Dynasty Stock Market Watch Update: Dynadaq 6/18/2020

Dynasty Stock Market Update

Does new Browns Head Coach Kevin Stefanski’s offense and Kareem Hunt’s presence mean stock up or stock down for Nick Chubb?

Dynasty Stock Watch

Bulls say…

New Head Coach Kevin Stefanski will be bringing his outside zone running scheme to Cleveland for the 2020 season. This is excellent news for Nick Chubb dynasty owners as they navigate the Dynasty Stock Market. Yes, the Browns ran the zone scheme effectively last season. However, there will be even more of an emphasis on the ground game considering that Stefanski is trying to build an identity as a smash mouth, running offense like he did with Minnesota last season. The Vikings finished the year with the 4th most rush attempts in 2019 and according to Pro Football Focus, the Minnesota ran the most outside zone type concepts in the NFL (279 rushes).

Chubb’s natural ability to use his vision, patience, burst, and tackle breaking prowess aren’t the only reasons to be excited this upcoming season. Like I mentioned above, the Browns will lean on the running game even more. They will implement a fullback to open up larger rushing lanes and will bring a much improved offensive line into the 2020 season. The Browns addressed their lackluster offensive tackle position by signing Jack Conklin in Free Agency and drafting Jedrick Wills in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. This is not just an improvement to their offensive line. This is a substantial upgrade to a position groupthat has the potential to manhandle defenses on the ground.

The last thing we need to remember about Chubb’s dynasty outlook is the potential departure of Kareem Hunt in the near future. Both Chubb and Hunt are among the most talented backs in the league. If Hunt stays out of trouble he will undoubtedly be a hot commodity for teams in need of a running back in 2021. One more year and Chubb, who is already the 1A running back on the team, will be the undisputed lead back on a team that wants to establish the run to win football games.

Bears say…

Sure Kevin Stefanski is coming from a Vikings offense that was extremely effective on the ground. However, Gary Kubiak isn’t tagging along to be the run game coordinator in Cleveland. If you recall the Kubiak lead offenses from his days in Denver and Houston, then you know his mind and presence around the coaching staff makes a huge difference. Stefanski is considered a “run game guru” but he took many of his concepts from Kubiak. This situation is similar to when a player thrives due to the personnel around them; and then once all that talent leaves must prove he can be the man. Can Stefanski be the man? This has yet to be determined.

Apart from the unknown of Stefanski, is the known of Kareem Hunt getting a full “off-season” with the Browns. After missing half of the season last year due to suspension, Hunt will be back with a vengeance in 2020 trying to re-establish himself as one of the best running backs in the league. Under the coaching staff last season Hunt was used a lot in the passing game. If the new coaching staff follows suit, then Hunt will be relied upon on passing situations and 3rd downs. Not only will Chubb get vultured in those situations but the talent of Hunt leads one to believe that Stefanski at times may lean on the hot hand approach and let Hunt get carries in bulk.

Chubb owners should be concerned. It is not far-fetched to believe that if Hunt shows out in 2020 he can take over as the lead ball carrier for the Cleveland Browns in the future.

Couch Potato General Manager Recommendation

I am a huge Nick Chubb believer and will be riding with him to continue to dominate in the league. The outsize zone scheme fits his running style to a “T”. I envison Chubb getting through the hole untouched utilizing his underrated speed to the end zone; or plowing through defensive backs too small to bring him down. Kareem Hunt’s full season presence may hamper Chubb statistically compared to last season. However, I believe Hunt will only be there one more season. As a dynasty owner Chubb is a blue chip, long hold like an Amazon or Apple. Yea, the dividends might not be the norm for 2020. But you can’t sell your Chubb dynasty stock if you are thinking about the future.

Dynasty Stock Market Update

3-Star BUY Alert

Rating: 3 out of 5.
Why Zack Moss?

Even with the exciting addition of Stefon Diggs and a developing Josh Allen, the Bills want to run the football and play defense. It’s their DNA. Add the third round Zack Moss to the fold to pair with Devin Singletary and you have your thunder and lightning. Frank Gore is no longer on the team to vulture carries and T.J. Yeldon doesn’t move the needle. Scoop up Moss.

Where should I select Zack Moss in rookie drafts?

Moss currently has a mid-to-late 2nd round ADP according to Fantasy Football Calculator. CPGM recommends targeting Moss as early as 2.05 in rookie drafts.

What should I trade to acquire Zack Moss?

I am a Singletary owner trying to acquire Moss for two 3rd round picks. If you are bullish on Moss like I am then a 2021 2nd round pick should do the job.

What does a 3-Star Buy ALERT mean?
  • 1-Star = Secondary Waiver Claim (10% FAAB Budget)
  • 2-Star = Secondary or “throw in” trade target (25% FAAB Budget)
  • 3-Star = Primary Waiver Claim/Secondary trade target (50% FAAB Budget)
  • 4-Star = Primary Trade Target (75% FAAB Budget)
  • 5-Star = “League Winning” Waiver Claim/Trade Target (100% FAAB Budget)




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