Jonah Williams 2019 NFL Draft

Jonah Williams 2019 NFL Draft Profile – CPGM Top 50

Couch Potato General Manager

Prospect Rank – #8

Position Rank – #1 Offensive Tackle

Jonah Williams 2019 NFL Draft Profile

College: Alabama

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 302

CPGM Headley’s Prospect Notes


  • One of the cleaner prospects in the class
  • Polished technician that does everything well
  • Gets off the snap quickly
  • Mauler in the run game, ability to pull with ease, blocks initial lineman with the awareness to disengage and get to second level
  • Great slide step to get in position for pass rush, folks want to move him inside because of short arms but he is a plug and play tackle.


  • Sometimes his hands can be a little too slow which allows defenders that use their hands well to disengage
  • Average functional strength to play an interior offensive line position at the next level.
CPGM Drew’s Prospect Notes


  • Hard nose no nonsense guy
  • A plug and play guy, you’re not going to have to worry about him
  • Appears to have the footwork and wherewithal to play both tackle and guard; I prefer him at the former
  • Adept at getting to the second and third level and making the smaller but faster defenders pay
  • Excellent at mirroring would be defenders in the pass game having his hips, legs and hands all in sync with one another
  • Quick to deliver that punch
  • Strong, quick and solid anchor when he is first to get his kick step out
  • Better run blocker than pass blocker as he looks to relish mauling and getting his hands on the would be defender
  • Strong at the point-of-attack.


  • Not being in a deep pass drop game would be best and most ideal
  • Inconsistent depth on pass pro set; not sure if this was a scheme or technique issue
  • Edge players that are both quick, strong and or know how to use leverage (converting that speed to power) may cause him problems with those short pass sets.