New 2020 Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings Redraft

2020 Fantasy Football Tight End

As we all cling to the hope that there will be a full NFL Season in 2020 we prepare for our Redraft leagues with 2020 Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings. With training camps underway now is an opportune time to dive into the 2020 Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings. But before we do so, let’s get reacquainted with the tiered rankings logic.

Elite (Tier 1)

Fairly self-explanatory. These tight ends have the ability to carry your fantasy football team(s) regardless of format.

Supers (Tier 2)

Like the ELITE TEs they can carry your team but have a lower floor and aren’t quite as consistent due to mitigating factors. (I.e. Inconsistent QBs, poor offensive line play)

Next Level Players (Tier 3)

This level of Tight End can carry your fantasy football team a few times per season.

Promising (Tier 4)

You’ve seen flashes of the three previous tiers; but there will be a couple head-scratchers along the way.

Status Quo (Tier 5)

You as a fantasy owner know what you’re getting, albeit nothing special.

Complement (Tier 6)

This set of Tight Ends have a fairly low fantasy floor for any number of reasons and hover around their weekly projections.

Wait & See (Tier 7)

It’s exactly what it sounds like… just want to see more before taking the plunge.

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