CPGM Drew’s Mock Draft 1.0 – 2017

DREW’S MOCK DRAFT 1.0 – 2017


1. Myles Garrett – Cleveland Browns

The Browns have many spots on the roster to fill,  especially on the offensive line as well as the quarterback position but there is no player in those positions worth taking with the number 1 overall pick. Garrett is the best player in the draft and he happens to play defensive end, one of the premier positions to building a team. This is a player who had to be game planned for or just avoided  all together by opposing offenses.

2. Mitch Trubisky – San Franciso 49ers

With a new head coach Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch tied at the hip for the next six years, I believe quarterback is the position they will go after. This was a close call I must admit between Trubisky and Kizer, so I simply went with the one I have higher on my Big Board. Trubisky has a small sample size of games with only 13 played but I think he has the most upside among all the signal callers in this draft.

3. DeShone Kizer – Chicago Bears

My #2 QB prospect in this draft who played on an awful Notre Dame team. Again, there are a lack of games played much like Trubisky. The Bears have some secondary concerns but I believe for this team to take the next step, QB is where they need to go, seeing how Jay Cutler has played his way out of Chicago and all other teams in the division have a QB it’s only fitting the Bears get theirs.

4. Jonathan Allen – Jacksonville Jaguars 

My #1 DT prospect who at times took over the line of scrimmage while at Alabama and showed a propensity to be as athletic as anyone on the field.  I could see a match made in heaven where the likes of Telvin Smith and Myles Jack eat while Allen and Malik Jackson cause havoc up front.

5. Reuben Foster – Tennessee Titans

He is the best LB to come out since Patrick Willis some say and I don’t disagree. Foster brings a mentality and moxie that is sorely lacking within the defensive side of the ball for the Titans. I feel this is a guy that will match the attitude and identity that is on the offensive side of the ball (“exotic” smash-mouth). I could of went DB here, Jamal Adams maybe, but I feel Foster is a big piece of the puzzle that will allow the Titans defense to start to take shape.

6. Quincy Wilson – New York Jets

Let’s be honest here, Darrelle Revis is gone right? A shell of his former self and legal issues? And the secondary as a whole was down right embarrassing, lacking confidence and swag. If you watched Wilson’s film he is full of both. Being asked to play on an island at times and willing to take calculated risks within the confines of the defense he will fit in right at home with Todd Bowles and the Jets. I know the Jets need QB help, no worries Jay Cutler is on the way (I jest).

7. Cam Robinson – Los Angeles Chargers

Last year when the #3 pick came up in the draft the majority thought the Chargers had their pick at offensive tackle, Ronnie Stanley or Laremy Tunsil to help anchor that woeful offensive line but they went against the grain and drafted Joey Bosa, who was as advertised if not better.  The Chargers now have another opportunity to anchor that OL with this pick. Robinson, who is a great run blocker, but tends to leave some meat on the bone in the pass blocking department is a pick that makes too much sense. I like Ryan Ramczyk here too but that hip injury will cause him to fall, in my opinion.

8. Leonard Fournette – Carolina Panthers 

I could have gone with my top back in Dalvin Cook but I think Fournette is the better fit here from a mentality stand point. The Panthers chose to keep Jonathan Stewart over DeAngelo Williams wanting a back that can bang with some burst. Unfortunately for the Panthers Stewart hasn’t been able to stay healthy for virtually his entire career and have had a slew of RB’s play in his absence. They need a bell cow and Fournette is just that.

9. Corey Davis  – Cincinnati Bengals

It was evident this past season that the Bengals offense was lacking in play makers at the WR position with the loss of Mohamed Sanu, Marvin Jones, and TE Tyler Eifert missing multiple games due to injury. Adding Davis would soothe the loss of those WRs and take some pressure off of A.J. Green and Eifert and allow last year’s rookie Tyler Boyd to come into his own at a reduced pace. Davis is a #1 WR but with Green on the opposite side the potential of what can become of this offense is virtually limitless.

10. Jamal Adams  – Buffalo Bills

I know there is a need at WR opposite Sammy Watkins but head coach Sean McDermott being a defensive minded coach will be looking to add a player who will not only change the mindset of the players on the field but will do it in the locker room and in the fill room and Jamal Adams is that guy. He is a prospect that can do more than just play S. He was used in multiple ways from nickel, FS to SS.

11. Malik Hooker  – New Orleans Saints

Ed Reed” clone is the word on street. Malik has the ability to cover up mistakes is the passing game and cover a lot of ground much like a center-fielder in baseball locating the football with ease. He is also a hell of a play maker picking over 40 balls in practice while playing at Ohio State, according to Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network. The Saints need an influx of talent in the secondary whether it be CB or S so why not take the best player on the board between those 2 positions while you still can.

12. Mike Williams – Cleveland Browns

Yes, I know the Browns drafted Corey Coleman last year and Pryor has started to scratch the surface but talent is what this team lacks and talent is what Williams will bring. His catch radius and jump ball skills make him bigger than his bio reads making it easier for the QB. This pick will allow Jimmy Garoppolo, yes I said it, to have 3 options to throw too, much like Andy Dalton did when Hue Jackson was the offensive coordinator in Cincy. *This is an assumption that the Browns will trade for him but keep their two 1st round picks.

13.  Marshon Latttimore  – Arizona Cardinals

QB (Deshaun Watson) or WR (John Ross) needy, I dont think either is worth a go at this point so best player available. Lattimore maybe the the most talented CB in this draft and the way the Cards play defense (what we at CPGM call “legos”) another CB will only help.

14. Malik McDowell – Indianapolis Colts

The Colts need help in the trenches on both sides of the ball as well as every level of the defense. McDowell is one of the special ones this year. His talent is undeniable. At times he has dominated the line of scrimmage and could bring a sense of “dog” that has been lacking on the defensive side of the ball for many many years in Indy. The Colts have been a defense that CPGM has labeled “marshmellowy” meaning SOFT!!! McDowell is a start in changing that.

15. Sidney Jones – Philadelphia Eagles

Jones is the second best shadowing cornerback in this draft next to Lattimore. The Eagles were not particularly good on the back end last year and releasing Leodis McKelvin was only the start in rectifying that. I know that RB is probably the favorite here by many but CB being one of the premiere positions in building a team and I think this is the way to go. And seeing how deep this class is at RB the Eagles will get there guy.

16. Budda Baker – Baltimore Ravens

Honestly what probably happens here is GM Ozzie Newsome trades down right? But if Baker is on the board he must be the pick here. He can play anywhere in the secondary and is an excellent player in run support. He is unblockable, whether he goes around or through the would be blocker/blockers. The Ravens coould go WR (John Ross) but Baker is too good to pass up here.

17. Solomon Thomas – Washington Redskins

Thomas is a Michael Bennett clone. When the Patriots have to play the Seahawks Brady and Belichick’s biggest concern isn’t Chancellor, Thomas or Sherman, it’s Michael Bennett. A guy who can not only play the run as well as he can pass rush but he can play both DE and DT, Solomon Thomas is that guy. Washington can use a guy like this and if they select him you (the fan) won’t regret it.

18. Tre’Davious White – Tennessee Titans

Tennessee is a team in dire need of CB/S help and it just makes sense if at this point in the draft if White is on the board. White is a player who while at LSU didn’t necessarily play man-to-man bump run but rather an off coverage, man shadow coverage. However, he demonstrated during the Senior Bowl practices that he can in fact play bump and run man-to-man. While he is not the biggest, most physical or smoothest player at his position coming out he is a good fit and what the Titans need.

19. Dalvin Cook  – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The talk in Tampa is #WeaponsforWinston and Cook is just that, a weapon. With Doug Martin likely to get cut with his drug issues, Jacquizz Rodgers a serviceable back and Charles Sims who showed this past season that he can’t be the featured back, this only leaves me to believe that the Bucs at this position in the draft will go with Cook. He is as explosive and dynamic as any player coming out and offers three-down ability.

20. Ryan Ramczyk  – Denver Broncos 

This is a need when you are in a division wit the likes of Khalil Mack, Dee Ford, and Joey Bosa to name a few. Ramczyk is my #1 offensive tackle but the injury and surgery to his hip is a bit of a concern for me and I think some teams may end up feeling this way, thus the fall. He is great at pass blocking and while his run blocking needs some work he is willing and has plenty to work with to get it to the level of his pass blocking.

21. Tim Williams – Detroit Lions

I think this is a match made in heaven. This biggest knock on Williams outside of the off the field issues is that is he a full time player? If drafted by the Lions they don’t have to answer that question right away. They can use him just like Alabama did in predictable pass situations. Williams can come on the field and do what he does best. Last year the Lions played a lot of young players on the defensive side of the ball and this will just be another one with a high ceiling.

22. Derek Barnett –  Miami Dolphins

Now with the release of Mario Williams the Dolphins are not only in the market for a linebacker but also a defensive end. Barnett has set records in sacks at the University of Tennessee and I think his ceiling is much higher than most. With Cameron Wake on the other side Barnett may be able to eat more often than not.

23. Garett Bolles – New York Giants

With a lack of a run game and LT being a turnstile at Disney this past season as well as Eli not being the fleetest of foot; this is a need the Giants have to address if they want to see the postseason again. Bolles seems to understand what’s coming and has the ability to adjust. I know most have an issue with his age but that may be an actual positive in terms of maturity in the New York market.

24. Jarrad Davis – Oakland Raiders

He is a thumper and a guy who can come down hill whether it be on a blitz to the QB or shedding blocks to make a play on the RB, Davis is a gamer. I know Mack is the leader of that defense from a production stand point but I think the Raiders are missing that vocal guy in the middle who will set the tone.

25. O.J. Howard – Houston Texans 

This is a best player available pick and a damn good one at that. I know last year’s draft was focused heavily on the offense but the Texans at this point would be foolish to pass on a talent like this. He is the most complete TE to come out in a while. The crazy part is he was underutilized while in college and anytime he got a chance he made the most of it.

26. Forrest Lamp – Seattle Seahawks

Protecting Russell Wilson has to be priority #1 this off-season for the Seahawks. Adding Lamp, whether he plays tackle or most likely guard, according to some due to his short arms only helps. The drafting of German Ifedi and Britt sliding in at C is a good start. Must continue to build on that.

27. Carlos Watkins – Kansas City Chiefs

With the Chiefs most likley set to lose Dontari Poe and bring back Eric Berry they will need a replacement at the nose and Watkins can be that guy. He is powerful and a mountain of a man to move. He uses his hands well enough to move G/C’s out the way on his way to the QB.

28. Carl Lawson  – Dallas Cowboys

This should be no surprise to anyone. While the Dallas defense played well enough last year we all know the offense carried them with the ball control game. With Dallas set to play a 1st place schedule this year, I would think that adding a pass rusher or CB is the #1 priority. Lawson is a solid run defender and can rush the passer a few different ways.

29. Teez Tabor – Green Bay Packers

With the release of Sam Shields and the rash of guys they had to play in the secondary I have to imagine the Packers know what they have and what they need to do. Tabor is an aggressive but instinctive player who likes to make plays on the ball.

30. Ryan Anderson  – Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers need more speed and athleticism within that LB core and Anderson is the guy to do just that. Anderson is a guy who seems to always find his way to the ball. Whether it be an interception, fumble or bad snap he is there.

31. DeMarcus Walker – Atlanta Falcons

Some people in the scouting community don’t know what to do with Walker due to his size and they way FSU used him. Can he play in space? Is he an inside DT or DE? Is he just a pass rush specialist? I say just let him rush opposite Vic Beasley because Dwight Freeney won’t be there within the next 2 years. Say what you want about the Cover 3 scheme and the center fielder you need to run it like Seattle but having waves of pass rushers is the key.

32. John Ross – New England Patriots

This is simply a luxury pick, best player available. Whatever you want to call it. The things the Patriots will do with Ross’s talent. Ross is explosive, shifty, and a hell of a route runner as well as blazing. Why so  late in the round? Ross has a plethora of injuries and they are not minor.







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