CPGM (late) Front Office Takeover! Cleveland Browns 2018

CPGM Wild Offseason and (late) Front office takeover! Browns 2017

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No one has suffered more than a Browns fan! As a Jaguar fan, I understand to a degree how hard it is to experience losing seasons continuously. I can’t even imagine how hard this past season was for all Browns fans everywhere. It’s especially hard for Browns fans outside of Cleveland. I understand what opposing fans subject you to as a life long Jags fan living in Eagles & Steelers country; the losing seasons get almost unbearable. I watched & cheered all game for the Browns in Week 17 last season. I thought the win was going to happen, and then Corey Coleman dropped the pass and I flopped back in the coach disappointed. I felt horrible for the Browns faithful. That’s why I had planned on taking over the Browns front office in this article. Unfortunately, for us at CPGM during final editing John Dorsey came in and kicked us out, showing why he is one of the few great GMs in the league.

As I stated and predicted in my previous article Wild Offseason: Crazy Free Agency Period Preview, this free agency period has the capability to be the craziest offseason ever! So far it has not disappointed. This article was written originally to outline just how the landscape of the NFL can change by using the Browns as an example. Even we at Couch Potato GM didn’t predict it would happen so fast, as this article was in final editing stages tonight; the Browns made a frenzy of moves all of which followed my exact plan to change the Browns fortunes. I will not attempt to take credit for the players that were brought in tonight Tyrod Taylor, Jarvis Landry and Damarious Randall. However, those moves reflected my outline of bringing in three key free agents a veteran QB, #1 or # 2 WR, and CB. These three areas were their major needs in my opinion. I had them going after Kirk Cousins, the way I was pitching Cleveland to him was with the idea of, if he won a Super Bowl for the Browns he would be a legend going down in history and getting a statue outside of the stadium. The WR I brought in was Terrelle Pryor on an incentive-based contract, this was based on his previous success with Hue Jackson and the Browns. My final move was bringing in a Veteran CB, my target was Trumaine Johnson. I considered my plan via FA & the draft very strong. Tonight’s moves have zero impact on my draft plan, as the Browns addressed the same three positions I outlined in FA.

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Now let’s look at what happened tonight, what it means for the Browns, and why it makes sense. First, we will start with the position most consider the be all end all, the Quarterback. Trading for Tyrod Taylor is even better in my opinion then going after Kirk Cousins. Here are a few reasons why bringing in Tyrod Taylor makes so much sense. First, he is mobile and avoids sacks which keeps you out of 3rd and longs, he can also pick up 1st downs with his legs. Second, he is great at taking care of the ball, this season only 4 interceptions. In his three years as a starting QB with the Bills he has put up phenomenal numbers nearly 9,000 yards (8,857 yards) 51 touchdowns and only 16 interceptions. Adding a veteran QB was a key move. The Browns and many other organizations continue to draft quarterbacks and throw them into the fire as a rookie. This unfortunately has become the trend of the NFL as of late which is why so many QB’s have failed lately. A QB starting in their rookie year & actually being successful is like catching lighting in a bottle, you might get lucky but more times than not the player is ruined. By the Browns bringing in Tyrod Taylor it gives them time to find their future QB and develop him properly.

The next move they made was adding a premier WR, top 15 in my opinion. Not only is this move great, but the Browns absolutely robbed the Dolphins only trading a 4th in 2018 draft and 7th in 2019 draft. The reason they were able to steal Landry is because of the Dolphins’ poor salary cap management. Prior to this move the Dolphins were over the cap by more than 15 million. I don’t believe I need to elaborate anymore on why adding Landry was pure genius.

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Now on to the defensive side of the ball. Most people don’t realize despite being behind constantly the Browns were a top 10 run defense in many categories, yards per game (#7, 97.9 yards per game) and yards per rushing attempt (#2, at. 3.4 yards per carry). The Browns were the only team ranking in the top 10 in attempts against for the season (#5, 467) to finish with less than 110 yards per game. With Greg Williams as defensive coordinator, run defense and pressure will continue to be a strength. Fixing the secondary was a must heading into free agency, and that is why the addition of Damarious Randall was a perfect move.  Now the addition of Randall doesn’t fix the secondary by itself, but I don’t believe they are done adding secondary help. You can never have to many good corners.

Now with free agency still five days away from even beginning, I’m going to step out on a limb and say the Browns are fixed. The Browns will contend for the playoffs in 2018, and just barely miss them this year. The Browns will finish in 2nd place in the AFC North, you heard it here first at Couch Potato GM. The reason I’m so confident in this is because John Dorsey has clearly changed the Browns vision, they are attacking free agency with a plan. Also based on Dorsey’s previous drafting history, I have no doubt about his drafting ability and constantly finding draft day gems everywhere he’s been. In conclusion with all the moves already made, I want to tell all the Dawg Pound 2018 will be a great year!

Stay tuned for my next piece my 2018 Cleveland Browns 3 Round Draft plan, including trades. All of us (Juice, Drew, Headley, and myself) here at CPGM have the knowledge to report on anything NFL related. We cover everything from free agency to the draft, OTA’s to preseason, Week 1 to the Super Bowl, and fantasy sleepers to weekly lineups and pickups. We want to connect with all our fans and followers, feel free to ask any questions regarding the NFL.


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