#DynastyTrades – 2018 Fantasy Football – Week 1

By: Benjamin White @Certified0710
#DynastyTrades – 2018 Fantasy Football

CPGM will be reviewing #dynastytrades that happened, evaluate them, and give our verdict on who won the trade. This will be a weekly installment where we will evaluate trades that have been completed and give advice on trades that you wish to perform. I will be picking suggestions from outside sources via the CPGM twitter handle @Couch_Potato_GM

The Trade:

CPGM Punisher Gets:
Michael Gallup WR
Ronald Jones RB
Virgil Green TE
2019 round 1 pick

Underdogs of the Galaxy Gets:
Jimmy Graham TE
Duke Johnson RB
Bilal Powell RB
2019 round 2 pick
2019 round 3 pick

The Verdict – This trade was very intriguing as it consisted of trading impact players for this year for future prospects. Duke Johnson and Bilal Powell are both players that could see action in the passing game and really benefit Underdogs of the Galaxy since it’s a PPR format. Jimmy Graham was the biggest acquisition for Underdogs as he was an immediate upgrade at TE and also got value in picks. CPGM Punisher got a backup TE to fit in behind Rob Gronkowski and Geoff Swaim. He also picked up a 1st round pick in the 2019 draft. With the youth and potential between Gallup and Jones this is a risk Punisher was willing to take. Giving this trade was made during the beginning of the preseason it initially looked like Punisher was the winner of the trade getting two potential starters and a backup TE. Today it does not seem that lopsided due to Jones not performing and falling in the depth chart. Punisher did gain a little ground with the injury to Henry moving Green into the starting position.

The Trade:

CPGM Bushmaster Gets:
Theo Riddick RB
Mike Evans WR
100 Blind Bid Dollars

Bucco Bruce Gets:
Chris Thompson RB
Josh Gordon WR

The Verdict – This trade was a straight positional swap with some big-name players involved. The combination of Thompson and Gordon seemed like enough value for Bucco Bruce to send Mike Evans away. With Gordon a wildcard, it will be up in the air to who wins this trade. If Gordon performs like he did when he first came into the league and Thompson continues to perform like he did last year then Bruce won the trade. If Gordon ends up getting suspended again or lost a step then he sent away a top end receiver for a running back that will depend on catching the ball.

The Trade:

Underdogs of the Galaxy Gets:
Marqise Lee WR

Captain Nomad Gets:
Ryan Tannehill QB
2020 round 3 pick
2020 round 4 pick
100 Blind bid dollars

The Verdict – This trade was made to acquire an up and coming WR who has the ability to open a game for late round picks in 2020 and a QB who is a risky play each week. This trade was a solid win by Underdogs until the devastating injury to Lee sent him to IR for the year. There is still value since we are running a dynasty league and Lee could very well make a comeback and continue to flourish. Tannehill needs to take a turn this year and step up for Captain Nomad and continue to develop into the franchise quarterback that the Dolphins view him as. As of now Captain Nomad has won the trade due to Lee’s injury but could very well backfire if Lee succeeds next year.

The Trade:

Captain Nomad Gets:
Adrian Peterson RB
Chris Thompson RB
2020 Round 2 pick

Underdogs of the Galaxy Gets:
Rob Kelley RB
Lamar Miller RB
2020 Round 1 pick

The Verdict – Underdogs has been very active this preseason making moves all over the place and this may be the best trade he has done. He receives Lamar Miller, Rob Kelley, and a 2020 first round pick. I personally think Miller will flourish in Houston and become a RB1. Rob Kelley, Adrian Peterson, and Chris Thompson all make up the Redskins backfield so it gets jumbled on who is going to flourish in that situation. Adrian Peterson will be the starter and get most of the carries between the tackles with Thompson getting the majority of the passing opportunities. Underdogs of the Galaxy won this trade by essentially trading the Redskins backfield for Lamar Miller while also receiving a wildcard in Kelley who could develop to an every down back in the future.



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