Demariyus Thomas

Demariyus Thomas gets his $$$

AFC West Update

Shortly after fellow wideout Dez Bryant reached a long-term deal with the Dallas Cowboys, Demariyus Thomas and the Denver Broncos put ink to paper on a 5-year $70 million deal with $43.5 million in guaranteed money. Both receivers’ deals are nearly identical which furthers CPGM’s belief that there was collusion between the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos regarding the star receivers’ respective contracts. Now that the deals are in place the NFL’s Player Association will likely no longer pursue the collusion allegation.

The Thomas signing locks up one of the league’s best receivers,  Peyton Manning’s top target, a team captain and leader. Not much separates the league’s elite wide receivers and depending on who you talk to Demariyus Thomas is the best of them all and that’s not only coming from Broncos’ fans.



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