2018 NFL Free Agency

CPGM Podcast – 2018 NFL Free Agency Reaction – Ep. 83


The CPGM Front Office is excited to announce the debut of Philip Miller a.k.a. @SacksonvilSycho on the 83rd installment of the CPGM Podcast. We take a break from our position-by-position preview of the 2018 NFL Draft and break down the flurry of moves made during the legal tampering period and 1st day of 2018 NFL Free Agency (new league year).

The 32 fan bases throughout the NFL tend to get in a frenzy during Free Agency and that was no different during the earliest portions of the 2018 NFL Free Agency season. However, as discussed during the Podcast it is important that teams spend their money wisely as opposed to grabbing headlines and aiming to win the press conference.

The quartet delves into the short and long term impact of Kirk Cousins signing with Minnesota Vikings including what it means for the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan when they receive their contract extensions. Sticking with the quarterback theme CPGM analyzes the the trade and signings involving Teddy Bridgewater, Tyrod Taylor, Case Keenum, DeShone Kizer, and Sam Bradford. The quarterback discussion leads to the return of the “Get Slapped” portion of the CPGM Podcast as @CPGMHeadley took issue with one particular contract.

Pay close attention during this episode of the Podcast for details regarding how to participate in CPGM’s 1st Annual Interactive Mock Draft as well as our first ever FREE #GiveAway. There will be plenty more to come so make certain not only to tune into our weekly podcasts but be on the lookout for more information on all of the CPGM platforms.

CPGM’s analysis of the 2018 NFL Free Agency Frenzy wraps up with team-by-team reaction up to the first day of the New League Year.

Note: This Podcast was recorded 3/14/2018.


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