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Chicago Bears NFL Draft Recap/Grade – 2018

Chicago Bears NFL Draft Recap/Grade – 2018

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Chicago Bears Draft Picks (2018)


Key Positional Needs Entering Draft

  • Wide Receiver
  • Defensive Line
  • Offensive Linemen
  • Line Backer


The Chicago Bears not only got the best player at his position but also one of the BIG 3 from this draft in LB Roquan Smith. I’ve heard comps like Ray Lewis and Patrick Willis whichever he is, doesn’t matter Chicago got a guy whose presence is going to be a huge concern for opposing offenses come Sunday. He is “the teleporter” using his greatest attribute, speed, to overcome any obstacle in his way. Going under, through, around blocks or at times ( a lot of times ) getting to the ball carrier well before the blocks even set up. Equally as effective in the pass game being able to keep up with whomever he is assigned to. Speed kills!!! With one of their 2 second rounders the Bears selected C James Daniels. Daniels wins at the line of scrimmage consistently giving the opposing DL fits and no hope of getting to the QB. When he gets his hands on you he may not pancake you or drive you into the seats but what he will do is keep his QB clean and open rushing lanes for Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen. The other 2nd second rounder is a man who in my humble opinion may end up being the best in the class at his position in WR Anthony Miller. I comped him to O’dell Beckham Jr. Calling him “OBJ lite” from a playing style perspective, but because he is so strong and aggressive in everything he does Steve Smith Sr. may actually be the better comp here. Not the true blazer that Smith was, Miller has the same big play ability, catching a short to intermediate pass and taking it the distance. In the 4th round the Bears chose LB Joel Iyiegbuniwe who is a sideline-to-sideline player that has the ability to come off the edge and go after the QB. Good tackler and instincts in finding the guy with the football. I believe he will be a hell of a special teams guy. He played many different roles from a LB stand point so he never got well-rounded at one particular spot hurting his development a bit. Round 5 the Bears chose Bilal Nichols DT who played at the Shrine Game and performed well. Big, strong, and  can hold up at the point of attack. Said to be able to play all three DL positions in the Fangio 34 scheme, Nichols is more athletic than he looks. The Chicago Bears took LB Kylie Fits in the 6th round, who I can see being a cog in that defense especially when you talk about passing situations. Fitts has the ability to get up and around tackles to get to the ball carrier.  The last pick for the Bears was WR Javon Wims. Wims tracks the ball well deep and attacks the football at its highest point. Definitely a red zone threat. Wims might be what Kevin White was supposed to be even as a 7th rounder.

Favorite Pick

There are players so rare at times in sports that you have to come up with new ways to describe them like a Roquan Smith and here at CPGM, Smith has been dubbed a mutant, a meta-human, an X-men aka “the teleporter”. He is so fast, instinctual, with no wasted movement, it’s as if he is moving while others are standing still (have you seen Flash on the CW?). I want Bears fan to imagine Steve Smith Sr. on your team, a younger Steve Smith. A vibrant, violent, excitable I’m not taken no shit Steve Smith. Anthony Miller is that guy!

Fantasy Football Implications

With Miller at his best short to intermediate and that also being the scheme that is the Chicago Bears offense, Anthony Miller is going to ball! When talking the WR position there are many ways to be a fantasy gem whether that be a TD dependent player, a reception and YAC guy or like few, both. I believe Miller will be a factor early and often for Mitchell Trubisky. I am fully aware of the weapons the Bears now have from what they did this past free agency as well as in the draft along with what they already had in Cohen and Howard, but the thing most will realize with Miller is that he will maximize the opportunities he is given game to game due to his skill-set.

Draft Grade



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