NFL Draft

CPGM Podcast – 2017 NFL Draft Class – Running Back Preview


With so many teams in need of quarterbacks and the 2017 NFL Draft Class severely lacking in “pro ready” quarterback talent this incredibly talent laden running back position group delivers where the collective at quarterback doesn’t. With a diverse group in terms of size, speed and skill-set it behooves all 32 NFL teams to take a good, long look at this incoming class of ball-carriers and seriously consider adding at least one even if a franchise already has a “featured” option in their backfield. The Front Office of Couch Potato General Manager (GM) offers their analysis and player comparisons for each of the top prospects at the running back position in their estimation. From the elite, cornerstone featured back to the situational playmaker the 2017 NFL Draft Class has them all and CPGM has put them under the microscope to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. As a fan, if you’re in the market for adding a running back to your favorite team; or you’re trying to figure out who the fantasy sleepers will be at running back at the onset of the 2017 NFL Season look no further. CPGM has you covered. So tune in and listen and don’t forget that you can download the CPGM Podcast on iTunes and Podcast Addict.




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