The Do’s & Dont’s of Fantasy Football

Its about that time ladies and gents!!! FANTASY FOOTBALL is on the way!!! Draft Day is looming and im not talking about the movie. Some are coming back champs and others chumps. Some walked away last year with deep pockets and others … empty pockets. For those of us that felt the latter help is on the way. CPGM has some helpful hints, some do’s and dont’s to improve your drafting this season.


  • Don’t start your draft too early. This could be devastating due to injuries that WILL occur. All you need is to draft the best team known to the draft world. Then one or, God help you two of your top players gets injured  in training camp (ACL/Achilles) or blew their damn hand off playing with fireworks.   You remember Kelvin Benjamin, Jordy Nelson, and JPP last year.
  • Don’t start your draft too late. When creating, re-upping, activating, and/or registering your league assign a date maybe a week out from the regular season. The optimal time is the night after the 3rd preseason game.  Because we all know in the 4th no one (of particular note) is playing. Leaving you with plenty of time to pick another date if before, during, or after things go arye. Example, internet connection issues, system not compatible with draft system, etc.
  • Don’t assume every draft is the same. Most of us are in multiple drafts that start off the same due to the talent at the top. And may be playing with the some of the same folks in the those multiple drafts. Every draft is different and has its own feel and direction. You must know this and assume it wont go like your previous drafts.
  • Don’t draft too many boom or bust players. This will leave you high as the sky one week and down in the dumps the next. Leaving you in mid season with too many questions with not enough answers. “Should I start him? Or him? But last week he didnt show up. But the week before he balled out. Consistency is the key.


  • Check the rules, roster positions and points for your league(s). Are you in a PPR league? Or is it standard? How many WRs, RBs, TEs, Flex, or even QBs can I start?
  • Run plenty of mock drafts to prepare yourself for scenarios and situations you may encounter. Good, bad, or ugly. Try to draft in as man different number order as possible.
  • Do as much research as possible. Players on new teams, entirely new coaching staffs, a new OC/DC for a team and injuries.  Jotting down notes and listening to the CPGM Podcast, and reading literature will help you get ready.
  • Have a plan for the “what if” scenarios so you don’t panic and allow frustration to set in and start making mistakes.
  • Make sure you preset your players in the order you like them just in case during the draft you are disconnected or unable to attend for whatever reason at least you will have some type of control. Nothing like having one too many of one position while lacking in others.
  • DO grab the handcuffs.
  • DO know THE LEAGUE not just YOUR favorite team.





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