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Daily Fantasy League – Sunday Slate – Week 1

Sunday Slate Week 1

Daily Fantasy League recommendations for Sunday 9/13/2015 Week 1.


  • You pay for what you get with Aaron Rodgers at $9,700/$8,600. The only bargain here is that Rodgers torches the Bears routinely.
  • You can do better than Ryan Tannehill at $8,000/$7,400 but it goes to show you what I think of Washington in this matchup.
  • I like Phillip Rivers $8,100/$7,100 and Matthew Stafford $7,800/$7,00 but neither are making me money on Sunday.
  • Drew Brees is terrific $8,900/$8,000 but I prefer the value play in Carson Palmer at $7,700/$6,500.
  • This isn’t your dad’s Peyton Manning $9,100/$8,200 I would look elsewhere even though it’s the regular season.
  • Tony Romo $8,700/$7,300 or Eli Manning $8,300/$7,400 can play for me in Week 1. But I’m leaning towards Romo at home.

Running Backs

  • Jonathan Stewart is in-line for a heavy workload at $7,100/$5,800 in a favorable matchup against the Jaguars.
  • Gotta love Chris Ivory at $6,400/$4,100 against the 32nd ranked rush defense of Cleveland (2014).
  • Matt Forte $8,800/$7,800 and Eddie Lacy $8,500/$7,500 will share the field and expensive, albeit “worth it” price tags. No value play here, only piece of mind.
  • Jamaal Charles is matchup proof $8,900/$7,900 hence the hefty price tag.
  • No Arian Foster means there’s a committee in Houston avoid Alfred Blue.
  • Give me Lamar Miller for $7,300/$5,500.
  • Matt Jones at $5,500/$3,900 is going to play more than you think.
  • Marshawn Lynch, rather Beast Mode is “money” $8,600/$7,300. See what I did there? New look O-Line and the Rams play defense tread lightly. Or not.
  • Dion Lewis was a good call, don’t go getting cute with Benny Cunningham. Look elsewhere.
  • Give me backs that are heavily involved in the passing game Danny Woodhead $6,000/$3,700 and Ameer Abdullah $5,900/$4,000.
  • Fire up Mark Ingram at $7,800/$5,600, plenty of work to be had… Don’t look at me like that, I’m serious…Of course I know it’s Sean Payton…. But you have to remember they traded Jimmy Graham for an offensive lineman and a draft pick they turned into a defensive starter…and C.J. Spiller is hurt.
  • Justin Forsett has great hands and is looking at 25+ touches $7,800/$6,200.
  • Jeremy Hill $8,600/$7,100 was “money” for me in 2014 DFS. He’s money in Week 1 2015 too.

Wide Receivers

  • Allen Hurns is a boom or bust option but he’s the best receiving option and best value in Jacksonville at $4,600/$4,000 (9/110/2 in Week 1 2014).
  • Avoid Alshon Jeffery if possible no idea what his snap total will look like due to injury.
  • Not paying 100% on the $ for a banged up Randall Cobb at $8,400/$8,000.
  • Salivating over Davante Adams’ value $5,500/$4,400; where’s the love for Eddie Royal at $5,000/$3,900.
  • Do you trust Alex Smith? Or Brian Hoyer? Me neither I’m ignoring Jeremy Maclin and DeAndre Hopkins in Week 1.
  • I’ll let you in on a little secret. Jarvis Landry is in my lineup. $6,900/$5,600 Ssshhh. Think cheaper Julian Edelman and no Gronk.
  • Just have a feeling about Tyler Lockett at $4,800/$3,000.
  • It would appear DFS still respects Megatron even if the “experts” don’t $8,500.
  • Stevie Johnson is Phillip Rivers’ new “BFF” at $4,700/$3,700.
  • Brandin Cooks will be in my DFS lineup routinely this season $7,400/$7,100.
  • I like John Brown $6,000/$4,500 more than Larry Fitzgerald $6,000/$5,500. But only as a Flex.
  • Memo to Demariyus Thomas $8,800/$9,100 and Emmanuel Sanders $8,200/$7,900 Peyton’s not throwing 7 touchdowns this time.
  • Steve Smith Sr. at $6,900 and $6,400 kills in Week 1 and the Ravens next best receiver is running back Justin Forsett.
  • I like A.J. Green at $8,300/$7,800 and Amari Cooper even more at $7,100/$6,700.
  • I think Kendall Wright and Julian Edelman’s numbers are very comparable at season’s end and in Week 1. Difference is you can get Wright on the cheap at $5,800/$5,100 compared to Edelman.
  • Odell Beckham Jr. ($8,900/$9,200) and Dez Bryant $8,700 as advertised.
  • Don’t forget about the #2’s Rueben Randle $5,300/$5,100 and Terrance Williams $5,300/$4,000.

Tight Ends

  • If you didn’t pay top dollar for Rob Gronkowski shame on you. However, we’ll forgive you if you invest in the low risk/high reward and presumed heavily targeted Greg Olsen in Week 1 at $5,900/$5,300.
  • Martellus Bennett looking good in Week 1 at $6,200/$4,300.
  • I could live with Travis Kelce $6,000/$4,800.
  • Useful but uninspiring Jordan Cameron $5,500/$3,800 and Jordan Reed $5,000/$3,300.
  • Jimmy Graham is still seven feet tall $6,900/$5,600 but he may be touchdown dependent. Exercise caution.
  • Gary Kubiak loves Owen Daniels. Peyton Manning loves targeting whoever the tight end is. By the transitive property I love Owen Daniels at $5,500/$3,400.
  • It’s going to be a shootout but I like the receivers listed above more than the tight ends Jason Witten $5,800/$4,000 and Larry Donnell $5,300/$3,200.


  • The Browns have virtually no passing game, I like the Jets at home for $4,400/$2,900.
  • The Chiefs warrant consideration versus the Texans at $4,300/$3,000 if Dontari Poe is active.
  • Did you know that Ndamakung Suh has joined Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon in Miami $4,700/$3,000? Did you know that the Redskins’ offensive line is atrocious?
  • The Rams’ offense is a mess, 12th man not necessary, I feel good about Seattle’s defense at $5,000/$3,400.
  • I could live with Denver’s defense $4,200/$2,800 at home against Flacco.

Additional Notes

  • Punting on the Indy vs. Buffalo matchup; lot’s of talent, strength versus strength, new personnel and injuries to key starters….too many variables for my taste.



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