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NFL Draft Prep – Mike Williams vs Corey Davis

Leading up to the NFL Draft many teams will continue their evaluation process on prospects while altering their draft boards in preparation for Draft day. CPGM will provide you a breakdown of two prospects matched against each other with similar draft projections to get you prepped for this year’s draft. Voting option below for your input on who you think the better prospect is.

The Matchup: Preference! This matchup between the Top 2 wide receivers in the class comes squarely down to what type of receiver you prefer for your football team. Mike Williams is the prototypical big body receiver on the outside that plays above the rim with his excellent catch radius and propensity to catch the football at its highest point with defenders draped over him. Corey Davis on the other hand has pristine route running ability with the gift to rack up yards after the catch with his open field prowess. While Davis is the more complete all-around receiver, Williams possesses rare ball skills which can make your quarterback thrive even without the most accurate arm. These two guys should be #1 receivers at the next level and will be drafted in the top end of the first round. Teams that have a need for wide receiver at the top half of the draft include: Titans at 5, Chargers at 7, Panthers at 8, Bengals at 9, Bills at 10, Saints at 11, Cardinals at 13 and the Ravens at 16. Those teams will need to decide which one of these guys they prefer based on their quarterback and the other receivers they have on their roster.

CPGM Headley’s Take: The hate for Mike Williams has gone too far! I had to get that off my chest before breaking down the Top 2 wide receiver prospects in the draft. Corey Davis is a better route runner than Williams; he also excels after the catch similarly to the way Amari Cooper did at Alabama a few seasons ago. I can possibly go as far as saying Davis looks to be the more complete receiver due to his ability to win early and win with the ball in his hands. All that said I still choose Williams in this matchup by the smallest of margins. Reason why the hate has gone too far and why I believe Williams will be the better pro is due to the fact that what Williams does better than Davis, is what can possibly make him elite at the next level. The catch radius and concentration when the ball is at its highest point is a rare ability that makes receivers special at the next level. Think about some of the good receivers in the NFL and the traits they have that separates them. Dez Bryant, Alshon Jeffery, DeAndre Hopkins, A.J. Green and Mike Evans are examples of receivers that aren’t the best at separating at the line of scrimmage but they excel above the rim with great leaping ability and Mossin’ their opponents. Williams will be fine in the league with his “4.5” speed because his big body and physicality will allow him to win in the short and intermediate game and we all know what he can do on the fade route and in the red-zone.

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CPGM Drew’s Take: For starters I like both these players and would take  either to start my franchise at the WR position. For weeks I had Williams slightly over Davis but as we have gotten closer to the draft I have made the final decision to place Davis in front of Williams as my #1 WR. Davis’ route running is impeccable ad it is his greatest tool in his tool box. He beats defenders at at the top of his route damn near every time and has the ability to pull away from defenders once he turns upfield. I would imagine that P.J. Fleck, formerly Head Coach of WMU now Head Coach of Minnesota, who was the WR coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers; and brings energy and fire to the position, was the one who taught Davis everything that you saw on Saturday in Kalamazoo.  There is only one knock against Davis and that was the level of competition he faced in college. Playing in the MAC you’re not exactly playing world beaters every week or often enough like you would in one of the Power 5 Conferences. I have one rule for those that don’t play for one of the Power 5 schools and you happen to be considered a first round pick. “Did you dominate? Were you the best player out on the field every game?” And looking at Davis’ resume whether it be through the stats or the tape it’s pretty damn evident that he was. Now Mike Williams has gotten a lot of love especially in the championship as well as a lot of hate. For the love we all know Williams has the ability to go get the football and be as physical as he needs to be to do it, regardless of the defenders reputation, size or prowess who’s covering him. He brings almost a LB presence to the offense side of the ball, tone setter type. As for the hate, the talk is Williams can’t get separation and for most WRs this is a problem but for Williams in particular I don’t see this as a problem… And that’s due to a few things: his catch radius, which is huge whether it be vertical or horizontal and his ability to make contested catches. At the end of the day this may just come down to preference or what type of player your team needs or already has.

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NFL Comparison: Mike Williams – Alshon Jeffrey; Corey Davis – Brandon Marshall



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