Daily Fantasy League

Daily Fantasy League Breakdown – Week 2

Daily Fantasy League Breakdown – Week 2

Daily Fantasy League Advice.


  • Did you see Peyton Manning in Week 1 ($8,200/$7,500). And he’s playing at Arrowhead. No thank you.
  • Ride Carson Palmer ($7,800/$6,700) while he’s healthy.
  • Iceman Ryan ($8,700/$7,400) looked good in Kyle Shanahan’s offense and the Giants’ pass rush is missing a finger.
  • I know Phillip Rivers torched the Lions but don’t expect a Teddy Bridgewater ($7,000/$6,400) bounce back. 1 TD to 5 INTs in two games versus the Lions last season and that offensive line is a M.A.S.H. unit.
  • Tom Brady ($8,300/$7,500) owns the Bills historically but something tells me it’s going to be different this time. I’d stay away.
  • Drew Brees ($8,900/$7,800) he’s playing the Buccaneers.
  • I’m stubborn. I’m not running with Marcus Mariota ($7,400/$6,000). I think Cleveland will be prepared for  zone-read attack. They see it with Manziel in practice and there is NFL film on Mariota now.
  • Sam Bradford ($7,500/$6,900) is still healthy and that second half on Monday night looked promising.
  • Tony Romo ($8,500/$7,100), no Dez and on the road, versus a divisional rival. I’m going to steer clear.
  • If Nick Foles can surely Aaron Rodgers ($9,300/$8,300) will at home and no Kam Chancellor.
  • Russell Wilson ($8,500/$7,300) typically gets the best of the elite QBs head-to-head.

Running Backs

  • The Broncos have a tough defense. Can we get a break on Jamaal Charles’ ($8,800/$7,600) price? I guess not…
  • Ronnie Hillman ($5,100/$5,600) could be a moderate bargain if C.J. Anderson ($8,000/$6,700) misses this contest. Otherwise, I’m not touching the Broncos backfield.
  • Sheer volume outweighs the matchup for Matt Forte ($8,900/$7,700).
  • Not ready to invest in Tevin Coleman ($6,500/$4,500) yet but I like what I saw in Week 1.
  • All 3 of the Eagles’ backs made an impact in the passing game. That’s right in Shane Vereen’s ($6,200/$4,200) wheel-house.
  • Adrian Peterson ($9,000/$7,700) bounce back.
  • I won’t judge you if you go with Ameer Abdullah ($6,400/$4,500). EXPLOSIVE!
  • If Luke Kuechly doesn’t play….nope still not playing Alfred Blue ($5,700/$3,700).
  • LeSean McCoy ($8,100/$6,600) gets on track in Week 2.
  • Don’t get carried away with Dion Lewis ($5,200/$3,400) that was the Steelers’ awful defense mind you.
  • Might be the last week Danny Woodhead ($6,200/$4,000) can be head at premium value.
  • Carlos Hyde ($7,000/$5,100) may be my new Jeremy Hill.
  • Alfred Morris ($7,300/$5,000) is like Chris Ivory but with make-up on.
  • Mark Ingram ($8,000/$5,900) see Drew Brees.
  • Can’t bring myself to trust Bishop Sankey ($6,500/$4,500) even against the Browns’ poor run defense.
  • Cautious optimism with Justin Forsett ($7,800/$6,200). Nice matchup but expect an 8-man box.
  • Get right game for Lamar Miller ($7,300/$5,500).
  • Joseph Randle cannot be ignored ($6,700/$5,600) nor can Lance Dunbar ($4,800/$3,000) in this one.
  • The Falcons were fired up and Demarco Murray ($8,300/$7,000) didn’t look comfortable at the “mesh point.” He’ll be motivated but I’d rather invest in a stud wideout and Darren Sproles ($5,600/$3,500).
  • I’ll take Beast Mode ($8,500/$7,200) over Eddie Lacy ($8,100/$7,200) in this one. But I certainly won’t hold it against you if you disagree.
  • I like my running backs O’Natural. Give me Chris Ivory ($6,900/$4,700).

Wide Receivers

  • If there’s any player I’m starting on Thursday night it’s going to be Demariyus Thomas ($8,500/$8,400). Don’t look at me like that, I know what I said about Peyton.
  • Alshon Jeffery ($8,100/$7,500) is getting healthier but he’s going to draw Patrick Peterson. I’d stay away.
  • John Brown, Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd are all comparable in price but I’d steer clear never know who’s turn it’s going to be.
  • Julio! ($8,800/$8,900)
  • Bounce back for Odell Beckham Jr. ($8,700/$8,800) in Week 2.
  • Can’t imagine Megatron ($8,100/$8,200) only gets 4 targets again.
  • Nuk! ($8,100/$7,400). Especially with Ryan Mallet at the helm.
  • Keenan Allen ($8,200/$7,100) is going to get a lot of attention from the Bengals defense I think Stevie Johnson ($5,700/$4,200) reaps the benefits.
  • Antonio Brown is like Kobe Steak, if you have to ask what the price is you probably shouldn’t order it.
  • Anquan Boldin ($6,400/$5,700). No pass rush, porous secondary in Pittsburgh.
  • Brandin Cooks ($7,400/$7,100). See Mark Ingram.
  • Steve Smith, if he can’t get it done this week against a Raiders team missing both starting safeties then you won’t see his name here again for the remainder of the season.
  • Secret’s out. Get Jarvis Landry ($7,100/$5,900) in your lineup.
  • Costly drop aside Jordan Matthews ($7,100/$7,000) put up numbers. He’ll do so in Week 2 as well.
  • Terrance Williams ($6,300/$4,200) is no Dez or Julio but it doesn’t matter the Eagles secondary is still unimpressive.
  • The injury to Dez Bryant either makes Cole Beasley ($5,700/$3,300) relevant or irrelevant. Risky proposition. There are better options of comparable value.
  • All three of Aaron Rodgers’ TDs were thrown to the left side of the field in Week 1. Davante Adams ($6,400/$4,900) lines up on the right predominantly meaning he’s going to see Richard Sherman. James Jones ($5,400/$4,700) + left side of formation = multiple red zone targets in Week 2. (= 2 TDs in Week 1)

Tight Ends

  • Travis Kelce ($6,600/$5,100) is undeniable.
  • Owen Daniels ($5,000/$3,300) burned me last week, but I believe he will make an impact this season. But…it won’t be in Week 2 he’s going to have stay in and help block the Chiefs pass rushers.
  • You could do worse than Martellus Bennett ($6,100/$4,500).
  • I expect Greg Olsen’s ($6,000/$4,900) 3 targets in Week 1 to ‘triple’ at least. Did you see what Kelce did to the Texans? Shake that clunker off, run Olsen back.
  • Gronk! ($8,300/$7,300). Steep but matchup proof.
  • Was it the beginning of a Tyler Eifert ($5,900/$4,200) breakout season? Or a symptom of playing the Oakland Raiders? Don’t over think it, the position isn’t deep enough to ignore his Week 1 performance.
  • I mentioned Stevie Johnson will benefit from the attention Keenan Allen demands. Same goes for Ladarius Green ($5,600/$3,500).
  • Vernon Davis ($5,100/$3,000). See Anquan Boldin.
  • Jordan Reed ($5,000/$3,700) looks good on paper but I think he’ll be asked to stay in and block against the Rams front 4.
  • Jason Witten ($6,000/$4,300) is going to get his but don’t count on multiple TDs.
  • Touchdowns drive fantasy football. Just ask Jimmy Graham ($7,100/$5,800).


  • The Chiefs ($4,400/$2,900) are at home and the Broncos ($4,200/$2,800) are loaded on defense.
  • The Cardinals ($4,600/$2,800) are playing Jay Cutler…just sayin’.
  • The Rams’ ($4,900/$3,100) pass rush is awesome and Jeff Fischer teams excel on special teams.
  • Titans ($4,600/$3,000), I like almost any defense that plays the Browns.
  • Even sans T Sizzle give me the Ravens defense ($5,000/$2,900).
  • I expected BIG things from the Dolphins defense ($5,100/$3,300) in Week 1. I expect bigger things against the Jaguars.



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