Dynasty League Fantasy Football – Buy/Sell Alerts #Dynadaq

Dynasty League Fantasy Football

For sustained success in Dynasty League Fantasy Football you must stay one-step ahead of the competition. You have to know when to “buy” and when to “sell.” Couch Potato General Manager maintains a constant pulse on what we refer to as “Dynasty Stock Market” trends; so that you can climb into and remain in the driver’s seat of your Dynasty League.

So what is Couch Potato General Manager’s “STAR” based Dynasty Stock Market system? Simply put it is a baseline guide to the amount of resources a dynasty owners should invest in acquiring a player we suggest Dynasty Owners should buy. This proprietary system serves as a confidence/priority barometer to assist in building your dynasty team. We always recommend that you do your independent research when considering any investment. However, we encourage you to bookmark and reference this page for weekly Dyansty League Fantasy Football “BUY” and “sell” alerts for an added edge.

Dynasty League Fantasy Football

Dynasty Stock Market “STAR” system (#Dynadaq):
  • 1-Star = Secondary Waiver Claim (10% FAAB Budget)
  • 2-Star = Secondary trade target (25% FAAB Budget)
  • 3-Star = Primary Waiver Claim/Secondary trade target (50% FAAB Budget)
  • 4-Star = Primary Trade Target (75% FAAB Budget)
  • 5-Star = “League Winning” Waiver Claim/Trade Target (100% FAAB Budget)

Dynasty Buy/Sell Alerts

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