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CPGM Podcast by Couch Potato GM – Ep. 94

CPGM Podcast by Couch Potato GM – Episode 94


Routinely late but somehow always right on time, the CPGM Podcast returns for yet another week. We’re talking storylines and results from Week 6 as we eagerly anticipate the Sunday slate of NFL games in Week 7.

Moreover, we go on to rank the AFC and North teams top to bottom thru 6 weeks. However, the fun doesn’t stop there during the 94th episode of the CPGM Podcast. We debate whether or not Saquon Barkley only six weeks into his career should be considered a Top 5 Running back in the NFL. And for good measure we wrap up this installment of the CPGM Podcast with a therapeutic discussion regarding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons including the firing of former defensive coordinator Mike Smith.

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