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CPGM Drew’s Mock Draft 2.0 – 2017

Another Mock Draft from CPGM Drew is here and the last and final before that big day we all have been so patiently waiting to see. I implore you to take a look and see!!! I want to put a disclaimer out there: THIS IS WHAT I WOULD DO NOT WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN PER EACH TEAM. If you love it, hate it come find me @s1rdr3w or CPGM Drew in the search field on Twitter.

I did leave Jonathan Allen out of  this Mock as well as my Top 50 players. Why you ask? Or maybe are wondering… It is said that he may have a truncated career and not necessarily at a high level throughout. My question is if that is the case is he worth a 1st round pick? Or is he even a Top 50 prospect?

1. Myles Garrett – Cleveland Browns

Let us not overthink this please… He is the pick and the best player in this draft. Can set the edge and rush the passer in a variety of ways. Hands could be better but that’ll only get better with football as a full time job now.

2. Solomon Thomas – San Francisco 49ers

Although the Niners have spent their last 2 first round picks on the DL can they pass up on an immense talent that is Thomas? The fit maybe a mystery but good coaches find a way to get talent on the field regardless of scheme. Thomas can play inside or out although some beg to differ…

3. Jamal Adams – Chicago Bears

Top 3 prospect who can change a defense from the inside out. He has a mentality that is being compared to that of a MLB, some have even uttered the name of the squirrel dancing, 99 rated Madden having, HOF Ray Lewis!!! He is as versatile a player of any to come out in any draft!!!

4. O.J. Howard – Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags need OL help in the worst way and why not grab the best one, technically may be not  an OL but yes best OL this high up in the draft. He is the best of both worlds, being compared to Greg Olsen, who had trouble blocking when first coming into the league. I don’t think that’ll be the case with Howard who is polished in all things TE (skill sets). He is the complete package. Could of gone Leonard Fournette but this is the better play IMO.

5. Reuben Foster – Tennessee Titans

Jon Robinson has been looking to bring in players with a different type of mindset and it looks as though he has done that offensively, power knock you the “F” out football with a twist. Now it’s time to make that change on the defense and what a player to do that with. The closest thing to Patrick Wilis there has been in years. Can play all 3 LB positions with no drop in play. HE IS SPECIAL!!!

6. Hassan Reddick – New York Jets

I WILL NOT DRAFT A QB! I WILL NOT DRAFT A QB! I WILL NOT DRAFT A QB? The Jets need players that will make an immediate impact day one and with the “lego” defense that is played in NY Reddick is the perfect fit. He has played too many positions to count in his college career and has done them all with no drop off; instead steady improvement. Reddick’s ability to cover, rush the passer and set the edge is something to behold. The excitement I have for him is the same that I had for Khalil Mack!!!

7. Malik Hooker – Los Angeles Chargers

Gus Bradley in the building ya’ll. It doesn’t usually happen that a coordinator defense or offense, has a prospect that fits what they wanna do so perfectly. With the range and ball skills Hooker brings to the table there is no way he gets past the Chargers. When you have folks liken Hooker to Ed Reed I can’t see them passing on him.

8. Leonard Fournette – Carolina Panthers

We must protect the franchise in Cam Newton and so the talk is Carolina is looking to change the offense a bit making it a bit more traditional one/two back under center look, but still keeping the power element in place. And that is where Fournette is at his best. I thought OL here but the value of Fournette vs that of any offensive lineman in this class isn’t even close.

9. Tim Williams – Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are willing to take a player with immense potential in the draft that may have some questionable character issues to mitigate the non-participation in FA. Developing and cultivating that talent has worked for years. Only issue is what’s the end game? It seems just making the playoffs is it, I digress. Williams is a pure pass rusher and needs time to fully develop into a full time player learning to set the edge and defend the run game.

10. Quincy Wilson – Buffalo Bills

With Sean McDermott at the helm and Stephon Gilmore gone to the AFC rival New England Patriots, this is a perfect match. Long, physical with every WR standing in front of him, and having the smarts to take chances without compromising the defense, Wilson is a fit. I believe he can be the Josh Norman of this secondary.

11. Marshon Lattimore – New Orleans Saints

Last year the Saints were CB needy whether it was because of injuries or void of talent, varying from week-to-week. Adding Lattimore here will cut that problem in half. He is the cleanest prospect in the draft and his fluidity allows him to do things only a select few have every been able to do. Drafting Lattimore will make it easier for the Saints to focus elsewhere on that defense. I believe he has the ability to be a true shut down CB.

12. Mitchell Trubisky – Cleveland Browns

My #1 QB in my positional rankings from the start and that has not changed. Cleveland has fixed their number one issue of last year by diving head first into FA and signing big time OL. Now it’s time to pick that general who will lead. Although the sample size of games played for Trubisky isn’t much I believe Hue can get Trubisky on track and ready mid-season. Remember it was a QB carousel last year where Kevin Hogan and Cody Kessler looked good for a while.

13. Corey Davis – Arizona Cardinals

Best WR in the draft and Larry Fitzgerald’s replacement. Just like Fitz he is a finely tuned route runner and can also turn it up field and get some YAC. Does drop the ball a time or 2 but it appears to be concentration thing. An off-season with Fitz and Palmer may make that a non issue in the near future.

14. Christian McCaffrey  – Philadelphia Eagles

I don’t know about all this Top 10 stuff people are talking but with McCaffrey, I just know he is a perfect fit here and can create so many mismatches for the opposing defenses. With the additions of Torrey Smith and Alshon Jeffery it may be pick your poison on every play. Some are considering McCaffrey as just a slot guy but if you do that then I wanna know where he is ranked on your board?

15. Budda Baker – Indianapolis Colts

With the recent signing of Jonathan Hankins I think drafting anywhere for the defense is just fine. So I went with the most versatile player at this point in the draft. Budda Baker can play CB, Nickel, Big Nickel, FS and SS. Just plug him in and play like you do the TV.

16. Gareon Conley – Baltimore Ravens

Some have said he is better then his counterpart from OSU, Marshon Lattimore, as the more complete player. When you talk the entire skill set of a CB as it stands right now this is true and makes him an enticing prospect.

17. Malik McDowell –  Washington Redskins

I’m just going to fall in line with the mess that is this team. This would be a hell of a pick for Washington and help to solidify that DL. McDowell can play anywhere on the line, just make sure he is okay with it. No one is ever going to deny his talent, but what will he do when things aren’t going his way. What hole will that leave in the defense.

18. Mike Williams – Tennessee Titans

Titans need a #1 WR and one that fits the mold of what the Titans are trying to portray. Mike Williams plays with a tenacity and passion that is of the violent variety. Frankly I don’t care whether he gets separation or not (which he does), there is a thing call catch radius that he has (vertically as well as horizontally) and it’s rather large making him open when it appears that he is not.

19. Dalvin Cook – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This just makes too much sense right? The Bucs have needed players who have that big play capability and Koetter has talked about it since last year to close out the season; and they have done just that in signing DeSean Jackson. So why not add this at the RB position by drafting Cook, since you have no idea what Doug Martin will give you year-to-year.

20. Ryan Ramczyk – Denver Broncos

I know Elway is a genius and has the blueprint to building a team so I can only assume he would agree with me here. Ryan is my number #1 OT on my board and that hasn’t changed since the start. I really like Ramczyk in pass pro although it’s not pretty at times I think he’ll be just fine with some work. He is also willing and at times nasty in the run game. Denver may not have the QB with the sexy name but not being able to run or at times pass protect led to their demise in 2016 at the end of the day.

21. Derek Barnett – Detroit Loins

The Lions may go TE here, but gotta get that guy to pair with Ziggy as your book-ends to get the QB. The Lions started something last year with plenty of young talent playing on the defensive side let’s continue it. Most productive Vol DE since Reggie White there’s truly nothing to think about here. As for TE it’s deep enough to wait and get someone of Ebron’s ilk, minus the injuries.

22. Tre’Davious White – Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have so many CBs but none that can truly play the nickel. Tre’Davious can do just that. Best player on the board for me at the moment that meets a need. White showed out at the Senior Bowl practices and also has the ability to be a special teams player especially in the return game.

23. Garrett Bolles –  New York Giants

The Giants do not hold the LB position in high regard by virtue of how they play defense so… The G-Men are in prime position here to go LB or OT. But lets do like the Spike Lee joint and “Do the Right Thing”. You went out and got Brandon Marshall to help OBJ and Sterling Shephard, but none of that matters if the OL continues to struggle with both pass pro as well as the run game.

24. Obi Melifonwu – Oakland Raiders

Just move him to CB and watch the man showcase the skill set folks have been talking about since Senior Bowl week. The Raiders are all set and ready to go offensively but must fix that secondary and this is one player that can help. Although this is a position change I can not imagine Obi struggling as bad as the Raiders’ secondary did last year. And if by chance he does he’ll only get better as the weeks pass.

25. David Njoku  – Houston Texans

In my last mock draft I had O.J. Howard go here but after all the testing and meetings I still see the Texans going best player available here and again it happens to be a TE but of the dynamic variety. May have the highest ceiling in the draft when talking TE’s.

26. Cam Robinson – Seattle Seahawks

Tom Gable is that guy right, well for the moment I don’t see it. But again you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken… you know what I am saying? Germain Ifedi was a good start and they may have found there center when healthy but OT is needed and Robinson fits the bill. Protect the main cog in the wheel, Wilson can only take so many shots and run around so much to extend a play, or two or three.

27. Jarrad Davis – Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs need to find the player who will succeed Derrick Johnson. This is where need meets the board. Davis is everything you want in a MLB. Sideline to sideline in the run game as well as a down hill force to be reckoned with. And may be better in coverage when talking about all his attributes.

28. Carl Lawson – Dallas Cowboys

This is really simple “dem boys” need pass rushers in the worse way and Lawson can be that guy. One caveat, he MUST stay healthy. I think his ceiling has yet to be explored due to him being injured so damn much. This will be a steal if he is there for the taking.

29. Kevin King – Green Bay Packers

Did ya’ll watch that playoff game vs the Falcons. It was looking like 7-on-7 flag football out there. Since the Packers only believe in the draft and developing drafted players; King is a player who is raw and needs that development so a match made in heaven..?

30. Evan Engram – Pittsburgh Steelers

Although defense is a must at the LB position I’m not going to reach for anyone here but draft best available prospects. You cannot count on Martavis Bryant whose reinstatement is looming and Sammy Coates who is still learning how to play in the NFL and doesn’t have the best of hands. Engram who is not an inline TE at the moment, can eventually grow into that at some point down the line but for now can be a reliable WR with 4.4 speed and dependable hands.

31. DeMarcus Walker  – Atlanta Falcons

The one thing I can say is that Dan Quinn is going to get the best/most out of his players by putting them in the best position to succeed. That’s one thing FSU didn’t do for DeMarcus Walker playing him out of position year after year and yet he continued to produce and at times took over some games. I can see Quinn taking Walker and putting him opposite Vic Beasley and letting him do his thing.

32. Charles Harris – New Orleans Saints

Harris has “a particular skill”, the spin move, that looks as though he has mastered. It’s all over his film play after play and yet OL still get not only beat by it but routinely get embarrassed by when it’s used. Cameron Jordan on one side and Harris on the other with Sheldon Rankins and Nick Fairley holding down the middle.


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