to add pieces to their secondary.

31. Atlanta Falcons – Edge | LB | DT | G

The Falcons have a need at guard after losing Chris Chester to retirement but I fully expect Dan Quinn to continue to bolster their defense. The addition of Dontari Poe along with an infusion of young defensive talent should not shy them away from drafting another young stud in the front seven.

32. New Orleans Saints – CB | Edge | LB | WR | RB

The trade of Brandin Cooks to the Patriots gives the Saints two first round picks in the 2017 NFL Draft. They’re offense has been plenty fine over the last decade, therefore to keep stacking the defense is a major priority.


37. Los Angeles Rams – WR | OT | CB | LB | S

The trade up to get Jared Goff last year leaves the Rams with no first round picks. The defense is transitioning to a 3-4 defense under new defensive coordinator Wade Phillips but the Rams have been lacking offensive talent for quite some time now. A receiver would be my guess but protecting Goff and opening running lanes for Todd Gurley should be addressed.

48. Minnesota Vikings – OT/G | RB | LB | DT

The Sam Bradford trade after the injury to Teddy Bridgewater is the reason for no first round pick for the Vikings. They’ve replaced Adrian Peterson with Latavius Murray so getting blockers in front of him is a major key.

72. New England Patriots – Edge | OT | RB | CB

Will not be surprised if the Patriots ended back up in the first round as they’re the only team who is not afraid to pull the trigger and make trades. Who knows what Bill Belichick will do, good luck and have a wonderful draft.