Dynasty Stock Market Watch Update: Dynadaq 6/10/2020

Dynasty Stock Market Update

Alexander Mattison futures spike with Dalvin Cook Holdout – Should you BUY?

Bulls say…

If you’re a Dalvin Cook owner in dynasty leagues and managed to handcuff the talented albeit oft-injured Cook with Alexander Mattison you should be proud of yourself. Gary Kubiak’s zone-scheme rushing attack has produced many an RB1 season from far less heralded running backs. Let’s not forget 3rd-string Mike Boone’s Week 17 peformance in 2019 (17/148/1).

If you’re a Dalvin Cook owner and don’t have the good fortune of also having Alexander Mattison on your roster pick up the phone and message the Mattison owner now. Offer him/her a 2nd rounder in your upcoming 2020 rookie draft or in 2021…. as a start. The 21-year-old Mattison looked like a bigger version of Cook on 100 carries during his rookie season. He averaged a very strong 4.6 yards per tout and with a full complement of carries could easily pace your dynasty team in terms of (running back) fantasy production. In what should remain a run-first attack, with a more experienced and athletic o-line, the Vikings run game shouldn’t skip a beat if in fact Cook’s holdout costs him games.

Even if Dalvin Cook inks a contract extension prior to the season or ends his holdout before missing games, holdouts typically do not lead to stellar fantasy production. Furthermore, Cook has played in only 29 of a possible 48 games since entering the league in 2017. Mattison’s potential stand-alone value is worth investing in, heavily, for 2020 and beyond.

Bears say…

It’s June 10th, during what continues to be a very non-traditional off-season. There’s a lot of time between now and the beginning of the 2020 NFL Season. No need for a fire sale of your Dalvin Cook shares at this time. Nor should you mortgage the farm to acquire Alexander Mattison.

Cook doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of leverage despite his represenative stating that he will not return to the Vikings without a new deal. Still, it’s important to note that it doesn’t appear that Cook is interested in re-setting the market. Despite all of his ability, his contract hopes seem steeped in reality; understanding both his value to the Vikings’ offense as well as his injury history.

Finding common ground between front office and player seems particularly feasible in this case. After a 1600+scrimmage yards and 13 touchdowns in 2019 Cook’s value should not be under-stated. A speculative offer for Mattison is warratned as a Cook owner (always a good idea to hedge); but HOLD Dalvin Cook for now.

Couch Potato General Manager Recommendation

All owners should be kicking the tires on Alexander Mattison. Do not hesitate to part with a third round pick (or a pair of 3s). Dalvin Cook owners should consider going as high as a second round pick as Mattison’s upside is in the 1100 to 1300 scrimmage yards range in Minnesota’s offense. Still, we strongly recommend you HOLD Dalvin Cook.

Dynasty Stock Market Update

3-Star BUY Alert

Rating: 3 out of 5.
Why Joshua Kelley?

Former 7th round selection, Justin Jackson is the only player between Joshua Kelley and significant playing time as the thunder to Austin Ekeler’s lightning. The Los Angeles Chargers used a 4th round selection on Kelley in the 2020 NFL Draft and have proven that their top 2 backs carry RB2/Flex stand-alone value.

Where should I select Joshua Kelley in rookie drafts?

Kelley currently has a mid-to-late 3rd round ADP according to Fantasy Football Calculator. CPGM recommends targeting Kelley between picks 2.10 and 3.04 in rookie drafts.

What should I trade to acquire Joshua Kelley?

Target Kelley as a secondary piece in a larger trade in lieu of a third or fourth round selection in 2021.

What does a 3-Star Buy ALERT mean?
  • 1-Star = Secondary Waiver Claim (10% FAAB Budget)
  • 2-Star = Secondary or “throw in” trade target (25% FAAB Budget)
  • 3-Star = Primary Waiver Claim/Secondary trade target (50% FAAB Budget)
  • 4-Star = Primary Trade Target (75% FAAB Budget)
  • 5-Star = “League Winning” Waiver Claim/Trade Target (100% FAAB Budget)