CPGM Podcast – Week 14 – Around the NFL


Well, it certainly hasn’t been a “chalk” type of season in the NFL thru 13 weeks. The Dallas Cowboys own the league’s longest current winning streak, there’s a heated race in the AFC West, last year’s NFC Conference Championship game participants are long shots to make the postseason this year and teams like the Lions, Buccaneers and Titans have a legitimate shot at winning their respective divisions. That being said, there hasn’t be a complete upheaval throughout the league, the Cleveland Browns are still terrible and the Patriots are in the driver’s seat in the AFC albeit without Gronk. There’s still a month of football left to play and you can’t win a championship during the regular season so CPGM’s front office will take a stab at making sense of it all as we near the end of the 2016 NFL regular season. Download the CPGM Podcast on iTunes and Podcast Addict.





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