David Montgomery 2019 NFL Draft

David Montgomery 2019 NFL Draft Profile – CPGM Top 50

Couch Potato General Manager

Prospect Rank – #9

Position Rank – #1 Running Back

David Montgomery 2019 NFL Draft Profile

College: Iowa State

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 222

CPGM Headley’s Prospect Notes


  • Watched game against Iowa and said “he’s different”
  • True 3-down player, dual-threat back that can line up at “WR” and run the ball at a high level
  • Shades of Matt Forte
  • As a runner he’s silky smooth who almost always makes the first guy miss
  • Vision is a plus
  • Drives through tackles falling forward
  • Willing and able pass protector
  • Always fights for extra yards, hard to bring down
  • Elusiveness is elite, saw him do things that only Saquon does, balance, flexibility, ability to stay up, how he contorts his body
  • Plus ball security
  • His offensive line played poorly so we know he can still produce despite his line struggling.


  • May dance a bit too much
  • At times takes unnecessary shots to the ribs, needs to protect himself better.
CPGM Drew’s Prospect Notes


  • First thing that you notice is he can avoid or break the tackle of a defender who penetrates or has a free shot at him
  • Arm tackles won’t work
  • Lower body strength is one of if not the best in class
  • After receiving the hand off will bounce around from hole to hole until he finds one that is actually there which speaks to his patience
  • Always moving with the ball in his hand; this is a plus when he is in the open field defenders are unable to get a bead on him, making it much tougher to get a clean shot or good angle for the tackle
  • Has plus plus balance which matches his frame and style in which he runs
  • Pass blocking is a plus also with plenty of willingness and want to, to mix it up.
  • Can also catch out the backfield
  • I believe he is a complete back.


  • Can at times take too long to decide where to go when nothing is there.