New York Jets Fantasy Football Warm-Up

The deal is done and Fitzpatrick is signed. The two top players fantasy or otherwise are back in play. Not sure what the hell the Jets were thinking by playing chicken with their QB who had his best season ever under an OC (Chan Gailey) who knows him like a book. The Jets truly had NO leverage in the situation and with the likes of Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker not happy about what was taking place from the front office view it was only a matter of time before the Jets said enough is enough. Imagine if the Jets didn’t sign Fitzpatrick back what then? Geno  “I broke my jaw” Smith was gonna run the show? How bout Bryce Petty? That would’ve killed the Jets season along with Marshall and Decker’s fantasy production. And yes the cream always rises to the top, but not at the heights it would with Fitzpatrick.

WR Brandon Marshall

Obviously a top ten WR no need to think about it. Targeted 174 times 5th most in the league last year caught 109 of those for 1502 yd’s with 14 TDs to boot. When looking at players that caught at least 80 balls last year Marshall finished with a avg of 13.8 yards per rec that was tied for 3rd most with the likes of Juilo Jones and Calvin Johnson; but got beat out by OBJ (15.1), A.J. Green (15.1) and Allen Robinson (17.5). Marshall is a model of consistency and really is a safe bet to draft, he’s played ten seasons and six of those he caught over 100 balls for at least, just over 1100 yards that would also include him missing a game or two. The guy’s worst season was his rookie year and his second worst was the year before last in Chicago. The other eight he’s had over 1000 yards. He is an excellent play in a standard or PPR league.


WR Eric Decker

Eric Decker

Another safe pick! Another touchdown machine! You’re looking at an 80 ball 1000 yd guy, with multiple TDs.  Decker has caught fifty TD’s in six years and in one of those years. Decker is a strong flex or WR3 play with those stats, with WR2 upside. In his first season with the Jets in 2014 Decker was the WR1 and caught just 74 balls and 962 yards for ONLY 5 TDs. Now, add Marshall the WR1 and make Decker the WR2 you get a 80 catch 1,027 yards 12 TD receiver. As you can see the TDs are effected heavily. All the offensive pieces are returning under the same offense and I don’t see anything changing for Decker and his production.


RB Matt Forte

Matt Forte

There isn’t a Jeremy Langford for the Jets to take the carries away from Forte this year. The next best back they have is Bilal Powell. Wouldn’t say that is a true threat. I am a fan of Forte and see a big season coming from him. This is a dual threat back who gets production not only on the ground but can do it in the receiving game. Now I’m not saying he is a David Johnson or Devonta Freeman type, but I think he will have a major workload. Forte got 218 rush attempts and 44 receptions in just 13 games. He’s about volume and what he does with it. His avg per rush is 4.2 for his career and was the 12th most  targeted back in the league last year. Don’t forget he missed three games.

Others of note:

  • QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
  • RB Bilal Powell

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