Late Round Quarterbacks to Target – Fantasy 2015

The Quarterback position in fantasy football is a lot like the quarterback position in the NFL, REALLY IMPORTANT!!! Therefore, pulling the trigger on who your starting QB will be is invaluable and should not be taken lightly. Sure we all want Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck or Big Ben but the draft sometimes doesn’t go the way you expect causing you to take a slight detour. If you get in a position where you can’t grab one of the top QBs early, don’t fear CPGM is here. Below is a list of late round QBs you should target who can potentially produce QB1 numbers and hold you down.

Sam Bradford/St. Louis Rams – Yes Sam Bradford aka “Mr. Glass” should be targeted later in your fantasy drafts. We all know the injury risk with the former 1st overall pick and Heisman trophy winner,  but his potential in Philadelphia cannot be ignored. Chip Kelly took a huge risk this offseason trading for a quarterback who has missed his last 25 games with back-to-back ACL injuries to his left knee. Not only did they take a risk on the player but also with the price they paid for Bradford, giving up a second round pick, $13 million in salary cap space, and their starting quarterback from last season Nick Foles. Kelly’s decision to make the move speaks volumes on what he thinks of Foles (Andy Reid’s draft pick) as an NFL starting quarterback and his affinity for the “injury prone” Bradford. Say what you want about the offensive mastermind’s decision of bringing in his players and moving away from Andy Reid’s, but you shouldn’t question the efficiency his offense has been playing at since leaving Oregon and entering the coaching ranks of the NFL. Kelly boasts two consecutive seasons of Top 5 overall offenses with the likes of Foles, Michael Vick, and Mark Sanchez at the quarterback position. If that last statement above doesn’t put a smile on your face by realizing that Bradford IS a guy you should definitely target in your upcoming fantasy drafts, let’s take a look at the situation he had with his former NFL team the St. Louis Rams. Bradford played under head coaches Steve Spagnola and Jeff Fisher both of whom like to play defense and run ball control offenses. His receiving threats during his tenure have been: Danny Amendola, Brandon Gibson, Daniel Fells, Brandon Lloyd, Lance Kendricks, Chris Givens, Tavon Austin and Jared Cook. To sum it up Amendola has been the best wide receiver Bradford has had a chance to play with in his career. In Philadelphia the receivers are not household names as of yet but the wide open, “spacing” spread offense head coach Kelly runs coupled with the potential of Jordan Matthews and the rookie Nelson Agholor will be the best situation Bradford has ever been in. Bradford owners would need to pair him with another QB but he is definitely a player to target later in your fantasy drafts.

Carson Palmer/Arizona Cardinals – Yes, I know what you are thinking, “Is this guy giving me players to target? Or players that will end up on IR.” Fantasy football takes a certain level of risk and drafting players like Carson Palmer who will fall down draft boards because of injury concerns but can produce QB1 numbers is a risk you should take. Palmer for one plays in a Bruce Arians’ vertical offense that is not shy with throwing the football down the field aggressively resulting in huge chunks of yards per pass attempt. In the 6 games Palmer played in last season in between shoulder and knee injuries the former 1st overall pick threw for a total of 1626 yards, 11 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Going even deeper into those statistics Palmer over his last 16 games as a Cardinal has thrown for 4436 yards 28 TDs and 14 Ints. These numbers equate to approximately 16.7 fantasy points per week making him a definite QB1 when healthy. But a recent look into average draft position has him being drafted behind guys like Nick Foles, Jay Cutler, Marcus Mariota, Derek Carr, and Alex Smith. Side note…Please don’t be that guy who takes Alex Smith with Carson Palmer still on the board. Palmer is surrounded by excellent receiving threats including: Michael Floyd, Larry FitzgeraldJohn Brown (sleep alert) out wide and out of the backfield with Andre Ellington and the best rookie receiving back in my opinion David Johnson. Any owner who is willing to wait for a QB later in the draft should target Palmer, and if healthy, you can thank me later.

Teddy Bridgewater/Minnesota Vikings – Anyone who paid close attention to Bridgewater’s progression from his first start up until his last game saw consistent improvements game-to-game and moxie the Louisville standout possesses. What was even more impressive was the fact Bridgewater played the entire season without All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson and he also played behind an anemic offensive line. The Houdini act of the Vikings “best” wide receiver coming into the season, Cordarelle Patterson, made what Bridgewater was able to accomplish in his rookie season more impressive. Bridgewater started 12 games last season, the first 6 starts he totaled 1329 passing yards 4 TDs with 6 INTs. Over the final 6 games he totaled 1440 yards he threw for 10 TDs and 6 INTs ranking 10th among fantasy quarterbacks during that 6 game stretch. Offensive coordinator Norv Turner raved about Bridgewater’s decision-making over his last 6 games throwing with better anticipation and decisiveness as he got accustomed to the speed of the NFL game. Now with nearly a full season in Turner’s offense under his belt, the best back in the league AP coming back from suspension, a healthy Kyle Rudolph, a true deep threat Mike Wallace now in Minny, the sky is the limit for Teddy Ballgame and his fantasy value.



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