CPGM Podcast – Fantasy Tight Ends and Defenses – 2016


We left you for a bit but we’re back with the latest installment of the CPGM Podcast. This time around we’re talking fantasy football and we double your pleasure with tight ends and defenses. The very top of the tight end rankings is fairly static with one newcomer but this position is as volatile as they come with seemingly 10-15 players all bunched together in terms of statistical projection. Should you punt on tight end and take a flier on a high risk/high reward youngster? Or should you invest in a ho-hum veteran who has a “safe” floor but probably won’t be knocking down that “Top 5 player at the position door?” And then there is the defense (and special teams) of course. In reality defense wins championships and depending on how your fantasy league’s scoring format is configured an elite DSTĀ could lead you to a 2016 Fantasy Football Championship. Can the likes of the Bills and Ravens get back to their dominant defensive ways? Will the Broncos’ or Panthers’ respective defenses take a step back due to losses in free agency, retirements, etc? The Front Office of Couch Potato General Manger weighs in!