Fantasy Quarterbacks

CPGM Podcast – Fantasy Quarterbacks – 2016


The scoring format generally drives how early or late you decide to take your Fantasy Quarterbacks but considering how many points come out of the passing game you had better have contingencies in place if your draft doesn’t go quite as planned. In this installment of the CPGM Podcast, Drew, Headley and Juice review their initial Fantasy Quarterbacks Rankings of 2016 as well as identify who they are targeting and who they will make certain to avoid. There’s a lot of love for the quarterbacks who can make plays with their legs and/or have an awe inspiring supporting cast of backs and receivers. There’s also plenty of healthy debate regarding who will take the next step in their development? And who may be subject to regression statistically? Take a listen as the fellas weigh in on Fantasy Quarterbacks as only Couch Potato General Manager can including a simultaneous and hysterical epiphany by Juice and Headley.

WARNING: Between the 1 – 2 minute mark there is EXCESSIVE laughter that may irritate the ear drum. Drew was talking crazy. Sorry in advance.




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