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NFL Draft 2018 – Prospect of the Week – Michael Joseph

NFL Draft 2018 – Prospect of the Week

It’s draft season folks and for plenty fans it’s Christmas in Jan/Feb and to be honest you AIN’T WRONG!!! There’s only so much time in the day and only so much time until the draft, so when I, CPGM Drew, talk about small school guys I have two rules that compel me to watch more than two games of such prospects. Did… they… dominate? AND were they the best player on the field? Game in and game out.

Michael Joseph

Position – Cornerback
School – University of Dubuque
Height – 6’0
Weight – 186

  • 2017 Cliff Harris Award Winner
  • All American – First Team
  • West Region Defensive Player of the Year
  • IIAC Defensive Player of the Year

Michael Joseph was by far the best player on the field every time the Spartans hit the field and it wasn’t even close!!! One overlooked ability that I think folks forget about when scouting the cornerback position is the ability to tackle and I am not talking about the willingness to do it, but the actual ability to do it and do it well. When tackling, Joseph comes downhill with a sense of purpose, physicality, and violence much like when a Lion has identified a wounded Zebra within the pack. There is no second thought nor measured approach of any kind. He is decisive. Much like Joshua Jackson, the top cornerback in this year’s draft, ball skills seem to come easy too. It’s a simple turn of the head and flip of the hips with no panic in sight as if he was the would be wide receiver; “The moment of truth” as we call it here at CPGM. While at Dubuque he played plenty of zone coverage and was exceptional at it. Baiting the opposing quarterbacks into thinking they had a window open that was never there to begin with, resulting in either a pass break up or an interception (8 INTs in 2017). Joseph played on both kickoff and kick return teams showcasing his athleticism in the third phase of the game as well, and indispensable trait. Now, because he played a ton of zone coverage and little man-to-man I just wonder how he will fair in a foot race down the field on a more consistent basis calling into question Joseph’s long speed. He appeared to have had a good week at the Senior Bowl and so now I am anxious to see  how he will test during the combine.




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