Josh Norman

Why the Josh Norman signing makes perfect sense?

If you ever witnessed or heard Josh Norman’s trash talking on the field you know why he gets under opposing receiver’s skin. Everyone probably has met or is friends with that guy who knows how to ruffle their opponent’s feathers and loves to do it. Not only are they good at playing the bad guy, they also relish it because it drives their competitive spirit and makes them a better player. Dennis Rodman needed that fuel in order to change the complexity of the game and agitate Karl Malone in the NBA Finals. Often times the best player on the field is the one talking the most trash because they’re aware of their skill on the field, and no matter how hard their opponent tried, they still can’t be contained. Whether it’s Steve Smith, Ochocinco, Phillip Rivers, Terrell Suggs or Tom Brady, Josh Norman comes from the school of no holds bar on the football field making him a perfect signing.

Norman’s fit for the Redskins makes absolute sense as the team has been missing a true number 1 corner for a while. Their passing defense ranked 25th in 2015, 24th in 2014, 20th in 2013, and 30th in 2012. But more importantly Norman’s addition fills a huge void in covering divisional foes Odell Beckham Jr. and Dez Bryant who we all know had verbal and physical run-ins with Norman last season and are big trash talkers in their own right.

Josh NormanNorman vs. Dez – After a week of anticipation as two of the best at their respective positions were locked in battle on Thanksgiving Day last season, the two players got it on getting in each other’s faces early and often. It was a total domination as the 11-0 Panthers continued their winning streak in which QB Tony Romo re-injured his clavicle which left Dez (2 catches for 26 yards) totally inept against Norman. But what popped off after the game was the big story as Norman hilariously went on a tirade stating the Cowboys should get their $70 million back from Bryant. Norman also stated the disrespect that Dez was talking on the field was through the roof and he quote “went Dark Knight on him”. I’m sure Bryant will be fired up to get vengeance on Norman twice this season with his quarterback hopefully healthy this time around.

Josh NormanNorman vs. Odell – If you thought the Dez battle was entertaining then the matchup we all witnessed against Beckham was epic to the point the NFL had to change the rules on multiple personal fouls. The new rule states that if a player commits two unsportsmanlike personal fouls in one game it will result in an automatic ejection. This rule raised the ire of all NFL players due to the possibility of losing a star player for the rest of the game if two infractions occurred. Thank You Norman and Odell who combined for five unsportsmanlike conduct penalties when they faced off in a brutal mano a mano matchup on December 20th. Each player had no regards for each other’s well-being or health which was highlighted by a devastating blind side block to Norman’s earhole by Beckham with the play already over. It was probably the most entertaining player match-up all season long but it got downright dirty and irresponsible causing the NFL to suspend Beckham for a game and fining Norman 26k. The war on the field boiled over to a Twitter beef that is currently still ongoing. This will be a doozy with Norman now joining the division rival Redskins and facing his number one nemesis ODB twice.



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