Mock Draft – CPGM’s Fantasy Football Best Ball Mock Draft

Do you remember your first day on a new job, or maybe your first practice with a new sports team after moving schools? Well this mock draft gave me the same feeling.

You want to do everything possible to impress your new employer and team mates while keeping your own identity. Uncompromising performance in the face of a new challenge.

I’m going to talk you through 18 rounds of our recent Best Ball 12 team fantasy football mock draft at CPGM. The platform we used was which is really easy to setup both drafts and cash games with your close friends.

Mock draft strategy going in was simple=go early at RB, build stability with early picks, seek value and upside in later picks, wait on TE and QB, and mix in potential breakout rookies in the late rounds. Best Ball team building is much different from fantasy football redraft where you can draft players with a solid floor, but shoot for the moon on players that have boom and bust weeks. With your best players selected week in and week out, you can afford to take high variable players.

After each round of this mock draft I’ll do a summary of Biggest Surprise, Reach Pick, and Best Value. Biggest surprise can be either “holy shit I can’t believe that player is still available” or “wow, you must really like this guy to have picked him that early”. Reach Pick is a player that I feel went early vs my own rankings. This isn’t reflective of ADP or industry rankings, it’s just players that I would never draft in that round. Best Value is just that, who I think the best value is of that round given where they were drafted. Come the 10th round, I’m going to call out my “Favorite Pick” from the mock draft round and explain why. In Best Ball, I feel strongly it’s about getting “your guys”-sometimes this comes a couple of rounds earlier than ADP. From Round 10 onward, anything is fair game.

Ready, set, draft!

Like Mike Tyson said “Everyone has a plan til’ they are punched in the mouth”. This is fitting for any fantasy draft- have a plan, but be be flexible and nimble on your feet as the draft unfolds.

Round 1

Drafting in the 3rd hole in this fantasy football mock draft, I knew I’d have a shot at one of the top 5 RBs in Saquon, CMC, Zeke, Kamara and DJ. Saquon went off the board 1st to no one’s surprise. The 2nd overall pick was not a shock due to talent, more on contract uncertainty and his training camp being held in Mexico: Zeke Elliot came off the board at #2. I nearly fainted being able to draft CMC as the 3rd overall.

The RB run started immediately: 1.1 to 1.6 were all RB’s, with Gurley and Le’Veon Bell making early first round appearances. Seeing this, I like the additional value that can be had in round 2 for WRs.

itsharristime mock draft pick: Christian McCaffery, RB, Carolina Panthers

  • Biggest Surprise: Ezekiel Elliot 1.2
  • Reach Pick: Le’Veon Bell 1.5
  • Best Value: David Johnson 1.9

Round 2

The WR run came fast and furious at the end of round 1 and carried over into round 2. My dreams of snagging a JuJu or OBJ at the end of the second was wishful thinking against my fellow CPGM’s. Mid round another RB run started with Mixon, Chubb and Cook all coming off the board. At 2.9 my hope of snagging WR1 “The Cheetah” ended with Tyreek Hill being selected. Looking at the best available player in this mock draft, I liked the thought of a 1-2 RB start and went with Detroit’s Kerryon Johnson. With all of the chatter out of the Lions about a run heavy approach, backed up with the cutting of Theo Riddick made me confident in this pick. Reach? Potentially. Let’s talk at the end of the season on this one.

A bit surprised to see Patrick Mahomes go at 2.5. As much as I love the talent, I don’t love the price tag, he’s due for regression, and QB is the deepest it’s ever been. Hill at the 2.9 is tremendous value if his off-season troubles are truly behind him.

itsharristime mock draft pick: Kerryon Johnson, RB, Detroit Lions

  • Biggest Surprise: Tyreek Hill 2.9
  • Reach Pick: Patrick Mahomes 2.5
  • Best Value: Dalvin Cook 2.8

Round 3

Strategy so far has been sound: two RB1’s on the roster, now to start searching for my WR1. Options on the board to start the 3rd: T.Y Hilton, Antonio Brown and Amari Cooper. I was tempted to grab a true TE1 in George Kittle, but was afraid of a WR run. I couldn’t give up the chance to have the upside of Amari since being freed from the Raiders. Thinking deeper into the draft, I hoped that I’d be able to stack with Dak and they could continue recreating their late season magic from 2019. I stayed away from T.Y due to the uncertainty around Luck (now retired, good call). I don’t think I need to tell you why I stayed away from Mr. Big Chest in AB.

Really love what riccadonna3733 has been able to do so far in the draft: WR1 with D’Hopkins, a RB1 in Joe Mixon, and TE1 with George Kittle. Nice.

itsharristime mock draft pick: Amari Cooper, WR, Dallas Cowboys

  • Biggest Surprise: George Kittle 3.7
  • Reach Pick: Zach Ertz 3.1
  • Best Value:George Kittle 3.7

Round 4

WRs fly off the board to end round 3 and carry over into round 4. Happy that I was able to grab Cooper when I did. Some really good value at RB in this round with Fournette at 4.3 and Derrick Henry at 4.4. I know both of these guys may not be the perfect RB1, but, they have upside and the potential to dominate given the situations they are in. Surprises in this round were Deshaun Watson at 4.6, and Rodgers at 4.7. Gearing up for my pick at 4.10, I knew there would be value to be had at WR. The early stacking up at RB allowed for me to snag Godwin with my pick. I’m liking his pre-season usage, as well as how he finished last year.

Lots of picks I loved this round: Fournette, Henry, Golladay, Ingram.

itsharristime mock draft pick: Chris Godwin, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Biggest Surprise: Aaron Rodgers 4.7
  • Reach Pick: Devonta Freeman 4.2
  • Best Value: Mark Ingram 4.12

Round 5:

I’m back on the clock quickly this round at the 5.3. With this pick, I can continue drafting WRs, or, seek a value running back to support CMC and Kerryon. Tyler Boyd and his potential usage in Zac Taylor’s new system in Cincinnati is on the radar. Thinking through it, I know that I can get additional value at WR later in the draft. 5.3 comes quickly and I can’t turn down the 1.29 pt per touch James White produced for .5 PPR in 2018. WR can wait, and I’m feeling good about RB.

From my experience, after the 5th round is when you have to rely on your own rankings and tiers, as the “surefire” picks are quickly disappearing. Looking forward to how the 6th round unfolds. Some really smart picks this rounds and tremendous value on potential RB1’s and WR1’s.

itsharristime mock draft pick: James White, RB, New England Patriots

  • Biggest Surprise: Baker Mayfield 5.1
  • Reach Pick: Mike Williams 5.2
  • Best Value: Chris Carson 5.7
Baker’s talent is undeniable and is the answer in Cleveland. As an almost zero in the running game, and the depth of QB in 2019, I’m a hard pass on Mayfield in the 5th.

Round 6

From round 6-8 in Best Ball, I typically seek continued depth at WR. Leading up to the 6.10, it’s a mixed bag of every position that comes off the board. I like to call this round the All IR/Recovery Round: Cooper Kupp, AJ Green and the oft injured Sammy Watkins all get drafted before my pick at 6.10. All solid PASSES in my Best Ball routine. My favorite rookie RB comes off early at the 6.6 (Miles Sanders) would have been in on him in round 7 or 8. I get the focal point of the potent Chicago Matt Nagy offense with Allen Robinson. I love his upside and potential of being a true WR1. The potential of stacking the mobile Trubisky with Robinson crosses my mind. Love this stack in Best Ball.

itsharristime mock draft pick: Allen Robinson, WR, Chicago Bears

  • Biggest Surprise: Cooper Kupp 6.2
  • Reach Pick: Jarvis Landry 6.5
  • Best Value: Hunter Henry 6.11

Round 7

Lots of my typical round 7 darlings are on the board: Christian Kirk on the potential dynamite Cardinals offense, deep threat Robby Anderson, multi-tooled and always dangerous Curtis Samuel, potential RB1 Austin Ekeler, and He’s-Got-To-Break-Out-Sometime-Rashaad Penny, Dante Pettis and Latavius Murray. Lots of options but I’m going to force the issue at WR.

It wasn’t that difficult at 7.3 when Robby Anderson fell to me here. He’s typically been going earlier in Best Ball, so was happy to have him here and hoping he can continue his week winning ways with QB Sam Darnold.

itsharristime mock draft pick: Robby Anderson, WR, New York Jets

  • Biggest Surprise: Rashaad Penny 7.10
  • Reach Pick: Darrell Henderson 7.1
  • Best Value: Latavius Murray 7.12

Round 8

Yuck. What a messy round. TE’s started coming off the board in round 7, and I think that made drafters press the TE button in round 8: Vance McDonald at 8.2, Greg Olsen at 8.5, Eric Ebron at 8.9, and, yes, I succumbed to the TE run with David Njoku at 8.10. This bucked my traditional trend of waiting for the 10th-11th round to draft a TE. I had Njoku queued up once Corey Davis went off the board and I’m happy to have a piece of the potentially explosive Cleveland pass attack with Njoku. Can you say red zone threat?

itsharristime mock draft pick: David Njoku, TE, Cleveland Browns

  • Biggest Surprise: Greg Olsen 8.5
  • Reach Pick: Kareem Hunt 8.12
  • Best Value: Corey Davis 8.4

Round 9

At the end of this round, I’ll be at the half way point and so far have: 4 RBs, 4 WRs, and TE. I’ve stuck pretty close to my plan, just snagging a value TE earlier than I expected. I’m up early in round 9 and I did what you need to do with Patriots running backs: buy the cheapest one. Damien Harris, welcome to the squad. QB action picks back up with Cam Newton going at 9.2, Kyler Murray at 9.4, Jared Goff at 9.5, and Wentz at 9.11. With the run on QBs, I know that looking into round 10 I should have decent selection of WRs to choose from.

itsharristime mock draft pick: Damien Harris, RB, New England Brown

  • Biggest Surprise: Justin Jackson 9.1
  • Reach Pick: DK Metcalf 9.6
  • Best Value: Larry Fitzgerald 9.7

Round 10

WR is incredibly deep in 2019. Potential #1 WRs on their respective teams are still on the board in Round 10: Courtland Sutton at 10.1 and Sterling Shepard at 10.2. Probably some of the most interesting choices so far in the draft happened in round 10. I scratch my head a bit, but admire people going out and getting their guys: Kallen Ballage at 10.3, rookie N’Keal Harry at 10.4 who I love as a prospect but wouldn’t draft as a rookie, Devin Singletary at 10.6, Anthony Miller at 10.8 and James Washington at 10.9. That’s some conviction right there, most of these players typically go 3-4 rounds later.

I can’t resist the temptation to draft one of the best deep threat WRs of our era now paired with the best QB he’s ever played with: DeSean Jackson.

itsharristime mock draft pick: DeSean Jackson, WR, Philadelphia Eagles

  • Biggest Surprise: Devin Singletary 10.6
  • Reach Pick: Anthony Miller 10.8
  • Best Value: Sterling Shepard 10.2
Shepard might be one of the most underrated receivers in the NFL having had to live in OBJ’s shadow since being a rookie and having to take passes from Eli Manning.

Round 11

3 straight QBs come of the board to end round 10 and start round 11. One of my favorite WR breakout candidates comes off the board at 11.2 (TreQuan Smith), letting me complete my Dallas stack by drafting Dak Presscott at 11.3.

Really liking the picks in this round: Mark Andrews at 11.7, Jaylen Samuels at 11.10, and a high risk/high reward pick of Josh Gordon right after my Dak pick.

itsharristime mock draft pick: Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys

Favorite Pick: 11.10, Jaylen Samuels, RB, Pittsburgh Steelers

Samuels flashed last season when James Conner went down late in the season. Highly athletic and a converted TE, Samuels is dynamic in the passing game. With the vacated targets left by departed Brown and James, I like the idea of Samuels getting some of these targets, and, if Conner is injured, for him to take on a workhorse role.

Round 12

Now this is the part of draft where things start to get interesting. If you are relying on rankings and ADP to dictate your picks at this point, you run the risk timing out and having the computer draft someone like Kyle Rudolph for you.

Even though I’m over my limit on RBs, I can’t help but draft Justice Hill when he falls to me at the 12.10. In run heavy Baltimore, I love his pass catching ability and athleticism. I can see a New Orleans North type situation coming out of Baltimore this year. The dynamic is there with Ingram’s grinding style and Hill’s explosiveness.

itsharristime mock draft pick: Justice Hill, RB, Baltimore Ravens

Favorite Pick: 12.2, Lamar Jackson, QB, Baltimore Ravens

Everyone will be regretting not making this pick earlier if Lamar progresses in year 2. Lamar’s gaudy rushing numbers made him relevant as a rookie. If he can utilize his new passing weapons (Marquise Brown, Miles Boykin, Justice Hill) and sophomore TE Mark Andrews takes another step, Jackson could be a top 5 QB.

Round 13

First time I’ve felt legitimately sniped in this draft. kharyjarret84 grabs Chris Herndon at 13.1. Got a bit too optimistic that he would fall to me at 13.3, or, potentially later than that. With a potential TE1 off the board, I pivot and seek really good value with new Houston Texan Duke Johnson. One of the most efficient RBs in the last five years and an absolute weapon in the pass game, Duke should see lots of action with Lamar Miller now out for the season. TEs going off the board all over, and a pair of Dolphins go off the board back to back. I guess stranger things have happened, like injured back Jerick McKinnon getting selected right after them at 13.9?

itsharristime mock draft pick: Duke Johnson, RB, Houston Texans

Favorite Pick: 13.5, Dallas Goedert, Philadelphia Eagles

This guy has got talent. Philly is set to have the best offense in the NFL, and Goedert factors in to be a big part of this. I wouldn’t be afraid of the Ertz factor-Doug Pederson knows how to use elite talent.

Round 14

For real this time, I’m done drafting running backs. At the beginning of round 14 I like the prospect of securing my second QB. I’ve got my eye on the wildly volatile Josh Allen knowing that I can go and get potential WR1 Robert Foster in the last couple of rounds. Riccadonna3733 beats me to the punch snagging Allen at 14.6 at the tail end of a 4 QB run. I’m happy to get Sam Darnold at 14.10 pairing him with Robby Anderson. Let’s hope Adam Gase doesn’t Gase things up between these two.

itsharristime mock draft pick: Sam Darnold, QB, New York Jets

Favorite Pick: 14.12, DaeSean Hamilton, WR, Denver Broncos

Hamilton looks to build on his productive rookie season and provide a solid floor for fantasy players. With Joe Flacco at QB, Hamilton should see lots of balls in the slot. This might not be a sexy pick, but it’s smart.

Round 15

Starting this round, two rookies come off the board with Tony Pollard and Mecole Hardman. Both are highly athletic and have shown well in training camp and preseason. Each are just a starters injury away from relevancy. I keep the rookie run going and grab my second TE Noah Fant. I recently compared Fant to fellow rookie and Hawkeye T.J. Hockenson click here. At the start of the article I was fairly set that I’d be drafting Hockenson. After digging deeper, I liked Fant’s prospect with new OC Rick Scangerello and the possibility of utilizing Fant like Kyle Shanahan used George Kittle.

Rookie run goes 4 deep with JJ Arcega-Whitside (JAWS) chosen next, and at 15.10 one of my favorite WR rookies Miles Boykin gets drafted. Who drafted him? Riccadonna3733.

itsharristime mock draft pick: Noah Fant, TE, Denver Broncos

Favorite Pick: 15.5, Matthew Stafford, QB, Detroit Lions

It’s amazing to me how people are sleeping on Matthew Stafford. The regression by Stafford last season was thought to be because of Matt Patricia’s crusade to establish the run in Detroit. His passing attempts were on par with earlier seasons (2018: 555, 2017: 565, 2016: 594), but, he was off. Why was he off? The guy played through two broken vertebrae in his back. Stafford should easily outperform his ADP with sure handed T.J Hockenson and another step forward by Kenny Golladay.

Round 16

Going forward, I’m set on gobbling up two more WRs and a TE. The first WR I’m targeting is extremely effective when given the opportunity, and hope he’ll be available at 16.10. The other WR and TE will be total dart throws. This round is a hodge podge of picks: QB, TE, RB, WR, TE, RB, WR, RB, WR and then David Moore.

itsharristime mock draft pick: David Moore, WR, Seattle Seahawks

Favorite Pick: 16.7, Andy Isabella, WR, Arizona Cardinals

Love this pick. With the 3rd WR situation up in the air in AZ, I love Isabella’s skill set and profile in this offense. At this spot late in the draft, Isabella and his splash play ability can add some serious firepower to a roster.

Round 17

I can feel it. We are almost there. I’m going to pour one out for slot receivers and over the hill WRs in this one: Tedd Ginn, Hunter Renfrow, Cole Beasley and Trey Quinn all are picked in this round.

I do something I normally don’t do: buy the preseason hype. It’s the 17th round, and I need a WR, I roll the dice on New England’s Jakobi Meyers. With Edelman status in doubt to start the season, and N’Keal Harry learning the system on the outside, Meyers could be a sneaky pick in the 17th. If not, I feel confident with my WR picks to this point.

itsharristime mock draft pick: Jakobi Meyers, WR, New England Patriots

Favorite Pick: 17.5, Hunter Renfrow, WR, Oakland Raiders

Renfrow doesn’t have the best athletic profile, or, for that matter, significant draft capital tied to him. What he does have? Is opportunity and strong agility which is exactly what you need in the slot. With AB and Tyrell Williams opening up play down the sidelines, it will leave Renfrow open to feast in the slot, where check down master Derek Carr loves to throw ditch balls. With big question marks on the O-line, I think Renfrow sees lots of action this year.

Round 18

I’m about ready to call it a day. Debated quickly if I wanted to add another QB, or, roll the dice on a potential breakout TE. Given the relative clean injury history of Dak, I decide to risk the 2 QB strategy and go TE. I’m not sold on Njoku’s week to week production and Fant and the Broncos’ offense is still a total unknown.

Leading up to the 18.10, some great picks: Mike Davis at 18.2 who will serve a role in Chicago, WR Terry McLaurin at 18.3, Zay Jones at 18.7, and Taylor Gabriel at 18.9. 2019 is the year for WR depth in fantasy, wow.

My pick at TE is Ricky Seals-Jones. He has flashed before in the regular season, and played with Kyler Murray at Texas A&M. If Kliff Kingsbury can successfully implement the Air Raid system in the NFL, Seals-Jones could be a breakout TE in his third year.

itsharristime mock draft pick: Ricky Seals-Jones, TE, Arizona Cardinals

Favorite Pick: 18.9, Taylor Gabriel, WR, Chicago Bears

Gabriel week to week isn’t a guy I want on my squad. In Best Ball, his usage in all facets of the game makes him an interesting and potentially valuable pick in the last round. Gabriel struggled to find a consistent role in the passing game when given opportunity, but no additional weapons of significant were added in the off-season (minus Riley Ridley). If the passing game takes another step forward in the Windy City, I expect Gabriel to be more productive.

Draft Summary

Looking back a couple of days after the draft, I like my chances with this team. It has good depth at WR and RB, and a mix of ceiling and floor players in both of these critical positions. TE has the most risk with a group of Njoku, Fant and Seals-Jones on the team. The TE position has such variance that unless you are willing to pay big on the Big Three (Kelce, Kittle, Ertz) hoping for a breakout on a late round pick is just as sure as drafting a snoozer like Kyle Rudolph in the 12th round. QB I feel comfortable with, and if Darnold continues to progress, this could be a championship contender.

I feel a bit more comfortable as the “new guy” coming home with a roster like this.

  • Favorite Teams: cornell813, riccadonna3733, cpgmjuice
  • Biggest Snipe: Chris Herndon, 13.1
  • My Favorite Pick: Duke Johnson, 13.3
  • Pick I Wish I Could Have Back: Damien Harris, 9.3
  • Best Value Pick: Sam Darnold, 14.10