Madden 18 Sim FANTASY Franchise by CPGM

During the 2018 NFL Off-season, up to the release of Madden 19; Couch Potato General Manager will host a 32-team online franchise on PlayStation 4 including prizes for the Super Bowl Champion and runner-up. It will be a full simulation league. No games will be played but we will do everything else as in Coach/Owner roles. You can decide whether you want to be a coach or an owner.

Note: Ownership requires a great deal of attention to team revenue in addition to winning otherwise you will not be able to operate your franchise and run the risk of losing your team to someone else.

We will complete a Fantasy Draft to determine the initial rosters. Team selection will be based on a first come first serve basis but if you choose the role of owner you can rename and/or relocate your team.

If you’re interested please email us at with the subject “Madden”:


  • First & last name
  • PS4 online user tag; and
  • Best way to contact you (i.e. your email of choice).

For league wide notices and updates visit the “Updates” section of If you have any questions feel free to email us or post the question on our Facebook Page.

League Details

  • Entry Fee ⇒ NONE.
    • All we ask is that you follow the instructions above and subscribe/follow our YouTube/Twitch channels.
  • Prizes
    • Super Bowl Champion ⇒ $100 Visa Gift Card & a customized CPGM T-Shirt
    • Runner Up ⇒ $25 Visa Gift Card & customized CPGM T-Shirt


  • Fantasy Draft ⇒ We will select 12 players (first 12 rounds) and simulate the balance of the draft (rounds 13-54 will be processed by CPU).
    • Snake Draft (existing NFL Players)
    • Draft order ⇒ Random
      • Round 1 – 4 ⇒ 2/22 7 pm – 10 pm EST
      • Round 5 – 8 ⇒ 2/23 7 pm – 10 pm EST
      • Round 9 – 12 ⇒ 2/24 7 pm – 10 pm EST
  • In Season
    • See Calendar of Events below
    • Trades are encouraged as all teams will have an abundance of cap space throughout the first several years of the franchise and free agents will be scarce.
  • Settings
    • Pre-Existing Injuries ⇒ Disabled
    • Progress Players ⇒ Manual
    • Trade Deadline ⇒ Enforced (Week 9)
    • Practice Squad Stealing ⇒ Enabled

League Calendar

NOTE: Following scheduled events beyond 2nd Super Bowl — TBD